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Really neat little puzzler! Love the sprites for the lil fellas, love the reset button. Reminds me a bit of some parts of Patrick's Parabox!

Neat game! I liked the boss battles and the little details, eg the !!s on the character, the crab lurking out of the playable area, the fishing line reel, etc. Saw your last dev log - sorry to hear things have gone so rough for you! Definitely know the feeling...

Neat! Very tough, but a fun and surprisingly intuitive concept :)

Hey, glad you're enjoying it! You should be able to redeem a Steam key for the game from, and I believe the save data should transfer between versions.

Thanks! :)

It'll teach you to build a CPU! :)

Aw, thanks! My own computer architecture class in college was where I got the idea :)

Great dust particles! :)

Glad to hear it! :)

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue! The issue you posted isn't Steam-related, as far as I know - it's complaining about a missing SDL library, and SDL is its own separate thing.

I unfortunately have no access to a Linux system I could use to debug, but has discussion of an issue that looks very similar. You could try ignoring the steam-related parts of those instructions and just using the "export LD_PRELOAD" parts?

I'm also informed that the game runs well under Wine, for whatever that's worth.

Oh, I definitely know it made a lot of people unhappy! It's the #1 complaint people made about the game, and if I'd known that coming in, I would have done things differently - put more work into the plot to justify it, rearranged the levels to keep parts being introduced more consistently, just had more superfluous parts included in levels...

It's something I've taken into account in my next game (Manufactoria 2022), for sure. I do want people to enjoy my games! This frustration just wasn't something I ever anticipated or saw in playtesters.

Glad you're liking it! :)

Really sorry to hear you didn't like the game! The restricted set of components in some levels are intended to explore the possibility space of the mechanics and to provide more variety in the puzzles, and even simplify things in some cases. I hope you feel less stressed soon!

Glad you're enjoying it! Good luck with the cows :)


Thanks for coming into the Discord the other day! Hope you had fun.

For future reference, if anyone else sees this, the answer was "~/Library/Application Support/Silicon Zeroes/community/".

Really glad you liked it! :)


Right now I'm focusing on Windows + OSX. I'd like to do a mobile release of some kind some day, but it'd be quite a lot of work to change all the UI, etc, so I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

Thanks for the excitement! :)

Copy-pasting and the 'palette' system are designed to let you re-use solutions between levels.

I really wanted an entire solution to be visible within a level, not hidden inside a link or a composite module or something like that.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the game! :)

Sounds right :)

Sorry about the trouble! I don't have a Linux machine set up to test with, so it's hard to get all the issues like this sorted out. Thanks for giving the tip for others!

Haha, I can try to ask your professor nicely :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review - I think that's very fair.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

I'm really glad you had a good time! :)

Thanks, that's really nice of you to say!

There are a few in the official discord: . I'm not sure if there are any elsewhere, but I'd love to know!


Ah, Cows is supposed to be quite a bit harder than everything else up to that point. It's totally optional!

(Also, please don't call things 'retarded' as an insult. I'd appreciate it.)

Really sorry to hear you had a bad time! I certainly wasn't trying to create an impenetrable wall. Do you remember what puzzles gave you particular trouble?

I've been informed that the problem was . I've implemented the suggested fix, so people should be able to buy the game again. Please comment here if not and I'll talk to support again.

Once again, many apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks! So far I've gotten no response from itch support, but hopefully they'll get back to me soon.

That's extremely strange. claims that I haven't had any purchases in months, and I definitely haven't gotten any money from them, so something seems very very broken. I'm going to contact the site admins.

I'm enormously sorry for the inconvenience!