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Esta quedando bien, hay que tener un poco de cuidado con los pixeles gordos >D

Hi :D Today I returned to play Celeste and when I loaded my last save file and when I do a dash or a climb or -- I can't exactly figure out what of this events trigger this bug ---, but mi xbox controller 360 stops working but the keyboard still working. I upload a private youtube video with the bug, check here: Video

Enviroment: Windows 7,  Steam version.

Muy bien ⊙⊙

Genial :)

Muy bien :) 

Thanks for playing :D Just 44 deaths it's an insane mark :P

Wow :D Thanks so much for the feedback . . . I will take it into account for the new version release :D

OMG .... Thanks so much for playing :D I think it was the best time record! 

Hi :D Thanks for the feedback... I'm planning make another version and balance difficulty.

:D I found your stream It was so funny :D Thanks for playing :D (Now there are some new levels and music :D)

Thanks :D

Awesome thanks :D !!!

Hi :D is it possible to make a track for this (GBJAM extends one day more)? --->

Hi I like the music :D So nice :D :D


もこちゃい  :D

New video :D

Ludumdare41's submission DONE :D The game is a mix of rolling ball game and time management :D

I hope you will like it!

Thanks so much for playing :D I don't remember this :D (maybe a secret boss) 

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Hi :D I love the  game aesthetics. Can you give some advices to achieve this flat effect? and about is the skybox a texture? :d 

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Wow ! !   Congrats  :D  :D   :D ! ! 

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It's so fun check the reactions :D thanks for the video :)

thanks :'D Skooch, you are so close :)

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Please, send me an email (its on my profile) to send you a dev version to discover the bug :( (i don have idea about that behavior) 

Wow 421 deaths XD .... congrats and thanks a lot for playing :)

It is so strange, I use Windows 10 also, did you try with spacebar? :( 

Hi :D Thanks ! I used Unity.

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:D Thank you for playing MrBobbly :D

Hi :D now there are 22 levels. 

Awesome tiles :D I like so much...Can I use on a project?

Thanks a lot for playing!  :D

XD congrats :D

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:( I'm trying to fix that (maybe is a semicolon XD) but if you want to restart all and playing you can try "/reset" :(

Hi, I don't know about that error. But you can send me an email with some screenshots to help you.

Not, I think it can be extreamly difficult on mobile.