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hello and thank you! I tried to do the best I could in the time I had, and the details of the controls, in the future I will make a tutorial or something that indicates the controls that should be used, in addition to an option to choose the types of controls that the player will use, and you can leave it alone and I will continue to produce the game, I have big plans for this one! Thanks again for playing. I'll check out your game later!! 😉


▪I used this connection between jumping and speed as a way to bring variety and complexity to the player's movements, when you're going to jump, it's not just a jump, several things you have to take into account.

 ▪The more vertical level design is already being added in the game phases, unlike what I could do in this version, it will work in layers, like you have the top path which is the most difficult and which will make everything for you to go down or falling from it, there is the middle one that most players will end up falling on where there is a balance between platform and exploration, and the bottom one where there are paths more with slower platforms and less linear. 

▪Yeah, I know, I had a lot of ideas that I ended up not implementing in the final game.

 ▪I'm already writing the story and you can be sure it will be relevant, if there's one thing I always strive for, it's bringing a good script to the games I make. 

▪And the enemy is a bug that I forgot to remove in the final version 😅...

thanks! It really is, this year I couldn't follow the way I wanted the theme of the jam, who knows next year, as for the physics I did it with that same objective, I wanted the player to have to master the controls and layout of the level to be able to move in the phase, so the more you master the controls in the more areas you access and the faster you pass, the art in general I am happy to hear that it was good, in the future I will release a version that has at least two phases to be able to have an idea how the game is going to be and the plot, etc, and to finish everything I used to make the game was the game maker + an application to create music from the playstore + my brain.

thanks, different from my other main game, this one i tried to make it more focused on the pixel art style without a lot of details to look more like retro games and also because it would be faster to make in two days, in terms of the looping mechanic , it really is a great idea, it just needs more development and exploring creative ways to put it in the levels.

yeah I know, and I tried to focus more on making the physics work right a lot of ideas I had like: him having a movement that he glided with his ears, or one that rotated for a certain amount of time, but I had to remove those abilities from this version, because, it was bugging the whole game, but who knows in the future.

I know, I didn't have time to do everything I was planning, so I try to focus more on making the base of the game so that... it could be playable, more certainly using its base to create a future release that really is an interesting game.

the link was blocked😅... that's it! just click on download above the images, at the top of the site and play.


very cool your game man! the simple design helps not to get lost on the screen and the colors are very well placed with the colorful background in contrast to the dark scenery, and I really liked the screen flip that the game gives, however, I really missed a progressive speed

 example: the ball starts slowly and gradually accelerates 

and also another tip: 

you have to leave a type of reward for the player, like, for your game I indicate a record system there every time you start the game it will be written how far you went.

 Other than that I really liked it and it's quick and simple it just needs to add more things. unfortunately I have nothing to give, but I wish you good luck, keep improving and you can go far!😉

I really liked the art style and the visuals, the sound effects do the job of representing classic arcade games, and the music fits perfectly with a slightly fast paced to give the impression that at any time the player can die, giving a slight pressure on the player, In short, great game!

cool game, i loved the design and ambiance of it, so i got confused when it came to the controls but apart from that i really liked the project

thanks ; ^) I'm glad you liked.

Sure ;^)

thanks =^)

yes, I was (and am) thinking of making a game that would mix the speluncky idea of going to the bottom of a place making choices with a little minecraft like building mini stations for improvements, etc using materials from the sea, but for now I'll go work on the main controls and mechanics of the game.

thank you, and the problems in controlling the character I had noticed but as there was no time for a fix as I had to design the stage, I couldn't improve the moves but now that the jam has passed I will prepare an update more carefully to this game.

Ok potencial game réviewer =^° i Will make my better to fix the problems but until this thank you for everything

very cool the game the mechanics are simple to learn more difficult to master the only problem I found was that the ship could not get the gas canister.

 hello I'm playerxty and today I was looking for some to analyze and I found yours so let's go.


the graphics are great since the proposal is similar to the classic games.


except for some errors in the collision mask (the player holds the wall) the rest is fine. 

level design: 

well he is average because he is successful in using the player, but he has much more creative ways of using mechanics.

 main problem: 

FEEDBACK knows that time when you are playing mario and you are attacked by an enemy the mario automatically flashes and is small indicating that he took damage the same valley when he catches the mushroom. I think this is missing in your warning to the player what is happening for example the first time I played the game the only collectible that I noticed was the diamond due to its more blue color that stands out in the scenery but the rest for example the plant of life I went straight because both the character and the plant did not react or demonstrated that something happened I think that a green '+' effect after you took it already solved the problem. other than that I really liked your game 🖒


Thanks ;^)

hello ,someone need's a level designer or 2d.

if anyone is interested here an example of my work

Thanks ;^) Glad you like,and if you would like to play multiplayer only press "W" in the keyboard and the player 2 will get into the game

Thanks,every bug or ideias please tell me your opinion its inportant and good game ;^)

try now playerxty#8466

In my discord doesn't have any request try to sent again



Now the game are perfect 👍

Hello, how are you ;^), I was looking for a game for analysis today and I remembered that I was due to see your new update for a while so I played and came as always to give some tips and show the defects and successes I found. 1st level design of the mechanics: starting with the defects, what was most uncomfortable was the level design, I realize that you have immense creativity and you are great to have original ideas, seriously the idea of the thorns that reach the jump was so original that I even modified it a similar one for my game, the problem I see is that you don’t present these ideas a perfect example and the white stage with a few eyes there. imagine someone who has never played a game she would easily give up on her game. Just imagine a teacher spending a homework on albert austin for the next day, but he taught us who albert austin, certainly the courage to do this homework would drop to zero since you would have to analyze, research, understand (understanding is important ), to do your homework, now tell me if you could choose between doing the activity or playing on your beautiful computer which one would you choose :^ what's missing and you first teach how the mechanics work and then put the player's learning to the test and, I said too much again: ^} I'll be more summarized Other than that I liked everything else the armor you get encourages you to zero the game, the stages are creative and diverse, I was stuck in the arrow stage. ready :^° I really liked this update and I'm excited to see the ending. And I came to take this opportunity to say that I will analyze if I can help you on the soundtrack (I do not confirm anything) because I was studying music for my game and I saw that you need it so I will see here 👍, now I'm done.

yeah here


hello I was thinking about participating in the gem so I see your message. well .... I don't have a specific ability in you because I do all the functions in my games, but I always liked to create game plots, if you interest , i can create his plot.

Example most recently of my work

hola, le eché un vistazo a esta nueva actualización, es guau el juego ha mejorado mucho desde la primera versión, los gráficos han mejorado mucho, me gustó el protagonista y la cámara funciona cuando saltas, el diseño de nivel es bueno creo que podrías echarle un vistazo , la jugabilidad fue la parte que más me molestó, más específicamente el salto entre plataformas. Creo que esto es muy "perfecto en píxeles". como desarrollador para resolver el problema, haría: 1 ° aumenta la velocidad de movimiento de izquierda a derecha o 2 ° aumentaría el salto. y que perdón por la demora para analizar tu juego estos días estaba ocupado actualizando mi juego, pero ahora estaré atento a las próximas actualizaciones; ^) así y eso, buena suerte en tu juego es adiós

hello, I took a look at this new update, it’s wow the game has improved a lot since the first version, the graphics have improved a lot, I liked the protagonist and the camera work when you jump, the level designe is good I think you could take a look at it , the gameplay was the part that bother me most, more specifically the jump between platforms I think this is very "pixel perfect" as a developer to solve the problem I would: 1 ° increase the speed of movement from left to right or 2 ° would increase the jump. and that sorry for the delay to analyze your game these days I was busy updating my game, but now I will keep an eye on the next updates

; ^) so and that, good luck in your game and bye

Ok 👍 and thanks

I'm a little more distante ,i am brazilian