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Thank You for playing!!

Thank You for playing!! For the sound effect I used a blip sound and played it whenever a new character is added and randomized it's pitch. I used the typewriter extension!

This is an amazing little game, addicting and fun!! Well Done!

The story is so engaging! and the music selection for the story is epic!! And the dog mini game was a bit difficult for me! but I enjoyed playing the first game!

Thank You for playing! I am glad you liked my game!

Thank You for playing!! I am glad you liked the game! with the texts, I tried to add some story structure to it, I wanted to add a skip button but I forgot to add that, but you can just left click rapidly to skip everything!

Enjoyed playing it on my laptop, but it was a bit difficult on mobile. Sometimes even when you click on a ball it doesn't explode, so i just spam clicks. Overall Fun and engaging game!

Thank You for playing! :)

Thank You for playing!!

How did you know I cheated!? lol, jk, All 10 levels had something unique to it, they were fun and I liked that!!

Unique idea and interesting and fun gameplay! One thing which popped in my mind to solve the walls problem was that the walls could be like lava, you touch it game over. And i think it will also be amazing if i could be able to move shoes freely, instead of just moving it on the circle border. Right now it makes me feel like there is a metal rod between the shoes. I hope my feedback is helpful to you!

Your take on the theme is perfect! And I enjoyed playing your game! But I did felt a bit that the difficulty went up too quickly. Overall I liked your game, I loved the art style and animation on the bubble! :)

Your 3d work is impressive! and I liked how you interpreted the theme. Everything is amazing but one thing which made me feel a bit off from the start was that my height was too short, but my body height was tall. but i got used to it as I continued to play! overall I liked it!!

Thank You for playing!! Glad you liked it!

Thank You for playing!!

Thank You for playing! I am happy you liked the concept and gameplay! And Thanks so much for the suggestion! Seriously, that will make a big difference!

Thank you for playing! So happy you enjoyed it!

Thank You for playing!!

Yes, Yes! :)

ahh, got it! thanks for the hint, it was easy🤭

This is fun! needed some checkpoints for sure, but I think it is that kind of game which you have to risk all and keep trying, lol. Completed the first level two times, I wish it had more levels!

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"the comfort in the night, a separation from fear..." this one

I am enjoying the game so far! but I am stuck at one riddle where can I find answers?

Your game is fun to play!! I was really surprised at the end! don't want to spoil it for others. Also, (which way is the bridge?)

Sorry For that :<

Fun, Cute and Tricky mini games!

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I liked the color pallet used! But I didn't found how to beat the zombie level, the guy was killing very quickly

I wasn't able to play your game, it went too fast, and I didn't got what I am supposed to do

I liked the concept and the mood music created, it has potential, and can grow a lot!!

Thank You!!! :))

Unique games, simplistic style and good contrast, I liked the smiley one the most! 

Well Done!!

Fun Game, But more randomizations could be added to make the game look less repetitive,

other than that, I liked the style of your game, and the concept! Well Done!

Thank You!!

Yes, I could have it lasted a bit longer, maybe 5 seconds more...Thank you for your suggestion

Thank You!

Sorry that you got you a bit frustrated, but I can understand, I should have put some instructions, but because of limited time, i couldn't,  I also thought about randomising the mini games, but then the logic behind how to increase difficulty looked difficult

Thank You! 

Yes, all art is sprites

This is very well put together game imo, simple yet challenging, and I love the style of the game and birds!!

The game is really fun to play, it took a bit to understand what to, but once I did, it was fun, the music helped to keep playing.

Also, on round 10 or something, the baseball game, the ball went too fast, and it was impossible to hit that

Love the animations and sound effects! I had fun playing it, Good job!!

Thank You!!! :)