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Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback! I'll keep in mind to make things less challenging for future!

For better movement use thrust rarely instead of holding the button down continuously. Anyway, I'm glad cheats came in handy!

Highest score 224. 

Really liked the ship and the rest of visuals. The audio also made the experience pretty immersive. The audio feedback for when anchor is available is also great. Also liked that it's a pirate ship and not some regular boring ship. Btw was there any particular reason for making it a pirate ship?

Took me a few rounds to realise I could move the bg down. I had a feeling something was off as it was taking too long on that level. 

Pushing player to think beyond routine just like last game. Great art, audio, and execution.

Also glad you were able to complete developing the game.

Love the art and the audio. Getting closer to the box adds well for getting players immersed and building hype. 

I found an ocean and a fire in an alien cave. I like the use of magazine cover to tell a story- as opposed to plain text on screen.

Lovely visuals and audio. Always nice to see games inspired by real life events/phenomena (the rover)

That makes sense. I have not played Twister so I cannot say how well it compares, but if one of the goals was to do this to the fingers, I'd say it's surely on the right track. I imagine younger players are likely to pick up on the changes faster. 

That's really great feedback and suggestions. 

The key to better movement is to use thruster occasionally to adjust direction rather than constantly thrusting "forward."  This allows you to rely on gravity/inertia for primary movement.

I'll keep your input in mind for future and try and implement better mechanics. Thanks a lot <3 really appreciate it.

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That makes sense. I'll try to come up with ways to make it feel less difficult. Thanks a lot for sharing.

The music and visuals are nice! I love the jumping they do.

I was able to make it up to third level. The input required felt too complex for me at that point.

It is worth considering using one key for each item (hold to pull and release to smash) Also preferably keys which are somewhat close to each other on QWERTY layout (last I checked, most people use this layout)

Btw what was the reasoning for choosing the input keys that are set now? 

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Love the audio and visuals. The UI being on the ship is a great choice too. Also love the ship and level design. 

I came really close to beating the level but ran out of time.

A few changes I would recommend are-

1. Automatically bring the cursor to center of screen at start of level.
2. Make the cursor more visible (could be thicker and the color stand out more from environment)
3. Quick restart to start of round rather than to menu.
4. Limit how much the ship can turn with mouse (I flew into walls way too often)

Btw I think there is a hidden button in the right bottom corner of menu screen that enabled a harder level xD 

The game has lotta potential- with a bit more polish, this could definitely be expanded to a full fledged game beyond 20 seconds.

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

I'll try to balance the difficulty level some more.

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

The trick is to move around the star using gravity assist (inertia) rather than staying in one region for long.

I'll try to think of a way to balance aiming and shooting some more!

Thank you for playing and the feedback!

What did you mean by being able to shoot instantly? Increased missile speed or...?

Thank you for playing and the feedback! Did you find anything difficult? What do you think could be changed for a more enjoyable experience?

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

At present, continuous shooting is the best strategy. The little ammo reload gap helps reduce spam to an extent. I chose to go this way since aiming is hard (flying too) and I haven't seriously worked on shooting games before.

I'll try to think of a way to improve aiming and balance shooting too.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! What kind of changes would you recommend for a more enjoyable experience? Anything about movement, shooting, enemies, or other?

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! What kind of changes do you recommend for a more enjoyable experience? anything about the movement or shooting or enemies or other

Awesome. Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

"They died for sure" lol love the humor. Also love the attention to detail- birds and clouds make the scene feel more alive. This game speaks to me on multiple levels.

Did you try to convey any philosophical concepts through this game? Were there any deeper meanings to the choices such as balloon being rainbow colored, having to hold space key for ship to stay still, the ship and balloon being able to leave the view, and the game being unwinable?

Love the vibes. The elevator UI to convey time is genius. I tried a few times but did not yet burn through all the questions.

You could probably make a similar game with focus on humor, where an indie game dev has to pitch their idea in such short time... a literal elevator pitch xP offer choices for each aspect- mechanics, gameplay, style, theme, etc. and the challenge is to select the most ridiculous choices xD

This is the type of content I come to itch for. I love the humor. Mixing pokemon type battles with world-switching for passing across levels is genius. 

And is C-Krit Bause (lmao) a reference to Lovecraft horror? ascended state and all kinda felt like it.

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Love it - picking up fuel mid-air and then disabling gravity before hitting death zone made me feel like I was Ethan from Mission Impossible. This game with its core mechanics and gameplay has lotta potential to be a full fledged game on its own. Polish the movement and camera a bit, increase the time limit a bit, add more levels and make some levels longer too, with extra pick-ups.

Awesome. Thank you for letting me know!

I tried controller too. Kinda felt better than kb. PP score went a little up by around a hundred points. However, I have no idea how anyone is getting over 20k score!

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Awesome. Thanks!

Some of you may be visited by Wohn in Credits page. Do not be alarmed. He's just passing by.

Some of you may be visited by Wohn in Credits page. Do not be alarmed. He's just passing by.

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback! I hope movement did not feel too challenging.

Ah I see, thank you for sharing the code! And yeah do look into the controller input. It'd be great to have the flexibility in movement.

Loved it! A really nice implementation of buddhism in a videogame format. The art is amazing and the audio very fitting.

How did you come up with the idea for the game?

I'm not much of a bullet hell player but I was able to unlock second level. I could not finish either one though! The colorblind mode was pretty helpful even though I am not colorblind. 

Haha love the humor! Nice artwork and music.

You should definitely make more content/games with similar humor.

Haha this is a fun one. I love the absurdity. The art and audio are great too.

You should definitely make more content/games with similar humor.

Best score 16,190! The visuals and audio are pretty nice. I like the sound effect being different for each extra jump. Gameplay itself is fun.

I haven't read instructions at the start, so it took me a few rounds to realise I can jump more than once.

It often took me a second to spot the player avatar on the screen. Since the collectibles are animated, the portal did not stand out much (also since the portal did not stay visible for long). I would recommend adding some visual effect near the player at start of each round/ or keep the portal effect a little longer and more visible/standing out better in presence of all the collectibles.

Also you may want to add WAD as input along with arrow keys.

Overall a fun game and I look forward to seeing what you create next!

Fancy! I got a high score of 318 after a few rounds. The humor is one of my favorite aspects of the game.

I like that the menu itself is a sort of tutorial. Unlocking menu items over time is definitely helpful in directing players towards content and preventing them from being overwhelmed with so many choices. The gameplay itself is a fun challenge.

Has anyone been able to collect all the rings/pucks? Or is it not meant to be 100% collectible in 20 seconds?

I would recommend experimenting a bit more with the sound effect for when the rings/pucks are collected- in order to make it feel more satisfying/rewarding... it gotta make my brain juices flow!!

Overall it's a nice game with a lot of good design at groundwork, and it has a lot of potential for further growth.

Fishiiieees! Got a highscore of 117. I love the art. Music is a nice choice too. Help text is clear and straightforward. Clicking based gameplay has a lot of potential. If you plan on adding more or building on top of this mechanic, this video may help.

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"Completed" with 4 seconds left on the clock. I love the implementation of the existential theme in videogame format.

I like that the msg box in the bottom conveys when the package is dropped or picked up. Although I could not figure out how the time is being calculated/measured.

I like that you showed time in the form of battery. It fits well in the whole. 

The color palette is pretty cool (haha pun unintended) I like the minimalism in art style too.  

It took me a few rounds to realise that I could fly through the hanging chain. It may be worth considering making the uninteractable items (like the hanging chain and the little fences) a slightly more darker shade of blue to differentiate them more from interactable items.

For  controller input, you may want to try adding sensitivity based input so that if I move the trigger only a little, the drone would also move only a little.

Overall it's a really nice game and I hope you add more levels post jam! 

Completed the final round with 2 seconds left.

Colors pop well and feel attractive. Variety in berries is a nice twist to traditional snake game. Music is a nice choice too. The levels felt different enough from each other while also presenting a challenge without making it too difficult.

I adapted to the input layout by rotating the game view inside my head (pretend I was looking from the side) so the controls made perfect sense. You could try experimenting with WAD keys for moving forward, turning left and right on local axis. This would reduce the inputs to 3 keys while also changing the way players see the game. A lot of casual players may not spend much time or effort trying to adapt to a new/different perspective

Due to the time limit, I could not pay much attention to the berries on the combo list. To help make it easier, you could probably change the size of the berry icon on the top row in such a way that whichever berry was expected next, that one would be slightly bigger (or change its background color or something about it different enough to stand out a bit) so the player attention could easily go to it when looking up there. Once that berry is consumed, you could make bigger/different the next icon on the row.

Do you plan on releasing an Android version as well? I think it has good potential for the mobile market.

Love the visuals and the effects. Audio style fits quite well with the visual theme. I also like that everything is accessible through keyboard.

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Pilot a spaceship to rescue stranded astronauts before their oxygen runs out.

The level is generated semi randomly in each round, giving you a breath of fresh air while also maintaining familiarity.