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Thank you! :)

Thank you so much for explaining & clarifying! :)

This looks exactly like the script by stadja@LTN that Scarabium posted above.

What did you "modify"?

I agree!

I dislike the way that itch forces all buyers to add (large) bundle items individually.

As a buyer, I should be the one who decides if I want to "flood my library with purchased games".

I had this same problem with the bundle for Racial Equality awhile back, and the way staff was so dismissive of even considering the " add all" option was why I've never spent any more money here since then.

Staff, if folks can write userscripts to claim all items then surely one of your coders could make this an option for your customers!

+1 to everything written above.

Thank you so much for being available and willing to fix these little mishaps. I played again tonight with the new version you mentioned, and what a difference! Everything seems to be working, menus work fine and Nugget and Sausage are now getting XP/ shineys after a fight. Fantastic game,  I love it!

Cat Ace community · Created a new topic Cool game!

Thank you for this game, I really enjoyed playing it.

Hey, thank so much for the quick reply.

I downloaded the game around 6 PM EST last night. When I was noticing I got no XP/no loot/no shineys after a battle multiple timess, both using classic & adaptive settings, I checked back & it said the latest version was 4 hours old. So I'm pretty sure it's the newest version.

The menu issue I has happened when I found the red bow hat, and I wanted to change gear/ I put the red bow hat on Nugget, then ... nothing. I was kind of stuck in the gear screen and I couldn't get out. I could "force quit" the game, but I couldn't get out of that screen any other way.

Thank you for looking into this. From the short bit I saw of the game, I adore it! 

I love the game, however, after EVERY SINGLE BATTLE, I gain NO XP, and no Shineys. I can find loot and pick it up, but that's it. Mac Books Pro OSX 10.14 please help. (PS, I also got locked up on some of the menus as well. See Below)