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+1 to everything written above.

Thank you so much for being available and willing to fix these little mishaps. I played again tonight with the new version you mentioned, and what a difference! Everything seems to be working, menus work fine and Nugget and Sausage are now getting XP/ shineys after a fight. Fantastic game,  I love it!

Cat Ace community · Created a new topic Cool game!

Thank you for this game, I really enjoyed playing it.

Hey, thank so much for the quick reply.

I downloaded the game around 6 PM EST last night. When I was noticing I got no XP/no loot/no shineys after a battle multiple timess, both using classic & adaptive settings, I checked back & it said the latest version was 4 hours old. So I'm pretty sure it's the newest version.

The menu issue I has happened when I found the red bow hat, and I wanted to change gear/ I put the red bow hat on Nugget, then ... nothing. I was kind of stuck in the gear screen and I couldn't get out. I could "force quit" the game, but I couldn't get out of that screen any other way.

Thank you for looking into this. From the short bit I saw of the game, I adore it! 

I love the game, however, after EVERY SINGLE BATTLE, I gain NO XP, and no Shineys. I can find loot and pick it up, but that's it. Mac Books Pro OSX 10.14 please help. (PS, I also got locked up on some of the menus as well. See Below)