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Wow 😯 this game looks great! Simple yet fun and kinda addictive to! Great work man ♂️

fun game 5/5 and it was a cool simplistic look! I will say that i think the switching could have more of a meaning and be used as a tool maybe just a thought 

wow! IU just got to say that the game page for this game is great I love the background its super cool! good job I dropped a review to! 5/5

wow just wow the second I click onto the game page I loved it it looked so good and showed of the game in a great and visual way! 

the game its self looked awesome the art is spectacular and not get me stated on that lighting. I especially enjoyed the combat and the way it worked plus the animations on it just crazy good. 

but while playing I did encounter this and I don't know of its meant to be or a bug.

anyway this game was a great experience and I would defiantly recommend it!

This page looks AWESOME 👍

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about me

Hi hi and welcome to my post I'm glad to see you here 😊 my name is powplowdevs and I am a self thought new game dev!


about the game

One life one goal is my latest entwistle first ever game I made without a tutorial 😁. It's the FPS shooter game with 2 modes campaign and survival Both together containing 43 levels 😃.



one life one goal is indeed absolutely free (but donations are accepted and very appreciated)



The game:

The demo:

Thanks for stopping by 😊 and have a awesome day 🤯!

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I just got done with programming today got lots done excited to share with you guys! I added 3 things today dust to enemy when they move and a trail on the bullet when you shoot it I also added blood when the enemy is killed  not much to say there so here's the video!

I haven't actually done anywork on the game today but I have a idea on add some partial trails on to the bullet when you shoot it let me know if that's a good idea and I will update when I get some work in 😊 thanks 👍

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Hi the game is getting better every update keep it up. Anyways I just found a bug in your game where if you drive on the side of the wall and the drive up the ramp in the map corner you end up driving on the wall and then driving off the wall and you fall off the fix this you can add invisible barriers around the whole map.if you use you use unity to make this game you could just add walls on all sides of the map that are very high and disable the mesh renderer  for all of them 😃

Nice the new update is looking good like the music keep it up 👍

Cool game idea had I fun time playing it

Lots of fun adding the timer on the side really adds a tense feel to the game good job!

Looks like a fun idea maybe add puzzles that must be completed to get some ingredients and you can sacrifice premade potions to get the ingredients without solving the puzzle but you will have to remake the potion you used again or make the potions necessary to solve the puzzles anyways keep up the good work 🙂

Fun game great so far but the hand writing is kind of hard to read regardless keep up the good work 👍

Pretty cool game idea and Fun gameplay but there is no way to respawn after you die.also other game modes would be cool like  survival mode where the goal is to survive but you can't shoot any keep it up 👍

Thanks I appreciate it

Glad you enjoy it

Thanks 😊

Thanks for the feedback I will incorporate that code next time I work on the game

One life one goal is a fps first person shooter game that has 2 game modes survival and campaign the goal of survival is to survive for as long as you can the goal of campaign is to locate and shoot the orange Target go check it out at and as always thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Nice fun little cute game if made into a full game with lots of levels it could be awesome

Lods of Fun love the sound effects really adds a nice retro feel keep it up

glad you enjoy it!

thanks glad you like it

Nice great time killer and very addictive good job