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Thanks for letting us now. This fix should now be up.

I guess we owe people a little explanation here. We've had a stable version up on Steam for a couple of months, but we've been working on one last round of updates since then before moving onto our next project. The release we put on itch was based on what we thought was a stable version in the middle of those updates based on testing on Windows and mobile, but some interesting Mac-build-only bugs had popped in at some point. This was pretty unusual, but: lesson learned!

(these updates we mentioned won't affect the game as it is now, so don't feel like you're missing out by playing now rather than waiting — but do look forward to more news!)

Thank you so much for being available and willing to fix these little mishaps. I played again tonight with the new version you mentioned, and what a difference! Everything seems to be working, menus work fine and Nugget and Sausage are now getting XP/ shineys after a fight. Fantastic game,  I love it!

Good to hear and glad you're enjoying it!