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Nice simple game! Really liked the art style, don't really know why this game doesn't have more reviews.

It's very simple, but at the same time you added: an exit button, sound effects, a control guide IN-GAME, etc etc. I know it sounds like basic stuff, but I wanted to point all of that out because sometimes the most ambicious games forget all of these core features! and get lost implementing other stuff..

I'm sure that with more time the game could have become more complex, but I think it's cute, simple and fun as it is. Congrats with this one! Hope you get more ratings before the time ends :)

Really struggled to mess with everyone without being caught, but I finally drove our bussiness to bankruptcy :') 

The only thing I think I can give feedback on is that on the last few moments of the game, the chaos meter moved really slow, so it took me a while to beat the game.. but I had a lot of fun doing so! so it's not really too much of an issue :)

Congrats on your jam submission! I'll make sure to drop everyone's laptops to the floor when we return to office so I can see all of our desks catch fire

Katamari is one of the best examples of chaotic games and you made a terrific game with the concept! Its funny you mention that thankfully the game was easy to code, but give yourself some more credit hahaha props to you because you made a very polished game! 

I am definetely going to check PSXEffects after this, your game looks beautiful.

Even though you state on your game page that you struggle with level design, I think the level design on this game was just fine (so go easy on yourself!) and you did a fantastic job :)

The only thing I can think of that would make this game even better is to add some physics to the rolling ball, you know go faster on slopes and all that.

Congrats on a great game! (232180 was the best I could do!

Loved the art, the music, the gameplay, only nice things to say about this game.

I think my favorite thing about this submission is that you managed to give the "endless waves of enemies" type of game an interesting twist. I was really surprised when I noticed you could even unlock new foods. This is insanely polished for only a week of work :) congratulations on one of the best submissions for the jam I've seen. 

As a side note, I thought it was hilarious that the character is an elderly person and all of a sudden I'm told I can use a grappling hook to zoom through the tutorial hahahaha. Loved your game!

"pls send help"

Couldn't get past week 7! The timer went red and ran faster so I was pretty much toast after that. My only real critics are the music which admittedly becomes too repetitive for my sanity (although I can see that as intentional, but its really really repetitive it was driving me nuts! hahaha) and there were some layering issues.

Had fun, would've prefered for the difficulty to scale faster for a more difficult game, but I really enjoyed the last seconds of the game when I really struggled to keep up with all the paperwork! One comment suggests adding different deadlines for the papers, perhaps you could make some of the documents 'URGENT' so you have to prioritize them.. I think any of those ideas would be a great additions to this!

Congrats on your submission! :) 

THIS GAME NEEDS MORE RATINGS! easily one of the most polished games of the jam, beautiful visuals and music.

I'll be honest by saying that at the beginning I triggered a bug where if u place an urn on the totem during the explanation, I wasn't able to place any urns on the totem during the tutorial level, so that confused me a bit and forced me to restart the game.

However right after that, I played the game all the way through the three levels and at first I didn't think there would be too much chaos, but by the 7th bone I picked up I stood corrected. It was very fun and I really really enjoyed it.  

I hope to see this game getting the recognition it deserves. Absolutely loved it.

Talk about stunning visuals! Really enjoyed this fast-paced shooter, reminded me of 'Ultrakill' (which I absolutely love) >:)

My only comments are that I fell out of bounds a couple of times due to extreme momentum (but returned to the map after a few seconds, so it was no game breaking issue), but I take that any day as long as I can enjoy fast-paced action like this game offered hehehe

Amazing job with this one! Congrats :)

Solid gameplay, visuals, and sound. I think difficulty scales well considering I got to levels with three crystals without feeling the game too unfair.

The only thing I can think of is that some explanation in-game would've been nice. At first I didn't return to the exit after mining the crsytal and thought the gameplay consisted on evading the falling rocks hehehe but a quick read from the game page got me through just fine and I really enjoyed your game. 

Nice work! :)

Nice short platformer! :) the wrong way segment took me by surprise, so that's always nice (grrrrrr xd)

For real though, would've loved to play a little more.. but we all made short games due to the game jam time limit so no worries >:) 

Solid work, great job!

This game deserves waaaay more ratings. Insanely polished for only a week of work! The only thing I can add is that on the first level before any skill its a little confusing to just move the boxes around... but its for a very short period of time and it eventually gets insane with all the new abilities!

I only have good things to say about this game. Great graphics, voice acting, minimum bugs, and overall a fun experience. Fantastic job :)

Up front the only thing that got me frustrated was that once I added a shield or a barrel I couldn't undo it. Also I got a little confused at the beginning of the game, but a quick read from the game page got me ready for an amazing game. 

Now for the praise. In my opinion the quality of a puzzle game is measured by how much I feel like a mad genius once I get to the solution. Not every puzzle game achieves this. This game (despite being done in only a week for a game jam) accomplished it incredibly. 

Hope you don't feel I'm being exaggerated, but I genuinely found it very challenging, unique and fun. Incredible game design on your part, you really bent my brain all the way to the last level.

Fantastic work. Hope to play another one of your games in the future :)

One of the first ideas my team and I had when deciding the core mechanic of our game, was switching between gameplay mechanics abruptly. In the end we opted for other ideas, but I'm very glad to find a game that applied that same idea we had and developed it in such a polished game. 

Really enjoyed it, got incredibly frustrated by a tight jump but the fact I kept playing to reach the final boss (which scared me at first, very spooky sprite) is a testament of the enjoyment and fun I got playing your game >:) 

Amazing work, congratulations! :)

The crash screen was just the perfect cherry on top, thankfully the QR code provided me with all the info regarding the error! >:)

In all seriousness, I think its a creative take on the shoot em up category! Congrats, solid entry for the jam :)

Very original concept! got very mad whenever any creature stood in my way but that's exactly the chaos I was expecting hehehe 

Really enjoyed my time with this one :) Great job!!

Super polished game, very impressive! At first I had a lot of trouble navigating the ship, but once I got the hang of it I found the concept very original. Maybe a little frustrating at times, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. Great job!

Wow is this game creative! I loved screaming at the monitor whenever the demonstration of the right path made slow turns "hurry up! im forgetting everything!"

Such a simple yet unique concept! Congratulations, one of my favorites of this jam :) 

Very very fluid gameplay! really enjoyed it

The only thing I can add is that I didn't feel too overwhelm by the number of tanks, I played for a long while and didn't feel too much difference in difficulty. However that's only a small detail, this is a very solid entry for the jam! Great job :)

This game is full of nice details, love it!

The art style gave me big flash game vibes, and I'm a sucker for those :) plus the intro + tutorial is on of those nice details that make the experience much more enjoyable.

This game has personality, you should update the game page to give it more color! Really nice job :)

Nice concept! I think the quick save think can be taken a bit further but I don't know if that would be to 'meta' hehe ... really enjoyed it and got many runs to continue upgrading my weapons (also found challenging not upgrading armor to be some sort of glass cannon)

really nice game and very complete for only a week being a team of one dev, huge props!!!

Nice one! and interesting choice for theme... also, you were not lying when you named the last difficulty impossible, its pretty nuts!

At first I didn't quite understand I had to touch the humans after shooting them to get rid of them.. but once I figured it out I had a pretty good time. 

Fantastic job :) 

We're very glad you enjoyed our game! Yes we are aware the game can be very unfair at times, listening to all the feedback I think some type of cue indicating the key change could be very helpful. 

Regarding the 'fixed' version of the game we thought it would be a nice addition for anyone who enjoyed the original version, as it pretty much only fixed a particularly hidden bug that made the last encounter unbeatable. We're still new to game jams and we'd seen other submissions do similar things, and didn't think doing something like this would be against the rules, otherwise we would not have done it. We thought (and encourage) that teams will rate our game based solely on the original upload. We're sorry if it wasn't the right thing to do, but again, we didn't know it was something that was frowned upon.

Thank you for sharing. Its funny because this is something so personal and yet, someone like me who doesn't know you at all and could be at the other end of the world felt as if he needed to see this.

I feel better. Really hope making this journal-like experience helped with your motivation (because it certainly healed mine).

I haven't rated a game higher than this one.

Wow, this game really did deliver! The biggest evidence I have for you that this game is great is that I felt really sad when I saw the 5 day summary, really wished I could play longer! 

Nothing beats the experience of having no time left, answering the phone and laugh histerically. Your team is very creative, loved every level.

The only thing I need to mention is that I had a bug where I couldn't look left or right, had to restart the game to get it working properly again. It only happen once, and after that I could experience the game as intended.

If this was a longer game and published on steam, I'd insta-buy it >:)

Hey everyone!

We are currently playing your games! thank you very much for posting and we'll take a look at all your games together as a team.

You can still post your games in this thread but we'll find time to play those later hehehe .. thanks again! 

Wow those guns are really detailed! pretty nice :) Would've appreciated a health bar, but I think not knowing my health exactly makes it more chaotic hehehe

Nice one!

At first we thought to leave it at colors, but a small idea to mix it up a bit turned out to be the whole mechanic in the final project. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And don't worry, I've had my eyes on your game for a while now ;)

I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :) We are aware that the game can be unfair at times D: (especially since we didn't have much time to playtest it and balance it), but knowing you went as far as to do your best and beat it warms our crocodile heart. Thank you very much.

(1 edit)

I know there are plenty of games to be found already, but my team and I will have a 'get together' to rate games and take turns playing! If you'd like to leave your game here for our list that would be awesome :) And please feel free to play and rate our game The King's Relic

Also! When you leave your game, leave a screenshot or a pic! Gives everyone a nice sneak peek of what's to come. Hope to see lots of games!

Thanks :)

EDIT: We are currently playing your games! thank you very much for posting and we'll take a look at all your games together as a team. You can still post your games in this thread but we'll play those later hehehe .. thanks again! 

Love when a game features voice acting. Found the end very funny! I think the way you present text by motioning the camera towards it is also very creative. Nice one!

Follow the relic's call! Hope you enjoy our game :)

That spritework took me by surprise! had fun spamming bombs :) also felt like I had a jetpack on due to the jump bug/issue ... but that didn't really matter since I thought it was pretty fun.

I'm very sad to hear about the loss of file before the game release, but then again more props to you for managing to deliver a playable game despite that catastrophe! I'd love to see the complete game as your team intended it to be.

My fingers are sore after this one! played it with some friends beside me and we had a great time, gets really chaotic near the end! At one point I mashed so hard I closed the tab and that was hilarious.

Maybe I can understand if someone doesn't enjoy the mashing aspect, but the 'direction' which you point the mashing towards (building up the breach, setting up firewalls and combatting the countermeasures) really makes up for it! Outstanding game and a really polished experience :)

Follow the relic's call! Hope you enjoy our game :)

Took me by surprise completely. Loved every detail and stepping on the broken keys was just pure genius! Just saw on the game page you even planned to alt+tab the game with the keys, if that was added my mind would've been blown even harder. 

One of my favorites so far, you need to make more :) and if you ever decide to pursue this idea and more features, I would love to try a longer version of it.

Congratulations, lots of praise completely deserved! (And your sense of humor is top of the line).

Man is this dark! I think most of us thought of chaos as something that takes control away from you... but being the one that brings chaos into the innocent lives of others, sends shivers down my spine! nice job, saw that you said on the game page that you might work on a better version of the game, please do so! would love to see the art style explored further since the tittle screen is great.

After killing some dudes I noticed the booty on the main character, gave me a nice laugh. Nice game!

Can you tell I enjoyed it? In the end I succumbed to chaos and got pushed to one of the sides of the map hehe

Reminded me of those 2d shooter flash games, always had a blast playing them and your game took me back to them.  Really enjoyed it, perhaps platforms could be a nice addition for more room to maneuver around the zombies. Great game!

Didn't read the description before starting so I stared at the banquet for a while... but once I read it and knew what to do I had a big ol' laugh! Don't think I've seen a similar idea developed (and so well polished too!) really enjoyed playing this game and was surprised to see that it even has multiple maps. Really goes to show that a simple idea can greatly shine by its presentation. Congrats! fantastic game for the jam :)

Absolutely loved this one... maybe I'm a little biased because I really like pineapples! just kidding xp

Really liked the fact that you feel chaos building up as more gates open (and the sounds of the bots increasing in number), I think this game does a good job pacing the difficulty curve! Also, im a sucker for this art style, so congrats on that too :)

When I got to the snipers I yelled a "WHAT! aww come on!" .. I think any game that makes me that invested to react like that deserves praise, and a place in my game jam heart. Great job! 

Awww thank you so much! Seriously you are very very kind, and I'm really glad you enjoyed my game. I'll make it my goal to participate in more game jams and start pushing projects here in .. this experience really hyped me up, and your comments made it even better :)

Also, congrats on your placement! definitely knew I'd see you at the top (:< hope to see you in another future game jam (or playing one of your games as a full-fledged published project someday!!) 

Felt a little spooked, like an astronaut seeing the planets from afar. Once I got over that, felt inner peace just experiencing our solar system.