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Playable Creatures

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Love your game. Note 10 of 10.

Unsung Warriors at 25:40.

Hi Chentzilla! We’re glad to know that Argos’s personality is showing through his design. As for his walk, our purpose is not to convey a natural walk, but an angry, rigid march instead, also reflecting his personality. Sadly, we are aware that, due to schedule and technical constraints, we won’t be able to enrich the animations with a lot of “drags” and “follow-throughs”. 😕 However, we are focusing on keeping the main idea preserved, even though details are being left out, and we believe this can be adequate do the character’s size relative to the screen on gameplay. We hope you will find this all makes sense considering the concept and limitations of our project. Thanks a lot for you feedback, we really appreciate it! 🙂

Nice game! Continue the work guys.

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New mission available.

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Playable Creatures - Lionel The Guardian - cover

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This Help?

using Manjaro Linux, Full updated. KDE desktop and GPU Intel.

Hi, I downloaded the game and it looks very promising. However, I can not play due to the fact that the text is not rendered correctly. I can only read the main menu, but the texts in play are almost impossible. I'm using the Linux version.

Hi everyone! We are Playable Creatures and this is our game:

You play as Lionel, a giant that was banished from his tribe and adopted by a group of gnomes. He needs to help them by becoming the guardian of their village. However, it's necessary to go through a series of challenges.