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pretty cool

Really fun puzzles!

August 21, 2018 UPDATE:

  • Added golem enemies.

August 18, 2018 UPDATE: 

  • Added various bug fixes.
  • Improved the boss' collision detection and attack patterns.
  • The house in stage 1 act 1 can now be entered, stage 1 act 1 now has a checkpoint.
  • Aqua's life system now allows him to have less than 1 life.
  • The game over screen has an updated graphic.

Its inspired multiple games. Mega Man, Toki, Super Mario, and Adventure Island.

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August 7, 2018 UPDATE: 

  • Flashing effects when attacking have been replaced with solid colors instead of transparency.
  • Aqua now becomes orange when using the hot pepper.
  • The second act of stage 1 has a checkpoint right before the boss.
  • Title cards have been added to each level, as well as a "thank you for playing" screen at the end.

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JULY 31, 2018

  • Added various bug fixes.
  • Updated the look of the boss HP bar.
  • Added some variation to boss attack pattern.
  • Added bat enemies on cave level.
  • Added small changes to various stage layouts.
  • Life icon now smiles when you gain a life.
  • The player can now crouch.

The gameplay is addicting! Love it!

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JULY 14, 2018: Added a twinkle animation when certain items are collected, added a parallax object to the foreground of the grassy plains stages, fixed some collision glitches, added a score system, and the old man now blinks and faces your direction when near.

Really cool! I love the pixel art animations!

JULY 5, 2018: Changed the title screen, added a screen shake when the player is destroyed, and added a 4th level.

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JUNE 18, 2018: Added mobile controls when played on a mobile device, added bug fixes, and extended the display size of the game.

Thank you for trying my game out!

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MAY 27, 2018: Changed the controls to the ASD  and arrow keys, the character can now run, added a dust effect every time the character lands on the ground, and added moving platforms.

Love the art style!

I love this game!

Pretty cool rpg! Needs more animation tho.

Very interesting concept and color scheme!

Thank you so much!

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MAY 16, 2018: Added bug fixes, elongated the first stage, and added rough draft versions of additional parallax scrolling backgrounds.

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MAY 14, 2018:
Added a fire element power up, added an HP bar for the Shark boss, added collisions to various background objects, added a 2nd grassy plains stage, and improved the swimming segments of the beach stage.

Hey I'm PKtora, 

I'm a graphic designer who recently got into game development for fun via the construct 3 engine. I'm working on a run n' gun platformer called Aquacat, and whole project is an excuse for me to get good at pixel art, lol.

woah thanks!

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A Cutesy Run n' Gun Platformer

 Hello! This is a demo for my first game project, AquaCat. The idea for this project came from a character design, which became apart mock screenshot for a fake game, and now this! At the moment I am learning how to use the Construct 3 engine as I'm going  along with the project. The end goal is to develop a polished platformer that is rich in gameplay and story. Try the demo using the link below!

MAY 2, 2018:
Added improvements to the stage 1 boss fight, and modified the stage 2 layout.

Thank you!!!