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Sorry For that :<

Fun, Cute and Tricky mini games!

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I liked the color pallet used! But I didn't found how to beat the zombie level, the guy was killing very quickly

I wasn't able to play your game, it went too fast, and I didn't got what I am supposed to do

I liked the concept and the mood music created, it has potential, and can grow a lot!!

Thank You!!! :))

Unique games, simplistic style and good contrast, I liked the smiley one the most! 

Well Done!!

Fun Game, But more randomizations could be added to make the game look less repetitive,

other than that, I liked the style of your game, and the concept! Well Done!

Thank You!!

Yes, I could have it lasted a bit longer, maybe 5 seconds more...Thank you for your suggestion

Thank You!

Sorry that you got you a bit frustrated, but I can understand, I should have put some instructions, but because of limited time, i couldn't,  I also thought about randomising the mini games, but then the logic behind how to increase difficulty looked difficult

Thank You! 

Yes, all art is sprites

This is very well put together game imo, simple yet challenging, and I love the style of the game and birds!!

The game is really fun to play, it took a bit to understand what to, but once I did, it was fun, the music helped to keep playing.

Also, on round 10 or something, the baseball game, the ball went too fast, and it was impossible to hit that

Love the animations and sound effects! I had fun playing it, Good job!!

Thank You!!! :)

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The second mini game, which comes after 20 secs of playing!

I too felt game 2 to be a bit glitchy, but don't know why is that

This is amazing, and I love the ui and its colors

I am stuck at 2nd level! when i press z and towards right it jumps well for me but in the left wind jump, it seems to only rush, but not jump

Thanks A Lot!!! :)

I agree many are facing bugs and glitches, Thank You for playing!!

Thank You so Much!!!!

Thank You so much!

Merci beaucoup!! Tellement heureux que vous ayez aimé le jeu !

Thank You!! I am Happy you liked it😁

Thanks for the review! I am happy you found it fun!😀

Thank You!🙂

That's weird,I honestly don't know what is causing this but I am happy you still completed the game, and enjoyed it! Thank You!!!

You enjoyed the game is the most important! Thank you for your suggestion :)

That shouldn't happen, I tested the game on both Pc and mobile, apart from one bug, there isn't any game breaking bug, maybe you can try again please!

Thank You, And yes Limbo was the biggest inspiration for this game!

can we use tilemap object in gdevelop??  the tilemap created with the tiled software which is free, and it has an option to export in .json which can be used with tilemap object

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That is totally ok and creative, and ofcourse is allowed! go for it

Awesome game!!

Fun to play? Yes it was! Amazing!

Awesome Game!! It would be better if the timer at the top is more attractive or of different color because I didn't noticed it at first!


When the game starts i picked up the gift and then went to jump on the platform just next to it, but i always fall down like there is wall there...i dont know its just me or others too...idk...

not able to go ahead when i got the gift!!