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<3 glad you liked it!

Thanks a lot! Thanks for your feedback!
There seems to be a problem in the Windows version, unlike the macOS version. :(

Thanks for taking the time to reply. This will help us a lot.

I think the fact that I played this game for 2 hours says enough.

Great game!

The game was really fun! It would be really cool if you could jump to catch the chicken midair too.
I'd consider adding instructions/controls in your page. :)

Thank you for trying the game out! We appreciate your feedback!
We are sorry to hear that, the game should play normally with the player -occassionnally- being immortal haha.

What problem did you experience?

It so funny to get hyped about being a hero and then... well, "You're not that guy" haha.
It feels weird when you're on the other side.

Such a fun idea, the music choice is excellent!

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Thank you for your honesty. The truth is, the game does not play as intended in this version and we did not have enough time for a proper tutorial. :(
But thank you very much for trying it out!

The fact you managed to make an actual playable game in just two hours is insane. GGs! #teamgrass

I see someone was inspired by Sebastian Lague's procedural planets... Very cool!

That is exactly what a malware developer would say! hahaha

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Why does it say "Generally safeguard your life from deep psychological trauma", in the Greek example?

It's a little weird, haha :P
PS: the iota (ι) in Greek does not have the tiny dot over it like the English "i", but good writing nonetheless.

Incredibly fun and original puzzle game. I saw Mark play this on a livestream and I had to try it for myself.

Despite it not fitting the theme in an obvious way, it does make up by being incredibly polished. One of the top 20 games of this jam, easily in my opinion.

I'm practicing for the big leagues. Before you know it, lootboxes, skins and DLC galaxies will be in the game. XD

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Thanks a lot for your kind feedback! We'll take your recommendations into careful consideration.

This is really fun, and presentation is top-notch! Well done!

Awesome game. I could play this for hours.

We are happy you found the concept interesting! Enemy spawning is random around the player and has no current known issues. There are also no known issues with the Linux version.

If you were playing the tutorial level there is a single harmless enemy that you need to find and defeat to progress (usually spawns behind the player - towards to bottom of the screen). From there, the number and distribution is random.

I hope you'll have fun playing our little game! :D

This is known issue unfortunately. We didn't have time to optimize the game. We are sorry you could not experience the full game. :(

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Most of the things you mention ended up this way due to time constraints unfortunately.

We are happy you enjoyed playing it!

Such an original idea, very well executed. I find the red bricks a little annoying. Really catchy tune as well.

Holy smokes this looks awesome!

This is so addictive! Well done!

Thanks for playing the game! I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork. How could we forget about Linux? <3

Really fun, I love the music a lot. This could be fun as an RPG, you should polish it.

Also if you go to the bottom right, there's a small room where you can hide and block the entrance with your swords :P

I can see this being a lot more fun on mobile. Good job!

WebGL doesn't work on Firefox, but it works on Safari.

Incredibly fun game, very catchy music and a well executed idea. This is a cute mobile phone game I can absolutely see myself downloading. Well done!

Thanks for commenting! The camera is a known issue and it has to do with screen resolution and movement, which we plan on making a little more responsive.

On one of the levels the beat was irregular and could not be looped easily. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to remake the music or the music managing system. I hope the level is still enjoyable even with this small twist!

It’s very good to hear you enjoyed the art and feel of the game! Again, thanks for playing!

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Thanks a lot for the comments! We had a lot of fun experimenting with the old-school / neon / vaporwave artstyle.

Movement is a bit quirky, indeed. It was intended to give a slightly realistic loss of drag feel to movement, but it seems most players enjoy a finer more direct control of their ship, myself included!

We are extremely happy you enjoyed it! We’ll try to update the game after the jam ends!