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I hate Marcus too!  Great job making such memorable characters and such a crazy environment.  Anyone can do goofy, but you guys made everyone believable and I think that made the game even more endearing.  Plus Microsoft Sam, I've missed him.  Amazing work!

A lot of the puzzles can get out of sequence so this was hard to finish, but the enchanting visuals made it worth the effort.  I made it through!!  I love the 'Escape The Room' style puzzle at the beginning, it was a lot of fun.

This was adorable, I love it!

I couldn't figure out how to attack, or where to go, but the monsters look really liquidy and cool!  I feel like I've been swallowed by something and I'm wriggling around in it's insides.  Also the premise of a wizard cursing you to forever die and respawn is one of the best, and most cruel, explanations for infinite lives ever!

Aaaahaha I was just calling you out to tease you because I thought you legit got it that long and I was just rotten at the game by comparison!  I'm happy to know that I'm actually not as bad as I thought!

You are SO right about those hit boxes.  For time's sake I just used pixel on pixel detection and it's so horrible.  His little antennae always get shocked and what's life without your antennae?!  Thank you so much for playing!

What?  I don't... what?

LIE, you did not get a 273 meter worm.  I got to 39 before I ate myself.

Really great idea, but a bit frustrating to learn.  I was at my wits end but then I learned you could actually rotate the mirrors and it started to be really fun.  Until the music puzzle...  I had no idea how to direct the beam where I wanted it to go without hitting everything else along the way.  The theme was wonderful from the visuals to the philosophy, the music inviting, and the puzzle element was really unique and "easy to learn, hard to master!"

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Viva Rodriguez!!  He has such an interesting kit, it made the game really fun to play.  It was terrifying in the later parts of the level but also thrilling and exciting.  I didn't expect a game with this much personality to have great control, but the controls here were tight and responsive.  I felt totally in control and every mistake I made was mine and not a result of the code.  I loved this!

I really enjoyed the idea of playing as a scholar instead of a hero, and as a result I cared a lot more about the character and his journey.  The audio, both music and voice, were wonderful and I wanted to see more of this game!

I was unfortunately unable to complete the game as a result of a few bugs.  There were lots of visual issues where I'd have to walk through walls or over pits.  I played through three times and only once was able to get to the second floor.  I'll probably try again later because I like the character so much.

I really like playing as jellies.  When I'd set up their moves and watch them go I wanted to shout out, "Go, go jellies!  Wobble to victory!"  It was a neat puzzle game, thank you for sharing!

I have to second the notion that the animation on that skeleton was awesome!  The music was a little trippy and had that, "Keep moving!" vibe to it that made everything seem more dangerous.  Are we unable to open the treasure chest?  I don't know what's inside but I WANT IT!

Those guards are terrifying, but they still got to taste my righteous steel!  I enjoyed exploring the dungeon, it had a really classic first person RPG feel.  The soundtrack was enchanting, the visuals gloomy and immersive, and I liked that the combat relied on skill and not just potion chugging!

I didn't expect there to be so many names and phrases!  It gave the game a lot of replayability!

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What service is being used to stream the music?  It works for a couple of seconds but then when the song buffers the notes stop moving and then for the rest of the song notes appear instantly and I get one or two before buffering starts again.  My internet isn't great, but is there a way to lower the video quality to stream it better?

I really like the concept and what little I've been able to play seems really engaging and fun!

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This game was really fun!  Though short, it was more interactive than a lot of experiences I've had as it required the player to do all the interaction.  I was crawling on the floor, moving things around, and looking all over.  I would love to see more experiences like this one for VR, very well done!

Upbeat music, pleasing graphics, engaging mechanics. It's very easy to like this game on a technical scale, but the game is just so unique and entertaining from an artistic angle. It's hard to explain exactly why it's so much fun!

This game insults you for making it worth your time. Usually comes in the form of poor gameplay, but 'Date (almost) Anything Simulator' does it by being trite and condescendening in a way that fails to be either inspiring or funny. I would love to see what other content the game has to offer to give it a fair review, but the game itself told me not to.

I played through the game several times to complete it, and I'm not sure how I feel about it! It has some very mysterious undertones to it that I really craved to explore. When I first got near the end I was really excited to learn more about the game's story, but I think it was a bit too short for how much it offered. I do not regret the time I spent playing it though. My only complaints are that the spell check isn't great, and it doesn't have a vast vocabulary. I got punished for both 'colour' and 'Toxoplasmosis'. The second thing that irked me was that the game presents itself with the themes of moral ambiguity, but I don't feel like my choices had a lot of meaning. The choices I made my last playthrough were simply to game the system, and not what I actually wanted to do. It was really nice that the others reacted to the things that I did though. To end on a high note, the aesthetic was adorable, the music was engaging, and the story was quite interesting. I'd like to see what happens next!