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thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it. :)

Once there are enough games, I want to introduce some sort of trading / copying mechanic but it’s finding  the time. 

Hey Spenser,

Sounds cool. Here is our Awesome Mix Tape game for you consideration...

Aha, you're right. I've always played with WASD so never noticed that. Thanks for taking time to let me know. I've quickly fixed that and updated the release.

There is already an Android version?

Hopefully, you can find it here:

Awesome Mix Tape is a collection of short-form arcade games.
Struggle with obsolete cassette (TM) technology to load up colourful slices of gaming fun.
New titles are added every month!


  • 11 games (with more to come)
  • Authentic tape loading technology
  • Secret insta-load cartridges for those that just can't wait.
  • Black holes, running, spinning, a fiery phoenix, a game made completely out of particles, the creepiest spot-the-difference game, a single jump scare, a childish Uranus pun and MUCH MORE!!


Here are a few quick highlights:

Hi there, I fixed the bug you discovered. Thanks again for letting us know.

Hah, cool. I’ve not seen that one before. Good work!

I’m gad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking time to share a video. I’ll take a look at it during next week and hopefully we’ll get a fix out.


The Projector Team.

Hi Basketbird, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking time to play our game!


We've release our 3rd Projector Arcade title - They Came From Uranus!

I know, childish, right?

This one is a spin on the classic Missile Command game except that the enemies are now coming in from all directions.

Link to Itchio store

Game Info:

Launch your missiles to intercept the incoming attack and defend your planet from a relentless alien invasion.

Intuitive one-tap gameplay in a remix of a classic retro arcade game with a challenging new twist.

Endless waves of ever-increasing difficulty will test the most skilled of players.

Conserve your limited ammunition by destroying multiple targets with a single shot for bigger scores.

I've really enjoyed making this one so if it catches on then I can add more weapons, enemies, etc.

We are proud and excited to announce our first release as Projector Studios!

Lazarenko Wilson:

Join Lazarenko Wilson as he races through a colourful desert world in this explosive puzzle shooter.
Launch missiles of fire at the falling coloured blocks to clear Laz's path.
Successive explosive hits raise you combo multiplier for amazing high scores.
Blocks will fall faster, Laz will run faster, the game becomes more challenging.
What is your highest score in this Sisyphean puzzle-shooter challenge?

Here is a short gameplay video: