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Hey Neno, thanks for the feedback. That small vent space, I was actually planning to use as a secret path to hide a collectible, but forgot it there. ^-^'

I should have added some clues (like skid marks under the spring) before releasing it.

I'm so happy somebody noticed those!! :D

Just because you asked I'll include them ;)

You'll be glad to know that the "pauses" will be elliminated in the next demo :) . You can interrupt any ability with a jump, and there are no freeze frames at the end of them. But I had to nerf the spin kick and jumps a bit because they were ridiculously OP ^-^'

When games have infinite lives or save files, the "GameOver" screen becomes a minor hindrance rather than punishment for failure. But they can be useful as a narrative / fan service device: some games have multiple endings for this very reason. People are curious to see what happens should their favourite hero fail, or do things differently.

However, In my game I'll try to avoid "GameOver" screens as much as possible. Upon failure Conney is captured and imprisoned. Each time they'll make her escape more difficult by patching alternate exits, increasing her bindings, etc.

I'm split 50/50 on whether to include sexual stuff. Some people are against sexualizing the game and just want a DiD themed game, and have expressed this opinion to me multiple times. I might have to do a poll at some point to decide. Nudity might be more difficult because that would involve making another Conney model/outfit... a-and I'd rather focus on making the game :D

I'm sorry to hear that.

I had to make some changes to the expression system, so I had to redraw all the eye shapes and mouth. At the time I thought that giving her lips would be an improvement. In anycase I'll try and make her more cute for the next one.

I wanted a move that uses her hands on the ground, but attacking enemies directly with her hands (e.x punching) didn't fit her very much. To me the cartwheel was the best option. If you have any suggestions for stationary attacks I'll consider.

As for the "flip-a-dip" issue, it's something I'm working to fix for the next demo since a few others encountered it as well.

Conney in 0.124 didn't have any abilities other than jumping making it bland a fairly bland platformer. So for the newer versions I started adding more to her moveset with the hopes of making platforming fun and enjoyable. I had to side-line bondage mechanics temporarily to do that. But I assure you I'll focus on bondage mechanics more and more as I make the levels.

As for the bondage Metroidvania idea. I do plan to use it in Conney, but as small escape segments of the game. There needs to be more variety in gameplay scenarios and the way bondage affects the game.

I'll try to add a variety of bindings and bondage situations during the game.

The wardrobe idea sounds more something you get rewarded with after completing the game. Like some sort of dev-room. But if its not too difficult I'll consider adding it in. 😄

Thanks BigDust!
The similarity to those games was coincidental ^_^' .

I hope the next release meets your expectations ;)

I do not have any MacOS devices so I can't test it sadly. Can you show me some screenshots of the error so we can troubleshoot?

  • Yeah I already knew about Ada Escape. You username kinda gave that away :D
  • Ada Escape might have been a short game, but it was packed with a lot of interesting ideas. Like "hijacking" your kidnapper to get to where you want :)
  • I'd be honored to get advice from an experienced veteran ^-^ !

Exiting the house (first area) requires thinking outside the box ;)

  • Move cancellation does sound like a good idea actually. I had to remove it because there was some jank. But if I find a way I'll bring it back.
  • The diagonal movement and speed depending on camera angle are just amateur programming bugs. Those are entirely on me ^-^'_\
  • I'll try my best to keep it up 👍
  • Damn... I should have hidden that gear better :P
  • I do have some mechanics in mind for when Conney is bound. I'll just have to get to that point where I implement them :)
  • Yeah... I kinda have to give it to you here. Old Conney's face had a certain magic to it I can't replicate with the new expression system. I made the old face with a drawing tablet, but recently the pen tip melted away so I'm forced to make everything with a mouse mouse >.< . I'll see what I can do.

I really wanna keep the two actions mapped to the same key. It kinda fits with the gamepad/PS1 controller motif really well. I'll try to fix in a different way. If that doesn't work either, then I'll do as you guys suggest. ;)

  • The audio crashing shouldn't be happening. I'll have to investigate.
  • Glad you like Conney's new moves.
  • The accidental somersaulting after getting free from struggling does sound like a serious gameplay problem (or the game dev being a douche :D ). I'll try something to fix it in the next demo.
  • I could remove the stomp freeze frames entirely. I'm just worried people will abuse the attack making Conney invulnerable. Perhaps a stamina system would work better?
  • I only hope I can top this with a better demo next time :D

I'm terribly sorry! I forgot to add the interact button in the instructions ^-^'
Press (Enter) when the triangle shows up. X is simply used to advance the dialog.

I have a dA account and a Discord.

Indeed. That game was actually inspired by MetroidVanias among other things. ;)

Tess game is currently on hold.

I'll take into consideration your comment on struggling mechanics and stealth. They seem to be quite popular with a lot of people. :)

I thought it would be a good idea to post something playable rather than just still pictures and videos (like I usually do) ^-^

Your feeling regarding of being more polished is correct. That's because I had to roll back (pun intended) some features while making changes (for the next version). Especially when changing core scripts, that would break everything if I wasn't careful. Still, it was worth it for a more agile Conney ;)

On the matter of the bunny-suit, I completely agree: it is more appealing than the jungle outfit. My only problem is having a good explanation as to why she was wearing it :D

In the version she's wearing it for fun during her tie-up games. Needless to say, she wasn't expecting those creepy dolls to show up outside her house...

In 0.1.3 I switched it to a jungle explorer outfit because I wanted to make her a bit more adventurous (hence the climbing and rolling). The setting was also going to be rainforest / jungle themed. The bunny suit would have been an unlockable outfit, but used it as a placeholder for the speed power-up instead.

Sure! 😉 But It'll take some time to find the right project version and build it for MacOS.

That's pretty much the end of that version :)

Sorry for the late reply. But better late than never ^-^'

I'm happy you enjoyed it! Normalin's design was ok at the time, but I'm sure I could do better if I gave it another shot with my current skills :D

I always thought that the camera controls felt right, despite the many complaints. Maybe its the fact I always test my games with a controller that I don't realize the mouse/keyboard controls are terrible.

The knife puzzle is a bit bullshit actually if I'm being honest. It makes use of a game mechanic that isn't demonstrated anywhere else and nobody would be able to guess intuitively. So for that one you can blame my failing as a game designer.

Thanks for the comment Greg! I've been burned at the stake too many times for the inverted camera issue, so I'll try to be mindful of it from now on. ^-^'

I always seem to find "inverted" controls natural for some reason, maybe because of the games I played as a kid.

I'm glad you enjoyed this game for what it was. It's indeed a shame I abandoned it, but I might give it another try sometime in the future. Maybe even inject some more latex/rubber stuff while I'm at it >:)

For the near future you can satiate your 3d bondage platformer craving with this new project I'm working on! As long as you don't mind bunny-girls and clowns that is. [New Project Devlog]

Don't worry there's not much to explore anyways.
If you freed everything except the gag, then you're at the end of the demo.

Normalin Run is history at this point. I would have to remember how everything works, and my scripts weren't very good back then.

But I am working on something new. I'll try and post an announcement for it soon.

A bunch of other people also like retro graphics (myself included). But I've recently come to realize that it isn't so much the low poly style at fault as it is my lack of skill. Low poly art can be done well by the right people. And I'm not the right person for that (I'm a programmer for the most part 😅)

As for the second part of your comment, I've done that. I released a demo and tried to hear what people had to say. But at the time I didn't get the "numbers" that I hoped for. I possibly lacked the patience but definetely did a poor job marketing this game. The only thing I did was post this on deviantart and, so only my current watchers could find it at first. ( hides NSFW games very well, and you can only find them via collections or by following the author; and deviantart... is not the place that it once was)

Hopefully now that more people are exposed to Normalin Run, they will find my newer games quicker.

You might be right. But at the time I thought that it would get underwhelming sales based on the current downloads and views.

To be fair, those rose quite a bit in the span of a year (no idea why). Maybe I did a poor job "advertising" it in the first place.

Anyway, Thanks for the kind words 🙂

Soon enough I'll release another post. With as many details as I can find/remember.
I'll try to make it as interesting and informative as possible. 😉

Glad you liked it! 😄
I'll try my best to make that upcoming project a reality.

Thanks 😄!

And sure I'll do that. But It'll have to wait a bit. Christmas holidays and all that 🎄

That's close to where the demo ends so pretty much yes. There isn't any interesting content after that point.

It is cancelled. Sorry for not clarifying sooner. I will try to make up for that in the future. 

I'm making the next demo of Normalin on a more stable version of Unity.

Perhaps it will work on that version or I manage to find a way to fix the problem by then.

Does it work when you run it on a different machine?

I'm not really sure when exactly the second demo will be out. But when I do I'll update the game page.

The price was 3 dollars (at first), which was reasonable for a low poly niche game like this one. But now that I am upgrading the quality of the graphics, I'm thinking of raising the price to 10 dollars maximum. Again I'll update the game page when my decision is final.

Since I'm changing a bunch of stuff (including the graphics) I will release a second demo.

And If all goes well I will release  the full version along with that demo.

I'm glad you like it :)

I'll do what I can to improve it!

Your assumption is correct. The obstacles are for the most part randomly generated. And because of that there are some cases of creating unintentional "traps" where Normalin gets stuck.  It was one of the reasons I allowed Normalin to walk backwards. Anyway I might think of better way to solve the problem.

I disagree with the dumpster climbing idea because its a little to late at this point. Adding that in would require me to go back, make new animations, make changes to the animation scripts, etc. In other words it would waste a lot of time.

I assure you her hands will have some game-play significance in the next version but I'll leave it as a surprise.

Thanks for answering back!

That dialogue box isn't supposed to appear when running the game. At least I haven't ever seen it when running any Unity game.

Based on what I read on several forums, the problem is (probably) caused by an app called "Citrix Worspace".  Here is a post explaining it in more detail and how to solve the problem (

If you do not have this app installed, let me know so that I can investigate further.

I've actually thought of that.

Normalin will actually move slower than the bad guy when bound, so he will constantly gain ground. To compensate for that I was thinking of adding special powerups (they will appear more frequently when leg bound) that freeze the baddie for a little while.

Also I do plan to have a different ending when crossing the finish line.