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I believe in what you folks do, which is why I have a push notification on my phone for when you publish things. That's why I've been the near the first to comment on most of your games :)

All in all, I like all of your games but I still have dreams about the Alchemy one. I LOVE puzzle games like that.

You're welcome. I enjoyed the game otherwise. I'm just glad that it's nothing too major. Not a lot of people scroll up and keep scrolling when one hits the top of the page. So not many folks may see the bug naturally.

I have a weighted mouse, and it'll keep on middle scrolling for 10 seconds or more if you let it.

If you scroll up in this room:

Then you get this screen:

Then the game starts acting weird and becomes unfinishable 

This was pretty fun once I got the hang of it.

It would be a great way to teach middle school math

Wow! This game is AWESOME.

You get to make the game that you love or hate the most while technically making a game about a game you love or hate the most

:28 :D

You're one of my favorite developers. Any time that I have a few minutes to a few hours that need to be filled, I hit up your back library. I also have notifications set to let me know any time you have a new game

I can't wait to see how much you'll grow in another 50 games!

Wow, this is really challenging! It's a lot of fun, too

The only thing that gave me any issues is when the blocks jumped to the mouse whenever I'd click at the start of the level. It would cause me to instantly lose if I didn't center the mouse in such a way that it doesn't jump or jump far.

Okay, that makes sense now. It wasn't clear to me before this.

It's a really fun game. It reminds me of the 'incremental tree' series of games.

One thing I don't understand is the cycles cost of fractured cycle

It'll say that I need '20" to buy one and I'll have over 100. I'll have to get (I think) 20 on top of my total already in order to buy one. It's a little confusing.

This game was SUPER fun! I felt like a real alchemist, using trial and error to do SCIENCE.

I was able to beat it in about a half hour, but each minute spent was pure joy.

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Oh man, this game was SUPER fun!

I love the trial and error of it all. I felt like a real alchemist trying to discover the secrets of the universe.

I ended up beating it, but are there more than 1 ending?

This is a fun "bullet hell" game with a good ceiling for entry. Not only does it teach you how to play the game, but it also helps you slowly increase your skill until you're able to beat the bosses and unlock new cool ships.

The best part is there's really great music that rocks along as you play. It's like I'm playing some of my favorite Sega arcade games.

For sure, I plan on continuing to practice this game to unlock more and increase my skill

I just had to drop everything when I got the notification in my mail that Escada Games released something new.

This was a lot of fun! It's another masterpiece from one of my favorite game devs.

 I'm pretty okay at bullet hell games, but this has a nice ceiling for entry. It's not too hard and dodging is a major game mechanic, so it teaches you as you go. I'm going to practice this one for the next few hours and hopefully unlock everything.

I mean, there's no sand under mountains. It's mostly granite.

I didn't realize this game was still in development. I last played months and months ago.

So I guess that means I get to enjoy playing it again for stage 3!

Thank you for all of your hard work

That IS the NSFW version... ;)

I found the game via the subreddit. I played this yesterday and I can't get it out of my mind.

I hope that there will be more game to consume later as it's such an incredible universe with some deep characters.

I watched the first few minutes on ManlyBadassHero's channel but stopped quickly to download and play it myself…
I'd love to see a longer game like this. It reminded me of 80s horror but on a personal level.

Knowing the fates ahead of time put me on the edge of my seat and the graphics were creepy to the max.

I will remember this game for a long time to come

It's crazy to think a game of this quality requires so few of buttons!

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this game :)

This was SO much fun! I've always like games where I could pretend to be Spider-Man. So this game is right now one of my new favorites.

Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this game!

This was SO much fun! It's simple, but it's complex in its simpleness.
Anyone could pick this up, but not everyone would be able to master this.

This was really fun and addictive. I have a cold, so I kinda wish there was a pause button so I could wipe my nose.

Beyond that, simply perfect!

Thank you for the info! I didn't realize there was a menu as the controls at the bottom went away after the first level. That one is on me.

Even still, I had a super time. I found myself thinking about the game even after I was done playing it

This game is SUPER fun. It reminds me of the Lost Vikings

Is there a reset button that I missed? I kinda got trapped in the 2nd level the first time through.

This was A LOT of fun. These types of puzzlers are the ones that I love to see how fast I can go.

The only issue I had was with the "mimic the last card" and the "cure the top item" - When I mimic the "cure the top item" and there is only 1 issue then it gets stuck. I have to refresh the cards in order to progress.

This is SOOO much fun! I love action puzzle games like this. 

Thank you for all the hard work in making this game

Is there a reason why I can't craft here? I hit craft and nothing happens. I'm at 500 Mineral-Ores. 

Will do! I'll give it a try now

I'm about to start playing the new patch here in a few mins, so it'll be fun to see! I don't mind starting over, though. I really believe in you as a game developer and I know playing your games and giving you feedback helps out a lot. :)

Incremental games are my favorite genre of games, but I'd play whatever you make!

ESO is Elder Scrolls Online. It's pretty much a Skyrim open world MMO. It's incredibly fun to play as it goes SUPER deep into the Elder Scrolls lore. It comes with a high recommend from me if you like to play Skyrim or any of the others' in the Elder Scrolls series.

It's a super fun game to play when playing other games. At least, that's what I've been doing. I started playing ESO again, so I load up Dragon Blast up as well. What I'll do is play DB in between loading screens, waiting for teleporting, etc. It's also how I played some of your other games, though to a much lesser extent.

I'm really enjoying the feel and progress of it all. I like that I can start out from pretty much nothing, play the "set it and forget it" gameplay here and there, and still get the rush of my numbers going up.

My favorite aspect is the item system, and the risk and reward nature of upgrading items or tossing them and hoping for something better.

I'll get pretty far in a session, but I've not found an ending yet. I put that on resetting my progress each time I upgraded the game version.

All in all, you've made a super fun game in a genre that I like a lot. :)

Yeah, I don't say this often, but this nerf was needed. You could get ridiculous results if you were lucky.

So goodbye to my cheesing things lol

This game is pretty fun. It reminds me a lot of those early aughts flash games from New Grounds

I had A LOT of fun playing this. It reminded me of playing "Boy and his Blob" on the original NES.

Thank you for all the hard work and the heart that you put into this game. I'm going to remember it for a very long time!

This was A LOT of fun. I'd love to see this go further and further. Maybe make it increase the size perspective as you buy bigger and bigger messes?

Thank you for all your hard work!

I spent hundreds of hours on this game when I had it as a kid.

This works PERFECTLY in recapturing that feeling of nostalgia and wonder.

That may be it. I was maxing out stun as fast as I could to kinda cheese battles and it's not working as well as it once did.

Either which way, it's still super fun! :D

Is it my imagination or did you nerf stun as well? I know it needed balance, so no hard feelings lol