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Thank you for your judge and you like it , i have no idea why does it off topic, not support controller,or not rpg game?  i can  submit an another game i am working on,it is a Metroidvania  style game with some rpg elements .the question “how do u punch in beat em up”mean  you want to know how i made this game or what else ?forgive me of my poor English 

I'm appreciate you like this demo,I have been busy making this project,  soI have not updated this project in itch,everything is going well,  I have uploded a new gameplay video about recently progress,I may need more time to create content, including more levels, enemy design, and boss battles. I think I think we can communicate more about  game Designing  

join this server :

Sorry,man ,  I am not familiar with game maker yet.

OK , But you can't send it to others or spread it on the internet,If you need to communicate, you can join this server

I have sent you , please check 

ok , I Can send you a copy to your email , would you like to give the address  

Where are you from?

Thank you, but I don't have an international credit card. If you like, you can simply register  a payal account.

yeah , There are infinite levels in theory

I hid him because I used some unauthorized art resources until I replaced them. I will spend two years to complete the game. Please pay attention to the follow-up updates.

Sorry, I can't port it to an engine I am not familiar with.

Yeah,please come to this discord servebeat em up

 I really should do some tips in the key object position. In front of the computer, you should press the W button to trigger the dialogue. He will give you a coordinate, the broken drop, the transfer point, and the save point. He can You send it to that coordinate position, (this demo support save like metoird)  ,I really hope that you can spend some time to continue playing, because there are two bosses and skills to collect and a ending for demo behind.thank you 

I like the minimalist pixel art style of your game. The level is very delicate and hard, but it keeps me trying and trying. It reminds me of the super meat boy that can be  simple platform jump To create an infinite number design of possibilities, it would be better if you could increase the player's chances of making faults in the level design. I hope you can continue to update your game.

yeah , thank you  a lot this is Ryan's page ,  I am very appreciate  that he can compose music for the game.

Of course, I am sure that I will read the topic of JAM carefully in the future and consider whether my work is related to the theme. It is because I only recently learned that itch has the function of participating in JAM, so I want to try it. I did not expect it to be regrettable. Things, but this gave me a lesson,And, I apologize for my mistakes.

it's only one day left,please give me some help

I also encountered the same problem, but now I am participating in a metroidvania Jam, I spent a lot of time on that project, I guarantee that this game is a real type of Metalidvania, but now it can not be submitted, please give me some help, thank you

I also encountered the same problem, but now I am participating in a metroidvania Jam, I spent a lot of time on that project, I guarantee that this game is a real type of Metalidvania, but now it can not be submitted, please give me some help, thank you

I think my account has been marked because I submitted a lot of Jams before, but I guarantee that the game submitted this time is definitely a type of Metalidvania. We spent a lot of time and energy on it, and my friends and I really hope. Please join me for this Jam, please give me some help. Thank you.

If you want it to work on the Windows platform, you can modify some of the code in the“Player” script and change some code for the input to what you want.

please switch the platform in build to android, this is for android, then you will see the button and stick on the screen

Excuse me,did you mean attack?

Thank you you like it,In fact, I uploaded the project package for this game. If you open it with unity5.5, this is the final version and the sound is added.

HI,Ryan, go Discord😃

Absolutely,I will add your name to my team in this jam even in the game like "sound effect by RyanUdairam" ,and your page link。  I am so appreciate you can participate. 

I think next,we should discuss how to cooperate effectively to better adapt your music to the each scene in the game. for example Main menu  ,Boss Battle BGM,and sound effect and  so on.

do you have any good advice?

you Mean Credit  is License fee?

 Forgive me  I have a pool english 

hi! good job , I really like you works, i am working on a nes style metroidvania ninja game if you  take  a look so Can you help me to create some stuff for this game like main character .etc

yeah, I like that ,so  let's talk about"credit" , I NEED sound effect as well.

Cool,So how do we start to cooperate?

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the following video is the gameplay of my metroidvania game ,has NES Style pixel art ,so  I need if you can create Bit-tune for it?

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