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Ráchel Plutón

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thank you so much! I just uploaded a new update

thank you so much!


thank you for making this! <3

Thanks so much! I wanted to capture how it feels to fall asleep. Great to learn how the experience evolved for you and that you had a peaceful time.

puissant! merci! les derniers mots me font bien réfléchir.

j'adore cette oeuvre sur ce sujet:

I've uploaded 2 new 1920 × 3840 px wallpapers. You can get all my backgrounds in high res here:

I've started a scrolling comic called KYEMUR that I'll be updating regularly. The general atmosphere is surreal and visually curious. The story is going to develop over time. You can find it at

I've made two new 3840 × 2160 px wallpapers. You can get all my wallpapers in high resolution here:

I've started making wallpapers as a regular practice and uploading the high res versions here:

YEEESS umbilical discord day is always a good day!! the writing in this one is my favourite yet.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 thank you so much for making this game!

perfectly disturbing, as always

thank you!!

I'm really glad it made you feel good! The tree angels are always here for you.

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Thank you, I really appreciate that! I wanted it to be a thought-provoking audiovisual experience and it's great to read that you feel that way.

Thanks for the thoughtful words!

♫ . ~ ° ` ’ *

you're welcome! I really appreciate that

perfect :D thanks!

thank you!

Really enjoying this, but on the page that starts with 'Pain is wrong', the text is cropped at the bottom of my screen and I can't advance.

really good

I made a short interactive collage for OST Jam Vol. 2:

I love your work.  Your writing and imagery feel grotesque, abundant, and closely relatable. The way you combine noise and softness is next level.

3421 is a document containing 8 drawings of prospective cosmoses. Name your own price:

I love the complexity within the images and the words make me think of the spider who lives just outside my door <3

J'aime bien ce zine ! Un thème qui fait réfléchir.

G L U E ‎‎M A R S H is a 6-page compilation of mixed media collages. You can download it for free :]

page 10 is eyeball heaven

Thanks for sharing your story! I completely agree  with your point of view.




Thank you! This comment was really good to read <3 I appreciate it!

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I've made a book of 34 photos documenting my 2013–2021 adventures, compiled (mostly) in the order I took them in. It costs $1 (or more).


I love the way you depict light and shadows!

Really appreciate  your educational take on OCD! Thank you for spreading awareness!

<3 <3 <3 Thank you! My favourite tracks produced by SOPHIE are It's Your Life and My Forever: 

Hello! I made a simple online museum for high-res images:

I built this site as an alternative to the alienation, image compression, and invasion of privacy that comes with mainstream image sharing networks.  I'm going to do the first update this week.

To apply, send

– download link(s) to your image(s)
– a few words about your work
+ optionally:
– text, links, and/or donation method for your page

to cheapfc[at]protonmail[dot]com


– PNG, JPG, or GIF
– maximum file size = 15 MB
– maximum 20 files per artist (for now)
– unlimited text and links

The site is updated once a week.
You can always submit new images to replace old ones of your choice.

This is really good!

I really liked the pacing. Great storytelling and funny too.