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A member registered May 26, 2016

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If you go to the options, turn off v-sync (so that v-sync is white and not orange). The game performs as expected.

It looks like the suspension or motor on the back wheel overcompensates without it. I had the same issue.

The game should be hard. But not that hard ;)

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Yep, that's the ticket. Changed the V-sync to white (i think that's off) and then the first FPS counter reaches about 53 steady (second one runs about 20).

Now it runs as expected. That back wheel doesn't bounce as much or at all, which is what was throwing me off throughout the game.

Maybe something is accounting for the real framerate, not the fixed framerate? Just guessing.

Managed to finally complete the 3 laps first time no problem :)

BTW: If it is a FPS issue. You could try making your game run pretty fast by lowering the quality or screen size and then turning on V-Sync maybe.

Also, I'm running on i5-2500k, gtx 960, 16gb ram if that helps at all.

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Hey, so the gitch I had in the first playtest that felt really unfair, I couldn't quite recreate. It was due to something like this:
In this video at 11:45, you can see me jump off the curb slightly. And because the back wheel is bobbing up and down, with the extra height it goes a bit more mental. I stop and it managed to settle itself in this video.
However, in my first playtest, this happened off the first curb jump at the bottom of the map, and I stopped/slowed down and because of the bobbing, but it just got worse until he spazed out a bit like in 1:24 and died.

You can find my second playtest video here:

I try and break the game for the first few minutes, going for the infamous curb I struggle with. And then spend the rest of the time trying to complete the challenge.

Here are some highlights:

00:35 - A bit unfair, but not totally unfair death there.
The turn was caused by me, but the aftermath was over the top.

01:24 - Unusual bounce, this felt unfair

01:55 - Unusual physics but I'm ok :)

Unusual physics at:
02:45, again, a bit unfair but somewhat my fault.

03:20 - To clarify, totally my fault, acceptable physics.

03:45 - My fault, but maybe make this curb flatter to more gentle, as it's hidden in the petals. I think it's unfair to make the user experience this on the second turning.
The curb jumping later, is where the user should be falling over.

03:55 - LOL!

6:05 - My bad, but the way it pops up off the curb seems like it's a bit random

08:05 - Again, i could have died here, which felt like it wouldn't have been my fault, unless I'm not getting how to do the curb. Maybe i should be leaning into it?

08:40 - My fault, but the second/third bounce is weird.

12:35 - Damn, that didn't feel like my fault. And on the third lap. So this is what happened to me for the maybe third time in the first playtest. Which is what made me stop playing.

Please take this feedback with a pinch of salt, it's still up to you to decide how the game should behave and how hard the challenge should be.

Good luck finishing up for public release :) Kudos.

Hey, I'll have access to the same PC tomorrow morning (that's about 11 hours away here). I'll try my best to recreate the bug for you with the fps counter.

Sorry for the criticism, I was/am aware it's a prototype and made solely for a jam. But it seemed like something you could take further so wanted to give some constructive feedback as I did enjoy the game :)

I'll report back tomorrow.


Great game, hard. But not as hard as those videos reveiews before me made out :P

However, there were a couple of bits in this level that made it feel more unfair than me being skillful.

1. Hiding the curb under the pink leaves on the straight made me fall off my bike. Which I thought was a bit harsh.

2. The falling off the bike appears random. Sometimes they get into some bouncing fit. It's happened to me a LOT after jumping the first pavement and then going towards the second pavement. Just standing still makes the bike fall over. This happened to be lap 3/3 twice -_- which is why I stopped.

Overall, beautiful graphics. Hard but good concept, just a little unfair in a couple of cases which I would fix before release.

P.S. I pretend the character is 'Ryo Hazuki' from Shenmue with a funny hat on. It makes it more enjoyable.