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I'm making the next demo of Normalin on a more stable version of Unity.

Perhaps it will work on that version or I manage to find a way to fix the problem by then.

Does it work when you run it on a different machine?

I'm not really sure when exactly the second demo will be out. But when I do I'll update the game page.

The price was 3 dollars (at first), which was reasonable for a low poly niche game like this one. But now that I am upgrading the quality of the graphics, I'm thinking of raising the price to 10 dollars maximum. Again I'll update the game page when my decision is final.

Since I'm changing a bunch of stuff (including the graphics) I will release a second demo.

And If all goes well I will release  the full version along with that demo.

I'm glad you like it :)

I'll do what I can to improve it!

Your assumption is correct. The obstacles are for the most part randomly generated. And because of that there are some cases of creating unintentional "traps" where Normalin gets stuck.  It was one of the reasons I allowed Normalin to walk backwards. Anyway I might think of better way to solve the problem.

I disagree with the dumpster climbing idea because its a little to late at this point. Adding that in would require me to go back, make new animations, make changes to the animation scripts, etc. In other words it would waste a lot of time.

I assure you her hands will have some game-play significance in the next version but I'll leave it as a surprise.

Thanks for answering back!

That dialogue box isn't supposed to appear when running the game. At least I haven't ever seen it when running any Unity game.

Based on what I read on several forums, the problem is (probably) caused by an app called "Citrix Worspace".  Here is a post explaining it in more detail and how to solve the problem (

If you do not have this app installed, let me know so that I can investigate further.

I've actually thought of that.

Normalin will actually move slower than the bad guy when bound, so he will constantly gain ground. To compensate for that I was thinking of adding special powerups (they will appear more frequently when leg bound) that freeze the baddie for a little while.

Also I do plan to have a different ending when crossing the finish line. 

The answer is yes. It was a bit too much effort for the first demo to have multiple footstep sounds, especially since there was only one alternate costume. Now I will do things right and create footsteps for all the outfits (And some specific items)!

Sounds like a good idea.. but It won't be easy given how I implement outfits.

I appreciate that you like the old model, especially since it was 100% handcrafted by my own hands. But unfortunately not many people share your sentiments. Also keeping both models will be quite difficult. They are very incompatible so I would have to create two sets of restraints and outfits.

As for your side note: I agree completely. I was aware of the problem from the start of developing Normalin Run, and have tried several ways of fixing it.

Firstly during the alpha version I planned to have a camera view that showed the front of Normalin (think of the boulder chase level in Crash Bandicoot). But that proved to be very bad for the gameplay, as it was very difficult to predict where obstacles popped up next. Pulling the camera back was also a bad idea, since it made it harder to discern the stuff Normalin was wearing (basically defeating the purpose).

The image above is a recreation of what the view looked like. I couldn't find an old enough backup that had the original view

Then I changed the view to a more traditional runner style game, but included a small "mirror view" on the top of the screen (similar to what you suggested actually).

This worked well until my play-testers and I found that it was hard to estimate the depth with that view. The only way to fix something like that was to make the camera a bit more top-down.

Once I made the camera top-down the depth problem was solved, but the mirror view became a hindrance as it was blocking the player's view for incoming obstacles. In the end I had to remove it.

This is also a recreation of what I was talking about since I couldn't actually find a backup that stayed with the top view + mirror view. As you can see I even made the mirror semi-transparent to better see the obstacles, but it didn't work very well in the end.

As compensation for this loss I added a full screen "mirror view" at the main menu. However this is only a temporary and clearly not good enough solution to the problem.

Currently I am thinking of implementing some kind of "Pause" function that allows players to rotate around Normalin's model during gameplay, not unlike Super Smash Brothers.

Anyways thanks a lot for voicing your opinion and offering ideas!

I enjoy talking about these things (maybe a bit too much) so If you wanna know more about something specific let me know and I'll write a devlog about it ;)

No reason to worry. I'm taking frequent breaks, plus I don't work too hard (at least not all the time).

In any case I'll take a big break after I finally release this project :D

I'm thinking of Normalin turning automatically when the corner comes up.

Its still too early to celebrate.
There's lots of work to be done still :D.

Thanks! I was thinking of adding leg bindings anyway, they only make sense in this kind of game ;)

I'm not sure, I need a bit more information to help you. For starters can you upload a screen shot of that happening? (The thing with the big red exclamation point I mean)

Glad you like the concept! And thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can do to make the main game less repetitive and more fun for the next version.