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Private Butts

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Yes, it's best played on an xbox controller, but you can use keyboard controls. They're posted on the game page, but I've put them in a comment on this post as well.

Best played with an Xbox controller.

Xbox Controls:
Tilt the Left Stick left and right to swing
Hold Triggers to grab
Tap A/B to lengthen/shorten the rope

Keyboard controls:
A/D to swing
Left Control/Spacebar to grab
Z/X to lengthen/shorten the rope

Yeah, the objective signposting is something that I'm not happy with, but didn't get a chance to fix before having to publish. I do need to solve the floor and ceiling problem, but haven't found a way that I'm 100% happy with. The first crack was to scatter reflection hazards on those surfaces, so that the player wouldn't risk using those surfaces without thinking about where their beam might end up, but I should have been more aggressive about limiting how far a player can look up and down. 

If I do continue working on this project further, I hope to add more levels in the future to make it more of a puzzle game, and add more puzzle mechanics to the game. Maybe a bonus round here and there where you do get the vaporize everything :).

Thank you for playing my game and leaving feedback. I hope to see you in another jam!

Thank you for playing! There is a score display on the bottom of the screen, but it tends to go unnoticed with all the visual clutter. I wanted to implement a damage number system, but ran out of time. It's on the list of things to address if I pursue this project further.

This game is awesome, if it doesn't get featured I don't know what Mark's thinking. If this gets more fleshed out and released as a full game I'd buy it no question.

Reminds me of VVVVV. Had a lot of trouble sticking to surfaces though.

The style of this game is really neat. I think that the gunplay would benefit from some on hit effect that lets the play know when they're doing damage to an enemy.

I love the tiling system. I feel like you could make some mind bendy puzzles where the layout changes as the tiles despawn. Aiming is pretty tough though, I either shoot ahead of or behind what I'm aiming at.

Windows version doesn't want to run

This game is adorable. Dragging the ships out of the way is a super neat idea!