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I like it, but I would like it even more if the marble weren't so weighty and had more mid-air control, and the niche of the visuals weren't so restricted to the visuals. Maybe give an item/boost that lets you change the environment temporarily or speed up/slow down its change.

I really like how you took this and could definitely see this becoming a full-fledged game with multiple scenarios and lots of rng. Wouldn't call it completely original as it is very similar to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but the time dilation of a single second manages to keep it fresh with similar but intensified stakes and delivers a nice take on the theme too.

Fun, but definitely lacking. There should either be more fluidity in the color change and have it start immediately as you hit the spacebar or make the speeds that the drill can move in more rigid, as in one speed for each color and that's it, so there is no confusion as to how to play the game.

Hitboxes could use some tweaking and some confirmation that the line reaches the cookie would be nice. Other than that, great idea, well executed.

This is really fun. Adding different abilities to the tower might make it feel less like a cookie clicker game.

Feels like a wave-based version of Hotline Miami with how the point is to go through all kinds of weapons in one run. With higher weapon variability and more hectic gameplay, this could be pretty fun. It's only mildly interesting as it is now though.

A challenge, but a fun one.

I like how you handled the UI, but tank controls are just not intuitive for something that would require fast and accurate turns. The map could've been more contained as well instead of just being a few open buildings. A closed off area with lots of nooks and crannies would make someone with sight impairment much more vulnerable. I like the idea, but more could be done with it.

Great game, although it would help a lot if the controlling while blown up was a bit more consistent. It made the game a tad more tedious when I wasn't sure if I would lose side-to-side control after tapping the inflation button midair. Other than that, I found the game to be rather enjoyable. A lot of effort went into this game, and it shows. I like it.

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I made an account to tell you that I really enjoyed this game. The concept is very interesting and I would totally like to see a full version of this, although with some stuff being fleshed out as well. There's no indication of a few of the mechanics and a huge limiter is the time limit from the battery. It doesn't really do much other than rush the player, since the checkpoints are sparse relative to the time given. It reduces the minimalist aesthetic appeal of the environment by forcing a focus, more on completing the objective than appreciating the environment. Other than that, I loved the idea and played it from start to finish. Thumbs up from me!