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I'm so glad you appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to comment : )

Thank you for checking out the game and for your kind words!

We interviewed Nicolas and recorded an actual play of Facing the Titan, all of which can be found over at!

Truly felt like playing through a fairytale! Read the full review here:

This is such a delight to read and to play. Can't wait to see more games from you!

Wrote a brief review of it for our blog -

Thanks! The game is 10 pages including the cover. I'll work on getting some preview pages up soon.

Loved it! Read the full review here:

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Read it and loved it. Check out the review here:

And listen to our actual play here:

Hmmm they're hairy and like the dark, but not greedy or short. Also, dwarves love precious metals of all sorts but werewolves aren't fond of silver. 

Still...the comparison feels right...

What an elegant solution to many of the problems facing the exploration pillar of D&D! For a full review, head here:

Absolutely gorgeous game with so much potential for drama. For a full review, head here:

Such a fun game and I hope it gets the love it deserves! For a full review, head here:

We had an excellent time with this game! For a full review, head here:

Fantastic adventure! For a review, head here:

Can't wait to get this in print!

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Fantastic game that's not only fun but surprisingly useful to all GMs out there. Read our review here:

Loved this game! Read our review here:

We had a truly beautiful time with this game. Read our review here:

We had a blast reviewing and playing this game. You can find both here:

Actual Play:

This is a truly weird and wonderful zine. Read our review here:

There's so much fantastic stuff in this magazine! Read our review here:

This is such a fantastic game. I reviewed it here:

Any chance on some physical copies being printed soon? 

Excellent game!!! Read my review here:

Read our review for this wonderful adventure here:

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Check out my review of this great zine here: -

Love the game! Read our review of it here

Such a great game that I NEED to see as part of a game jam soon. Please make an SRD! 

Read our review here:

This is it, folks. This is the pinnacle of human achievement. Read our review here:

This is a clever, meaningful game that hit me surprisingly hard. Read our review here:

We recently reviewed this wonderful game for our blog. Read the review here:

What an absolutely lovely game. Read our review here:

Great game! Check out our review here -

Fantastic game! We just recorded an actual play (out 12/19/2020) and published our review today. I hope you like it -

Really cool game! I wrote a review of it on my blog, if anyone's interested-