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It's possible that there's a chance that something is generating invisibly over the targeting area for Barkplug. Hopefully this is what's happening because if so, we can fix that. In the meantime, you may be able to progress if you try to click around a specific area like so. It seems to be a little unpredictable and tricky to hit, but if you were able to, that would confirm what the issue is at least!

Thanks for the response! The tire is an optional quest so that shouldn't affect this. Thanks for the extra info on Coriander. We will see if we can find the problem and will let you know here if we do, but I can't give an estimated timeline, unfortunately.

Ah, sorry to hear that! This isn't something we've previously heard of, so it might be difficult to reproduce and solve.

Could you let me know if this is the same with all enemies after you first encountered it, or just Barkplug?

And is it just Nugget (if you're not sure, you could try a healing item of buffing ability to get to Sausage — it would also be useful to know if this works as well). 

Also, does the marker appear on Barkplug like it does with the previous enemies, or do you not see that either?

We finished work on this quite some time ago, but we can try to reproduce on our end.

Hi! Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback. We're done with development on this particular release, but a sequel is not out of the question! We'll definitely announce any news about anything like that here on itch!

Hi! We will certainly look into that bug, as obtaining the Rubber Armor should finish that quest.

You have finished the game at this point. A special animation plays before Maintain Peace is set, which will always display as active just to invite you to explore.

On October 29, we'll actually be dropping a free update that will continue the story beyond Maintain Peace, so check back then!

Sorry about the wait! We've been working on a large content update and will share the apk when that's done. Our target is a few weeks away now.

Hey there! If you open the menu by holding a click on the player cat for a second and releasing, you can then click the Gear icon to change some settings. We do have a master volume slider in there — but we don't have a windowed option. We can certainly add a windowed mode as a feature we'll look at for an upcoming update!

Awesome! Glad it works!

Hey! This is the first we've heard of this issue, but we'd love to fix it for you. Could you let me know if it's Windows or Mac? Does it happen every time? Has it ever worked for you in the past, or is this the first time you've downloaded it? And would you be able to provide a screenshot?

Thank you!

Thank you for letting us know about those bugs! We'll correct them in a future update for sure.

I will say that the last note in the list there is actually not in the game. Looks like that listing slipped in by mistake — it's actually tied to our next update and is not yet accessible. Just wanted to let you know because I bet it's frustrating to see that entry, sorry!

The other one though? It is in the game, though it is hidden from view. It's a bit of a secret one. ;)

Open the menu by holding and releasing a click on your cat. There should be a save button in the lower right corner.

I lost the video project so I can't check for absolute certainty, but 99% sure it's Avenir Black!

Good to hear and glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks for letting us now. This fix should now be up.

I guess we owe people a little explanation here. We've had a stable version up on Steam for a couple of months, but we've been working on one last round of updates since then before moving onto our next project. The release we put on itch was based on what we thought was a stable version in the middle of those updates based on testing on Windows and mobile, but some interesting Mac-build-only bugs had popped in at some point. This was pretty unusual, but: lesson learned!

(these updates we mentioned won't affect the game as it is now, so don't feel like you're missing out by playing now rather than waiting — but do look forward to more news!)

We'll have a fix on the battles tomorrow.

For the menus, could you confirm you're using the most recent upload, and if so, which menus you're having an issue exiting?

Thank you! Sorry that you have to wait to keep playing!

The fix is up!

The fix is now posted.

In case any other Mac users encountered the menu bugs, we've discovered the source of the issue and will have a fix up soon!

Thanks for letting us know. We'll check these out and post a fix.

Thanks for these bug reports. We'll look into them ASAP!

Hi! We had that demo version up long ago during development, but I don't see why we can't supply the finished game for Android here too. It will just take us a little time to make some adjustments, but I'll respond here when it's available.

We've updated the file and it should be working correctly stand-alone now. Thanks for pointing that out to us!

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Sorry, let us look into that. That should have been disabled for the Itch release. Could you confirm if that was Windows or Mac?