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I'm glad you like it :)

I'll do what I can to improve it!

And there will be other demos or now wait for the release of the full version of the game?

Since I'm changing a bunch of stuff (including the graphics) I will release a second demo.

And If all goes well I will release  the full version along with that demo.

How soon will the second demo be released ?) And how much will the full version of the game cost?)

I'm not really sure when exactly the second demo will be out. But when I do I'll update the game page.

The price was 3 dollars (at first), which was reasonable for a low poly niche game like this one. But now that I am upgrading the quality of the graphics, I'm thinking of raising the price to 10 dollars maximum. Again I'll update the game page when my decision is final.

Oh, I'll be waiting for any news and happy to play in future versions))