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That is great news! :D

I'm just asking because you added the #artgame tag.. This doesn't look like a game at all..

this is an artgame..? 🤔

I just realized the souls you pick up are named after Patreon supporters.. :)

Name: poetic android
Occupation: plumber
Cause of death: Boredom

yup.. sounds about right.. although I don't see myself becoming a plumber anytime soon.. :p

Great game! :)
would be even greater if I could use a controller 🎮

Hey peeps!

Wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to be able to play WebVR/XR games straight from your page, without having to download anything or go to a different website..? I haven't found any that I could play on my Oculus Quest..

AFAIK it's just a matter of the team to add a `allow="VR"` or similar to the `<iframe>` that the game runs in..

I'm currently playing around with the A-frame engine and it would be nice to be able to show my creations on my page..

The server is just a simple LAMP stack.. The write permissions are handled by a PHP script..

You can read more about the API in the documentation:

The programming language for Homegirl is Lua.. You can read more about how to develop for Homegirl on the wiki..


Okay! I've fixed the bug!

turns out the problem was with the FreeImage library, which couldn't seem to load unicode filenames on Windows.. anywhere else in the code it works fine.. so now the gif files get loaded into memory before they get decoded by FreeImage.. problem solved :)

as a workaround, you could try and create config file in the same folder as the binaries and name it `homegirl.json`, then put the following in it

    "drives": {
        "sys": "./system_drive/",
        "user": "../../../Homegirl/user_drive/"
    "network": {
        "cache": "../../../Homegirl/network_cache/"
    "permissions": {
        "sys": 4294967295,
        "user": 65280

ah.. perhaps that could be it.. I'll look into it..

I just pushed out a minor update to Homegirl Pro.. I don't suppose that solves your issue..?

If not, maybe try running the debug version.. you can get it from github..

Hey.. sorry to hear about that..

are you running it from the app or straight from download? if you're using the app, try reinstalling Homegirl from it.. I had the same issue with the latest update, but reinstalling seemed to fix it..

if that doesn't work, maybe your config.json file is invalid.. open %APPDATA%\Homegirl\ in explorer and delete/rename config.json and try again..

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Post your comments, reactions, praise and disappointments here!

If you have any questions or problems, please create a new topic..

Posted to /r/artgames :)

This is def going on /r/artgames..!! :D

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If you're developing in TIC-80 and want some easier colors to work with, I made a bunch of monochrome/analogue palettes you can copy and paste into the console..

enjoy :)

what the heck..

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Awesome! Thanks! :D

beautiful game :)

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Simple yet effective.. I like that.. :)

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Beautiful game :)

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Beautiful :)

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beautiful game and music..

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I like these kind of games.. :)

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So simple and yet so entertaining :)

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Very interesting.. You can find some sense of commonality in pretty much any thought or idea.. :)

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What a weird game.. o_O

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Whoaaa... this game is so deeeep..! :o

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Such a nice thought :)

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simple little game with a good message.. :)

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Emily is Away Too community · Created a new topic Big fan!

Hi! I'm a big fan of your game :)

I've posted it to /r/artgames

Very interesting game.. gives a pretty good idea of what it's like to have depression/anxiety..

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for some reason the game starts outside my screen..

Thanks :)

The save feature doesn't seem to work either.. Nothing happens when I choose "Continue"..

I'm running the game from the app, if that makes any difference..

I think I've played most of the game now, but I seem to be stuck when I wake up next to the girl.. I can't get out of bed or advance the conversation..

powerful message, even though the controls are a bit confusing..

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Yea, I can somewhat relate to this..

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