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Thank you Celta!

Thanks, Theo! I like you suggestion. Just keep playing it on aa bit of a lower volume might add to the franticness of it all!

You’re right, that was a bad bug! Fully agree. Glad it inspired you! Do ping us when you have something to show! I’m intrigued



I think we succeeded if you feel annoyed and happy at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

How did you beat me even though I MADE the game and played it for hours?

Can you imagine playtesting this thing for hours? Thanks for the comment!

Hey thank you for the nice words!

I think Wacky is indeed the best adjective for this game! Thanks for the deep review. So what you’re really saying is that the voice actor should become a coach? Interesting…

Hey, well done on building a full game end-to-end. You did more than most people who want to make games! I think it needs a little more time before it becomes fun to play, but you have everything you need: controls, object interactions, some code in there. Good job!

Hey, I could not really understand what was going on with all the cards so I stopped playing. I liked the art style!

Would you say the Voice Actor did a g-g-g-ooood job?

(Ok I should not try to imitate a sheep)

We hoped that would be the interesting bit of the game and by the end you would feel like you overcame the annoying controls. Sorry it did not work for you but thanks a lot for playing it and leaving your feedback!

You’re too kind!

Glad to hear it was funny, we hoped to hit the humor sweet spot ;)


Ha, thanks for the compliments! Glad we managed to balance the frustrativeness (is that a word?) well :D

Working on that one made us very… hungry

Really cool game! Didn’t survive my first winter because I had to figure it out and then winter was already coming! The strategy concepts are quite advanced for a game jam and I really dig the tiled art style. I like the mouse-overs for the information although I was a little bit puzzled at the start! Will play it some more now :D

I saw the game on Mark’s top-20, so congratulations on that! The concept is similar to my game but the execution is better in every single way imaginable: they visuals are nicer, the creatures cuter, more content, better balanced, there’s more to do (click and drag rather than just click). I am really learning a lot from this so thanks!

Yesterday you left a comment at my game I can’t for the life of me understand why you were not laughing in my face! Your game is so much cooler. It stressed me out in a good way because you know it’s random if you are going to kill those ghosts or not. Especially when the party popper goes of five times in a row, then you don’t shoot for a full three seconds (which feels like three months) and then you shoot a bomb which goes through the ghosts!

Another hilarious moment was when the gun shot both a bomb and a normal bullet within seconds of each other, causing the bullet to ricochet off of the bomb into my face. I was not even mad it cost me a life. It’s my own fault for picking up that cursed gun.

Now I understand why you advised me to add music. It fits the scared/stressed running around while still being cartoony perfectly. The game looks really polished and I dig the art style. Your whole page is very polished. Thanks for allowing me to play the game. Had a lot of fun!

Thanks for the kind words :)

I can imagine that would help. Will add it!

I am very highly motivated to add some more features to this.

The level/screen size issue is already on my backlog because I completely agree with your point.

I had not considered replacing the time at all and this is a brilliant idea. The idea of the timer was that rent was due at that point, but I could definitely represent that better (with the landlord kicking down the door screaming for money or what not). But I like your idea more as it shows how silly it is if you plant your house/garden full of mushrooms! Thanks for that suggestion, I’m going to work it out further. Also the comments of your imagined neighbors are hilarious.

Will add music. I completely forgot about it.

Oh my. I’m sorry I put you through that experience! The game is already fairly frantic with a mouse so I can’t imagine using a trackpad. I’ve added fullscreen support to the post-jam backlog because indeed that would make it much more playable.

I really like your suggestion. Maybe I’ll add it as a power-up or in a more relaxed game mode / puzzle mode. Thanks!

The red highlight worked for me!

Oh dear. Sorry for wasting 20 seconds of your life! I’ll make sure to add it in a later version, as it’s a simple fix that will prevent some ragequits. Thanks for the compliments!

Thanks for the kind words! It didn’t work on my phone yet, but I can imagine it would be fun to mash away at mushrooms with both thumbs/index fingers (however you roll!).

Maybe making the mushrooms a bit bigger so my thumbs can actually hit them xD I’ll see what I can do, Skibur!

Hi Pole. This is some really great feedback! I could not figure out how to enable full-screen play in the game, but definitely will like into it some more so that the mushrooms are a little bit bigger. Glad losing is as much fun as winning :)

Glad you liked it! I hope losing in this game was not too frustrating because of the randomness (I know I was when I lost to my own game haha!)

Thanks Cap’! I wanted to add more mushrooms and a shop for items to help you manage the farm, but I did not have the time. However, I did not think of having special properties in my gardens, which would make each level more unique. It’s going on the backlog. I’ll keep you posted if it inspires something!

It’s perfect. I’ve put Bosca Ceoil on my todo-list because creating background music easily is definitely something to work on for me. I’m not going to put it in right away during the jam review period, but afterwards I’ll update it with your tune. See you around!

Your comment made me physically laugh out loud. Thanks for taking the time!

Haha I had a blast with this game. Let’s get the obvious things out of the way first: the art is perfect, it’s cute yet eerie. The music really created the “you’re alone in space” ambiance that gave me goose bumps.

The game mechanics are as clunky as a triple pendulum! This is the first game I’ve played so far where it’s a good thing. It fits with the “omg you need to crew an entire ship by yourself and by the way space jelly fish are out there to eat you” vibe. As opposed to most clunky controls, there’s an actual learning curve here, where at the end I was piloting my ship and myself with my blaster while simultaneously using it to do actual blasting those monsters to regular jelly.

Thanks! I’m sure the current situation has influenced the idea indeed. Thanks for the compliment :)

That is so sweet of you. I would absolutely love that. I have no clue where I would even start to make some music!

Absolutely agree that you nailed the physicality of it so keep that in!

The moment I saw the art I knew I wanted to play it. The whole presentation is just terrific: the UI, the pixel art (love the dithering of the walls), the music and sound effects. Even the small movements the characters make when interacting are spot on. The game itself is a lot of fun, the learning curve is nice. Like a good puzzle game, it first tricks you into thinking you know the answer, then there’s the catch and you have to rethink your strategy. Love it! It does not quite fit the theme in my opinion. I would have paid some money to play this game! (if I knew it’d be this much fun beforehand)

I stopped playing after a while because the game gave me a headache I’m afraid. All the walls are clipping, lighting changes all the time and rotation is very coarse. I couldn’t get into the first robot and it would attack me. For the second robot, I could control it but I couldn’t blow it up like the game suggested, so I just gave up because if the first minutes of the first level don’t work, I don’t have a lot of hope for the rest.