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Thanks for playing, cool to hear that you liked aspects of it even if it's not your typical style of game!

Thanks for playing it! It's not always possible to get a perfect score. Due to how the levels are procedurally generated and the difficulty is increased by having fewer tiles on each level, it's almost guranteed that you'll run in to an impossible level eventually (usually >10 levels in). I'll admit that this could be made better, but the time constraints of the jam prevented me from building a better generator in time.

The slowdown you describe is surprising - This game runs fine even on my fairly slow handheld RG351 and I've made no changes to the game for when it runs in full-screen, so this is very likely related to the TIC-80 HTML-export, which I have very little understanding of.  Are you experiencing the same issues in other TIC-80 titles? If you don't mind sharing what OS/browser combo you're using then I'll try to replicate the issue and see what I can do.

I hope you liked the game despite the issues, and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks :) Fantasy consoles are so much fun and just perfect for game jams, the limitations really keeps the scope in check. I can highly recommend both PICO-8 and TIC-80 if you feel like trying one out!

That's great to hear! Thanks for playing!

Thanks! And even bigger thanks for hosting the jam and playing BridgeBreaker on stream! This was a very well organized jam, with a fun theme and just the right length of time :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing! Learnt a lot from working in TIC-80 and will probably make more things using it.

Thanks! I'm glad you found it very playable :) The music was a last minute addition, but I think it was a good idea to add it.

Fun! Mechs look just great in VR, the sense of scale is really cool. The design of the mech is great and the idea of climing around on it and doing repairs is honestly more fun than driving it. I could easily see a mech repair VR simulator in the future. 

The physical nature of the controls is mostly great. I had a lot of fun pushing buttons and turning dials,  but occasionally glitched out, fell off, etc. Classic VR. Driving the mech, especially turning, was a bit nauseating though. If you wanted to improve that aspect of the game you could explore using the climbing mechanic (dagging with hands) as a way to move the mech too, since that's a much more forgiving way of moving.

All in all a very cool submission to the jam! I had fun!    

Since I'm also using TIC-80 for the very first time in this jam I can really appreciate some of the effort you put in to the features that are in there. Sure, it's not a complete game yet, but I'm impressed by the smooth animations of both the walk cycle and the aiming of the gun, that must have taken some clever code! 

The destructible environments and the nice artwork reminds me of Metroid, I can totally sense a neat mechtroidvania game hiding in there! 

Neat vertical slice! My favorite part was escaping the missile groups flying towards me. Outmaneuvering them using the dash mechanics and getting them to hit walls was really satisfying. Think the game is a good fit for time based health regeneration, but I would have liked a clearer indication when i was close to death, it always seemed to happen really suddenly.

I really liked the gradual difficulty progression too, it starts off easy but gets hard eventually. I had some technical issues where the mouse sensitivity felt low, even when maxed out in the in game menu, but aside from that detail I really enjoyed the whole experience!

There's an impressive amount of content in this game, especially considering the two-week jam! There's multiple levels, bosses and a wide weapon variety, nice!

My favorite gameplay moments were when I could jump around to doge bullets. Something about the wide weapon spread, new weapon pickups and slow projectiles makes this feel a bit bullet-hell-like in a good way. To lean into that I think that a less health and a smaller, faster moving player could really tie things together :) The fast-paced music really helps keep the game feeling intense at all points too!

Thank you! You are absolutely correct about the limitations, although it was made in TIC-80 which have a similar set of restrictions to Pico-8. The game was limited to 16 colors total and a resolution of 240 by 136 px, which probably only helped keep the scope managable for the Jam.  Sometimes restrictions are great :)  

I'm glad you liked it and relieved someone else understood it and found the main mechanic fun!

Breakout meets pinball! This is a great reinterpretation of the mech genre that keeps a bunch of the fun elements you'd expect, like battles and building destruction, but puts it in a completely new context. On top of that it's really polished and the sound design is great. Fantastic work!

If I had to come up with useful feedback, I'd admit that it took me a few tries before I understood all the various game elements, especially the matrix-display minigame. After I could read the game board properly it was pure fun though! Perhaps the chaotic nature is just part of the pinball genre.       

Thanks for playing!  One of the concerns I had was that people would go straight for the end of the level and missing that the fun is in finding a way to break as many tiles as possible, so the messages was an attempt to encourage that. I haven't played Ruby/Sapphire, but I'll have to check those out, since they sound like something I'd like  :) 

Really fun little game that fits the cart perfectly! Well done!

I especially like that the game keeps changing things up unexpectedly level by level, it really adds a sense of progression and some humor.

The use of sound is nice too,  it helps a lot with the feeling of the snowstorm!

I noticed on your twitter that you'll have a kickoff through discord in a few hours! 

The idea of going through the submitted carts and bouncing ideas sounds great and I'd love to join, but over here in Europe it'll happen at 02:30 in the morning. Is there any way to experience the kickoff after the fact? I'm thinking recorded livestream or similar, in case that was something you were doing anyway. 

Also thanks for arranging the jam - looking forward to get started!