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Yes the time constraint can be difficult. You managed to stick to and polish the core gameplay quite well.

Stamina, health, damage - I hope you find an immersive way to convey this information rather than slapping on a set of numbers in the corner of the screen.

When the tops collide, create some sparks or ripple like vfx; perhaps increase the vfx intensity depending on the level of damage inflicted.

Btw are the players meant to fight as many tops as possible? In nearly every round, I just moved around the ring waiting for the NPCs to destroy each other and then I took out the last one with ease.  

Playing again, I felt that it might be nice to have the default view slightly zoomed out so that a bit more of the ring would be visible, but not all of it (leave some room for "exploration"). To be honest, I felt nauseous a few times when I was going around the ring a few times. It might be worth a try to have the camera static, although I think it might affect the "action" aspect of the gameplay due to reduced camera activity. You could also give the player the option to zoom in and out, set camera to static or whatever. I guess playtests might help. You do you.

Good luck!

Hey CoolGamesStudio, 

I'm glad to know that you liked my game. Thank you for playing!

Nice concept, roughly decent execution.  It's nice that you set the player speed to a reasonable amount for a game like this.  After the first two or three levels, it got monotonous but I kept playing hoping something would change. I played up to fifth or sixth level and then stopped.

You may want to reduce the zoom/scale amount when rotating. It was a little annoying after the first minute. (The rotation speed is fine though.)

The border colour is too bright, straining the eyes. You may want to try something less saturated. 

You could reduce the monotonous feel by adding danger zones like spikes, or slowly increasing the player speed in each level, or some other thing that directly impacts the gameplay. 

Nice work!

Hey ThatAmuzak,

This is an interesting approach to the tower defence mechanic. 

I got  a score of 359.1 seconds.

I liked the way you positioned the rings, it is quite pleasant to the eye. I also liked that you avoided using the colour red on anything other than the things directly relevant to the player. 

The enemies were noticeable  due to the movement but it would probably be better if they had a distinct colour as well. 

The few pink trees on the right side did not really do much for the colour theme of the level.; if anything, they conflict with the red in turrets making the turrets slightly less noticeable. 

One other thing that I noticed was the timer last digit went into a second line some times. (I think it was the milliseconds)

Other than that, it' a cool game. Nice work!

Hey LaksamanaTyfoon,

I'm glad to hear that you too like the mechanic.
I will make necessary changes to make the game better enjoyable.

Thank you for playing my game and for your feedback!

Hey LaksamanaTyfoon,

This is executed pretty well. The controls and movement felt right. I like how the tops look with their cool colours and shapes with a touch of randomness. I also like the audio you chose for collision feedback. 

I could not tell whether this mechanic existed but I think it would be cool to regenerate the health when players move faster (Obviously, it needs playtesting to ensure balance in design.)

The pillar in the centre was a bit annoying as it blocked the view of a part of the ring, but the collision aspect of it is not bad since it affects the movement of player and NPC in a relatively good way.

I wonder how it would be to keep the destroyed tops on the ring for the whole round instead of deleting them from scene immediately. But don't make them affect the player's movement much, or at all. 

It's a lovely game, and with further polish, it can be better enjoyable. Nice work!

Hey johnnyx1991,

I'm glad that you were able to understand and use the mechanics well.
I will make necessary changes in the post jam version to make it better enjoyable.

Thank you for playing my game and for your feedback!

I cannot recall the last time a puzzle game made me laugh. The characters surely add a flair to the game and make it feel more immersive with context appropriate stories and comments. I like how you designated the game-relevant details to one NPC and the 'real life talk' to the other one- this helps with information comprehension.

I think each step (W,D) costs 0.5 second but rotating the board (Q,E) costs 1 full second. Was there any specific reason for this difference? Since there is a mode with time limit, I think it would be more fair, in terms of gameplay, to have both mechanics cost the same amount of time. Preferably less than a second.

When the "bomb" mechanic is used, the feedback needs to be better visible regarding which items were destroyed. I noticed a few flashes but it all happened too quickly, and I could not observe them all. To better convey this info, instead of delaying the explosion (which would mess with the time limit experience) you could highlight the newly spawned items for a second or two and then remove the highlight.

Nice work and good luck!

Hey hanion,

I hear you.  
I will make necessary changes to the difficulty level and convey the instructions better in the post jam version.

Thank you for playing my game and for your feedback.

I really like the extent you have gone to to make mechanics as clear as possible, that too in appropriate contexts. I also liked the idea with the movement mechanics, although it took me a while to 'drift' (like car 'drifting'; idk ship lingo) properly for better results. 

A few things that come to mind are-

When displaying the instructions, give a little more time gap before showing a text after another. In the first level where it says the sail follows mouse, I missed the text that the corner arrow is pointing wind direction. I noticed this text only when I finished the game and started the second time. In all of the first run, I thought the water waves were moving in the wind direction xD

Wind direction could be displayed in a more immersive way. You could try experimenting with the cloud movement, water movement, or some other particle effect, etc. but it should be very clear at all times. 

It feels a little counter intuitive to follow the arrow and head straight into land if the destination information is unclear. In the final level I noticed all the pirates grouped up. Then in the second playthrough, I realised that there were tiny sprites of pirates on all the islands. You should make it more obvious to the eye that the island is the target.

It's a very cool idea and the mechanics are fun. With further polish, it can be more enjoyable. If you make a post jam version, I hope you add more levels with diverse gameplay experience. Overall, nice work!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 
I will add better instructions in the post jam version and make necessary changes to make it better enjoyable.

Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback!

Hahah the last NPC seems to be having  a tough time xD

I'm really glad that you found it to be fun. I will make necessary changes in the post jam version to make it better enjoyable. 

Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback!

This is a really cool concept. I liked the feedback system and the audio/visual effects. I also liked that color filter on the shield and the bullets- it definitely added more variety to the gameplay experience.

Here are a few things that come to mind-

Let the shield rotate only with the keyboard inputs; don't rotate it when I move the mouse. Use the mouse only for aiming. (Generally, using fewer inputs for multiple mechanics is a good idea, but in this case, it is confusing and messing with the gameplay consistency).

Ship Movement
I could not figure out how or why the speed of the ship changed.
Regardless, it did not help much that the ship would move closer to the edge of the screen where NPCs would spawn and instantly shoot.  You could experiment and check how it feels to have the camera fixed on the ship and move it along with the ship. This way the players would always have a relatively wider view of almost all sides. 

Difficulty level & NPC
Too many NPCs spawned too quickly at the beginning. You may want to make the beginning a little less difficult.

You could set each NPC to have different bullet speed so that it would not be overwhelming when multiple coloured NPCs are on screen simultaneously. This could also help with better control over the difficulty level (the NPCs in the beginning  would have slower bullets) and you could use different combinations later to control the level of difficulty and variety in gameplay experience throughout the game.

I also recommend having the NPCs be taken down in three shots instead of five when colour filter is not applied. When there are too many NPCs on the screen, it gets unreasonably difficult when you need to shoot an NPC five times while also managing the shield.

My attention was fixed on the shield and the NPCs the whole time. I did not have the time to look at how many lives I had left. I would recommend implementing something closer to the ship to display this information.

Same goes for the Special Ability.  I did not even remember that I had that ability. You could add something closer to the ship to make it better visible. You could maybe try experimenting with the colour of the player ship, or add a glow to it or something else to convey the status of the Force.

Try something more visual focused rather than numbers for displaying these  two pieces of information.

I think the ship randomly rotated to 0degrees  on Z(?) axis and rotated back towards the aim. This happened twice, in different play sessions.

Btw I think you should add a different cover image for the game. The present one undermines how cool the game is.

Overall, it is a really nice game with super cool mechanics and juice. With further polish, it can be even more enjoyable. Great work!

(3 edits)

I like this game, it's fun. The movement felt almost great. Physics is challenging but not impossible. The level design is pretty good- it never felt repetitive, boring, or unfair. I like the feedback on the checkpoints- it really gets that "yay" feeling without breaking immersion. The way Banana "wiggles" as it spins really adds a lot to the gameplay experience (because Banana does not feel "boring" to look at).  

A few things that come to mind are-

1. When I played for the first time, I pressed D to go "right" as it felt more intuitive (because of the camera angle) but Banana flipped off the platform, leaving me confused. But when I realised that I needed to press W, I adapted quickly. (But I did press A, D out of instinct more than once in latter sessions.)

[If you decide to stick to the present control scheme, you could rotate the instructions at the start of the level so that the W would be rotated to the right side, in the appropriate direction., while A and D will be to the left and right like on the keyboard. This will convey which side the player will move on pressing which key. (personally, I recommend changing the control scheme to make it go right on pressing D )]

2. Visual depth needs to be better comprehensible. More often than not, the shadow is not very visible and I would slip off a platform because I did not realise that Banana was at the edge of a platform.

3. You may also want to reduce the overall brightness just a little bit. It may not matter too much for a short game, but if you decide to add more levels, it may be beneficial to reduce the strain on the eyes for longer.

Overall, it is a really nice game with cute and comical essence. Great work!

Go Banana!

I'm glad to know that you too like the mechanic!

I will make necessary changes in the post jam version to make it more enjoyable.

Thank you for the valuable feedback!

That's a lovely concept, and the execution is fairly decent. I liked the idea that you need to make use of the abilities to move around instead of walking and jumping. I liked that the NPCs were not too fast. I also liked the feedback on checkpoints- the trees growing. That was really immersive and super cool!

 It took me a while to comprehend how to effectively use the stretching mechanics . Also, I think when the character(s) fell off a platform, they just floated there, allowing me to rotate back up to the ground. Idk if that was a bug or not, but it did break the immersion a bit.

A few suggestions that come to mind are-

1. Set distinct and contrasting colours for Jack and Jill. Often it was hard to tell which was which.

2. Ease up on the difficulty curve.
a. Let the players get used to the mechanics before introducing enemy NPC. 
b. Instead of introducing both abilities at once, you could introduce one after the other, and then mix them both after a while. (but yeah it needs to be playtested)

3. It would be cool to have an option to manually switch between the characters (even when they are mid-air, so that the player would have better control. But yeah this needs to be playtested as well)

Overall, it's a super cool game, and with further polish, it can be even more enjoyable. Nice work, and good luck!

I'm glad that you enjoyed my game.

Thank you for playing and for the valuable feedback!

We'll get em next time! 

I will surely add some juice to the post jam version.

Thank you for playing my game and for the valuable feedback!

I'm glad that you like the mechanic.

I will make necessary changes to the difficulty curve in the post jam version.

Thank you for playing my game and for the valuable feedback.

(2 edits)

It was actually just one level. The difficulty increases as you try to reach the farther NPCs.

The control logic is similar to that of real life space vehicles- you go closer to the center and use the gravity to catapult yourself to the farther areas.

I will make necessary changes to the difficulty curve and provide better instructions in the post jam version.

Thank you for playing my game and for the valuable feedback.

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Yeah, thank you for the valuable feedback!

(1 edit)

I will make necessary changes to the difficulty curve in the post-jam version. 

Thank you for playing my game and for the valuable feedback.  

(1 edit)

I will make necessary changes to the difficulty curve in the post-jam version. 

Thank you for playing my game and for the valuable feedback.  

It's a nice concept, and the execution is roughly decent.

Few things that come to mind are-

1. It needs visual feedback when the ball reaches the target. Maybe make the bin glow/blink, or add some confetti, or something that will be very clear but won't distract the player too much.

2. Set different colours to the UI and the game objects. It took me a while to figure out that the bin thing was the target area for the balls. (Even though I read the description)

Nice work, and good luck!

Got a high score of 310.

It's a nice idea, and the execution is roughly decent. The projectile speed is good enough.

Few suggestions that I can think of are-

1. Each time the projectile colour changes, set that colour to the crosshair as well. This way the player won't need to constantly look back down every second or two.

2. Display the feedback sooner when a target is hit.

3. Since the main gameplay is occurring at the top of the screen, that's where the attention is, and thus, you could experiment with the health UI to make it appear somewhere on the top of the screen, perhaps as part of the rotating thing. (You could also see how the health UI looks if it is in circular shape, if you put it on top of the rotator)

Nice work, and good luck!

Nice concept, roughly decent execution. I liked that the planes randomly switched directions. It added a bit of a challenge. 

Few suggestions that come to mind are-

1. Let the planes shoot only after they are visible in the screen.

2. Start the game with slower airplanes. gradually increase the difficulty. (You could also assign specific behaviour patterns to each type of plane, kinda like the ghosts in Pacman)

3. Reduce the frequency at which the planes are firing, at least for some of the planes. If possible, you could add dynamic difficulty where they shoot fewer bullets when the player has lower health.

4. Add power ups where if you shoot certain types of planes, you get specific type of bullets or abilities. (or implement the power ups in some other way that you think works)

Overall, it's a nice game and has good potential. Nice work!

(2 edits)

Fun idea. I liked that the level has some variety rather than having straight or circular roads. 

Few suggestions that come to mind are-

1. Make all things in the level destroyable when player shoots at em.

2. When a house is destroyed, spawn a tombstone in that place (Tiny details add life to the game)

3. The cursor(?) thing moving about on the outer roads wasn't of much use since I used the mouse cursor.

4. Add more types of enemies with different behaviours and stats.

5. You could also add power-ups where if you shoot certain type of rare tanks, you get different bullets or abilities.

It's a nice game, and if you decide to add more assets and mechanics in post-jam version, I'm sure it will be even more enjoyable. Overall, nice work!

It's a cool concept. The controls are alright. A few seconds after leaving the snowy platform, I had to stop since the spinning made me nauseous.

It took me a while to figure out that there were apples and bananas in the beginning that I could eat. It was not obvious at first because all parts of the level have bright vivid colours and the food blended in really well, perhaps too well.

The ramp on the first snowy platform didn't seem to have a proper collider- I had to use a jump despite it being a slope. My jump energy was refilled with food later but I was still a bit stingy about it. You may want to avoid those inconsistencies in level design.

Floating platform games are pretty fun in general when executed right. If you have the time, I strongly recommend that you checkout a youtube video titled "Super Mario 3D World's 4 Step Level Design" by Game Maker's Toolkit. They cover the design principles that make the platforms in the 3D Mario game work. 

Your game has  good potential and with further polish, it can be more enjoyable. Good luck!

Cool concept, decent execution. It kinda reminded me of StarFox games (in a good way) due to the maneuvering on a fixed path gameplay. The music was a nice choice- it felt relatively relaxing. 

A few things that come to mind are-

1. Add a clear indicator that a missile is headed towards the player.

2. Add the speed boosts (like the ones around portal thingies) in more spots around the track, this will make the gameplay feel slightly better as it will give the players to be more active in participation of the game and also makes their maneuvers more meaningful throughout. 

3. It was kinda hard to know from a distance which power-up/pickup was which mechanic. You could add a colour (maybe glow as well) to each powerup to differentiate one from the other to make it more obvious from a distance.

4. A clear indicator is needed to know how much of the race is completed / still left.

Overall, it's a decent game with good potential. Nice work, though!

(2 edits)

Cool concept, decent execution. The difficulty curve is fairly decent, and the level design is also very nice.

In the level where there is a pit of spikes on the left side, I tried to rotate the left arrow sign to make it point to the right but it did not move. This is not significant to the core gameplay but I thought I'd let you know that I did it anyway, since these tiny details/mechanics (like some platformer games allow you to push a hanging lamp or a bush) add more life to games (but yeah it can be confusing in puzzle games to have irrelevant things where players will be stuck with the wrong items)

I liked this game. I think it has good potential in the mobile market as well. I hope you make  a post jam version with more levels added along with the restart button.

Overall, nice work!

Few things that come to mind are-

1. When I jump off a rock, I expect it to go straight rather than slowly curve and fall down (SPACE!)

2.  When I jumped while my character was directed at another rock, the jump direction was slightly off from the start of the jump. (If you are executing the jump mechanic in the local "up" direction of the player, instead of that, you could try measuring the rock and player positions in the world to direct the jump direction away from the center of the rock.)

3. The level needs to be better visible- allowing me to see where I have to go and where I can go.

Overall, it's a nice concept and requires further polish to make it more enjoyable. Nice work, though!

Jump and Movement mechanics felt pretty good.

Level design was pretty good and felt challenging the right amount. The spring mechanics and the ladder contributed well to making the gameplay experience diverse and interesting.

Changing the visuals for night time was really clever - it makes the level slightly hard to see, just like being in the dark. On top of that, the ability to find different items at different times adds a good depth to the gameplay experience as it requires the players to observe and visit every part of the level carefully.

Few things that come to mind are-

1. The Titanium collectables were slightly hard to spot since their colour blended in with the background.

2. Check out this mechanic called "coyote time" - it allows the player to jump within a few frames after walking off a platform, helping the player avoid a death.

3. I did not understand what to do with the cursor. 

Overall, it's a nice concept and executed quite well. Nice work!

That's an interesting interpretation / analogy in your description. 

A few suggestions that I can think of are-

1. Make the jump occur when the button is pressed instead of when the button is released.

2. Make the jump feel less "floaty". 

With further polish, this can be more enjoyable. Nice work!

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Nice concept. Decent execution. The particle effect is a nice touch- making it satisfying when a block is successful. The colour contrast between the arrows and the background is helpful, making it easier to notice the arrows.

Got a high score of 94.

One suggestion that I can think of is making it more obvious which side the arrows will rotate- the symbol for clockwise and ccw are both very similar to the eye and on top of that, they are moving really fast- making it hard to interpret them correctly in time.

Otherwise, it's a good game. Nice work!

Good concept. Roughly decent execution. 

The NPC movement speed is a bit too high-  hard to dodge in time. Also, some kind of (visual) feedback would be helpful, as a warning that an NPC is headed towards the player.

The arena could be slightly bigger. I get that you want it to be small so that characters can fall, but I think that increasing it a little bit might reduce the risk of the player falling off- which I did more often than I got knocked off by the NPC.

It would be cool if there was a way to easily know how far away I am from the edge. Often, it is hard to see the shadows, and some times the ship fell down when I thought I was still on the floor. From the top of my mind, you could add some visual feedback for when the player is at the very edge.

I never survived long enough to try a power up or a portal. I managed to play up to the third level before giving up.

You may want to reduce the animation time at the start of each level. After selecting a level, I had to wait ten seconds to actually play. Generally, it would not matter if the level is loaded for the first time, but when the player needs to restart the level frequently, it gets annoying after a few times.

It's a nice concept and it has good potential that can be reached with further polish. Nice work!

I will make necessary changes to make it less challenging.

Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback. 

(1 edit)

You have to make use of the gravity to spin around the space station, and also to slingshot to the farther areas.
But yeah I will try to convey that information better, and lower the difficulty level. 

Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback.

(2 edits)

That was an interesting experience. Towards the end, I had hoped that you pulled a "There is no game" hidden mechanic and bring out more of the experimental gameplay experience. 

The difficulty / complexity gradually increased with each level- that was done well.

You may want to reduce the level-rotation speed a little bit.

The choice of colours is decent- it was not too overwhelming or too dull but decently balanced, although you may want to reconsider the border colour and make it slighly less vivid. To me, it was more eye-grabbing than the ball.

UI- in the title screen, the text fades away if I wait and press nothing. You may want to keep the text from going away. Same goes for the controls instruction in the first level. Keep it until player gives some input. Besides that, I liked that you added the controls info in the first level rather than in the main menu/ title screen. It feels more context appropriate.

I can see this being a mobile game - you could set up a gyro control system instead of / along with arrows. 

It's a decent product for three hours of work and has good potential. Nice work!

(3 edits)

This is a nice concept and the execution is not too bad or too great. I liked that the colour palette is handled with care so as to make the important parts stand out with contrast, while also making the visual experience not too overwhelming.

Here are a few things that come to mind-

1. Difficulty curve- I had to retry the first level as many times as I did the latter levels [Mainly because the rotation was slightly faster than what I would consider a reasonably challenging speed;  the ball did not fly off in the direction I was expecting it to when I tap on the screen]. I see that you did gradually increase the complexity of levels but it would be nice to have the beginning parts a little easier. (I managed to play up to 3 or 4 levels)

2. Green squares -  As far as I could notice, the green squares in the level did not seem to have any specific purpose besides adding variety to the visual. At first, I thought these were solid walls that would block the ball. You may want to do something to make it obvious, besides changing their colour, that they are not going to interfere with the trajectory.

3.  If you make a post jam version, you could add more depth to the gameplay variety by adding
a) specific type of walls that will bounce the ball.
b) spinners that never get destroyed, or get destroyed after specific number of uses - this can be useful if you want to add a puzzle element, so that the players need to use the spinners in specific sequence or more scarcely to get where they want to go.
(Obviously you will need to playtest to see whether these mechanics are working well. I just shared them from the top of my mind)

The game is fairly decent and has good potential that can be achieved with further polish. Overall, nice work!

It's a good concept and the execution is not too bad  or too great. I liked your choice of audio as well. I also liked that I could stand on either side of a platform, although it took me a while to figure that out (due to the colour blending in with background)

A few suggestions that come to mind are-
1. Create a learning curve that is less steep- the level design could gradually increase in complexity rather than having challenging bits from the very beginning.

2. The background colour and the player bullets have very similar colours- it was hard to see where my bullets were going. You may want to make the bullets better visible like the ones enemies are shooting- those are bold, contrasting in colour, and thus very clear to see.

3. I think you forgot to mention in the controls that Space can be used for jump. I pressed it out of instinct and it worked!

Overall, it is has good potential; polishing it further can make it more enjoyable.
Congratulations on your first game jam, and nice work!