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When the giveaway bundles like this happen, Steam keys are not included. You get the copy, but you do not get a Steam key. 

Did this for the Racial Justice and Equality bundle last year, and decided to subject myself to slogging through all of these ones as well. 

Games (No TTRPGs):
Browser only games (no download available):
TTRPGs/LARPs/Print & Play games:

Enjoy the efforts of my masochistic endless bundle scrolling. :P 

This game is absolutely beautiful. The art is outstanding, the writing is very well done, and you feel genuinely attached to the character even after only 45 minutes until the demo is over. The game is definitely spooky, but not in a cheap jumpscare way. I'm genuinely intrigued to know more and definitely looking forward to the future of this project!

Just finished course 1, was really enjoyable! My only complaint is that it doesn't appear to be possible to shoot a ball OVER the water, which can be a bit frustrating. Other than that great job!

Yes, the final bundle count was over 1700. While I didn't update the original post with the final number, I did updated the collections themselves and they should include every single item from the bundle. 

Slow reply on my part but thanks! I'll try to get it updated within the next day or two. I don't own VR equipment so I knew it was possible I didn't know what I was looking for and missed some things.

Recieved this game in the Racial Justice bundle. The menu did not have me expecting good things BUT I was pleasantly surprised.
There's a definite lack of polish leading into the gameplay itself, with no tutorial and lackluster menu screens. However, once inside the game itself and once you figure out the controls it is a genuinely fun and challenging experience. 

This could very easily have turned out to be one of those games where the debris to dodge was spawned completely randomly, leading to situations where there's literally no escape. Instead the developer seems to have designed it in such a way that while difficult, there's always a possible way to keep going. 
While there are definitely issues that keep it from being perfect (previously mentioned menu screens, mismatch between earned XP and earned money causing you to unlock many many parts before you're able to buy even one of them) the actual gameplay shines through all of that. 

I think this is actually a pretty interesting concept and I really like the idea behind the game. 

My main problem is that the way the in-game physics are set up, it's possible to position two paddles in such a way that the ball bounces back and forth between them infinitely until the points goal for the level is reached without having to move anything. When set up right the ball will travel the exact same path back and forth between the two without ever deviating or needing to adjust the paddles, which makes it significantly less challenging.

Got this in the Racial Justice bundle, THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Reminds me of the kind of gem you'd find buried somewhere on a mid-2000's Flash game site. 

Aw thanks. <3
I'm definitely not the only one who took their shot at organizing it though. u/theredmist's spreadsheet as well as are definitely worth checking out as well. 

You can download them from the app, but it will show the "buy" button on the page unless you've already added it to your library. 

You can access the list of games to download from by clicking Explore > click the carat next to your profile in the top right > My Library > My Purchases on the left > Bundles > Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. 

Clicking the download button on any of the games will add it as "owned" in your library regardless of wether or not you actually download the game at that moment or not. 

I absolutely love the entire vibe of this game. If it were to get a full release with some more polish added in I would 100% play it. The soundtrack (and sound effects) and the art style go extremely well together and make it an incredibly cute and fun experience. My only complaint would be that the mechanics for the enemies are extremely simple, but for a 7 day dev time this is amazing. 

This game shouldn't make me as unreasonably happy as it does but I can't play it without smiling. (Found a few areas where it's very possible to fall off the map and into the abyss  below, but love it nonetheless)

I'm attempting to figure this out, but my initial conclusion seems to be that no unfortunately there isn't a way to add the collection to your profile directly. I wasn't aware of that when I created them. "Following" a profile adds their collections to your "Feed" tab, but that seems to be the closest I can find. There doesn't appear to be a way to add someone else's collection to your own personal "Collections" page. 

Correct, until you click the "download" button from the bundle page the game will not show up in your library or that your account owns it.
The collections are more for organization/browsing through the contents. There are filtering options in the app, but it doesn't make any distinction between TTRPGs and video games for example. Both are lumped in under "game". 
There should be a search bar on the bundle page that allows you to find the specific item you're looking for and download it from there. A bit roundabout, unfortunately, but that's currently the easiest way I'm aware of.
Alternatively, you can take 45 mins or so and Ctrl+click every single download link and just add everything to your library like I did, but I can't say that's a pleasant experience. :P I saw some scripts floating around the internet to auto-add everything but I couldn't get any to work and I think it was asked not to use bot scripts anyways. 

That's where I would have pointed you to as well. Shame I didn't find the spreadsheet before I started on my own thing, probably would have saved me an enormous amount of time. 

Sorry about that, should be fixed now!

(2 edits)

Because I apparently enjoy pain I sorted every item in the bundle into Collections based on the type of content. (Except the count has apparently gone up from 1658 to 1659 since I started, so if anyone happens to notice the 1 I'm missing feel free to send it my way). 
EDIT: Found the missing game. Should be complete now.

Games (No TTRPGs):

Browser Only Games (no download available):

TTRPGs/LARPs/Physical Games:



Game Dev Assets/Tools:


Art/Writing tools:

VR Support:


These should be the only things featured on my profile as well to make it easier to browse through. Spent the better part of the week organizing this, so hopefully it helps someone out.

It's likely not perfect, any feedback or corrections are greatly appreciated. 

The green netting was the piece I was missing. Thanks so much for the reply! Just finished up playing through and it was pretty dang enjoyable. I enjoyed how you structured the world with everything being in the same "level", but wrapping around in different ways after you unlock the different weapons. 

Unfortunately I got stuck. I beat the t-rex monster thing, accidentally fell down into the area before it's arena and ran into the checkpoint down there. There appears to be no way back out to the upper layer after the monster is defeated, unless there's a way to remove the stones blocking the passageway. Too bad, I was enjoying it! Also, having the ability to type in a number for the sensitivity rather than just a slider would be nice.