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What percentage of those viewing your store page download the asset(s)?

Thank you for that :D
In regards to the tagline of "Blend between Tower Defence and RTS" I wanted to give a good faith description of what the gameplay was like so its a bit more clear to those seeing it whether they'd be interested in the game. But yeah, that would probably drive people away from clicking who aren't already interested in those genres.

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I've been keeping an eye on the analytics for one of my projects that is currently performing quite well. Since this is the first time a project has received so much attention, I'm still learning how to interpret the stats. Now I know that a great CTR is something around 2-3% or higher. However, the ideal percentage of views that convert to downloads is less clear. Right now, my project (which can be downloaded for free) is getting around 0.34 downloads per view.

This is probably highly variable and dependant on a lot of things but I'm interested to know what is considered 'ideal'. What values are you getting on your projects?

OooOOoo! This is a very well-designed game. The different mechanics introduced with each new element were really fun to use. I also loved how each zone hints at the behaviours and weaknesses of the bosses.

Unfortunately, I encounterd a few game-breaking bugs in the desert temple that prevented me from completing the game. One is the pot boss kept stalling after the pot smash phase (maybe becasue I didn't deal any damage when I was suppsoed to). And when I finally defeated it, I somehow died at the same time as picking up the crystal and coudn't do anything.

Reloading the game put me back to the start of the temple with all progress in the level lost. When I went through the temple again, I got the two keys and went to unlock the double doors, but only one key was inserted and it just stayed like that with no way to progress. Maybe this occured because I was pushing on the thumbstick while the door opening sequence was playing?

But regardless, I still enjoyed the time I had playing. Nice work, Spicy Lemon. OooOOoo!


It's pretty well done. The music was nice and the game was easy to learn and follow. In particular, I enjoyed how the game introduced a new way of finding adjacent blocks with each level, which makes the increase in difficulty feel meaningful. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete level 5 as sometimes there were too many changes per step for my brain to figure out.

One thing I'd suggest for the future is to show the colour of the tile underneath the red X marking which tiles the player missed, making it easier to tell where they went wrong. Showing a step-by-step history that the player can flip between would be nice as well.

Probably my favourite game in the Jam! How did you achieve this effect in GameMaker?

Can't figure out how to get to the garage. Controls are not clear either.

Very enjoyable game. Loved your take on the 'one bullet' concept.

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Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough.

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Thank you for taking the time to play, and even better, analyse my game. I really appreciate your effort.

I ran into many issues during the development of this experimental puzzle game, which I developed during a course in game design. Most of the issues were relatively easy to fix but one problem remained - having an intuitive rotation mechanic. The issue that you raised had also been raised multiple times by others who helped my playtest NABOKOS. Unfortunately I could not find a fix that created interesting gameplay while also being intuitive to play. 

One of the options was to have the magnet rotate in the direction of movement. This was a simple solution but seemed odd having the magnet constantly turning. It also didn't make much sense in context as magnets were not living 'characters' that turned in the direction of movement. It seemed much more interesting to have the magnet turn automatically due to the magnetic attraction from the blocks/crates.

My final solution was to give players the option to rotate the manually in case they have issues with this mechanic. I wanted to ensure, however, that this was a treated as a 'Dark Souls Easy Mode' and wasn't intended in the original spirit of the game.

I can understand the frustration you experienced while playing and apologise for it. The mechanic works as follows: The magnet, while turned on, will always rotate towards the nearest crate from the centre of the magnet. If two crates are equal in distance, the magnet will rotate towards the crate that requires the shortest path of rotation. Note that the magnet rotates instantly and the animation is purely visual.

It's one element of bad design that sticks out like a sore thumb but since I couldn't discover a solution, I decided to be bold and release it as 'early access and experimental'. One good  thing that came out is that this mechanic encourages experimentation

Excellent game. Bit too mush for my terrible hand-eye co-ordination though.

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I really enjoyed playing through this game. That black orb really caught me off-guard, interesting mechanic!