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thank you! i can hardly take credit for these though, i was as pleasantly surprised as everyone else when i saw the results hah. computers... sometimes they are good.

i like how "is shimmering as a touch myself" makes the rest of the entries in that list extremely horny too

We'd like to participate! Thank you for setting this up.

@pippinbarr (can you post replies on comments here?? how does this work) there is essentially no interaction in this, the only thing you can do is move the mouse around, which tilts the view ever so slightly and changes the speed of some elements. So the visuals respond discretely to your input, but there's no real control or agency in it.

Hey, I tried to launch the game a few times and it always gave me a white screen and this error : I downloaded the last version of quicktime as the readme file said, but it still won't launch (with the same error message).
I'm really curious of what your game can be, hope you'll find a way to fix this thingie :>

Thanks ! I'll sure have a look at your game, I plan to play all of them until the rating ends.
I'll also see about this backspace thing :)

here's the saved picture if it helps:

specs: windows 10, chrome

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currently having an issue with the save system - maybe because there's been some new tiles between the version on vacuumflowers and the one on itchio? - i'm building with itchio's

(left one is original, right one is loaded - same results from url and image)

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Thanks! If you feel like you missed something there are articles that spoil the twist, i don't mention it too heavily because i want the surprise to work out but if you want to know what it's all about here's one that talks about it: [SPOILERS]

⚘⚘⚘ ⚘⚘⚘

i made this short thing this summer with the support of KO_OP, it looks quite nice i reckon ~ it has a twist!

the lovely music is by Marskye