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Really cool game! Loving the aesthetic

Gas, laboratory, food

sick game

Ok! Thank you

Sorry to post on this comment section, but in the Lost Cartdrige jam, It wouldnt load when I tried to add a download to my game, but since its rating period now, I cant add a new download. Do you know what I can do?

It glitched when I added the file, lemme try to add it again


Ok thank you!

Very sorry if this is on the jam page, but where do I write my letter? I'm kind of confused, and I really want to join this jam.

love it

h e l l o  w o r l d!

So a few days ago, I started to make a new game. The theme with the game fits perfectly with the theme of this jam. So I was wondering; Once I finish that project, am I allowed to submit it in this game jam?

Artstyle is cool, but terrifying. Bullets are pretty slow, and Caroline was pretty slow, too. I really liked this game overall, definitely deserves more attention.

Yeah, I definitely should have added boundaries to the map. I only added one sound effect because I forgot alll about the sounds and by then it was like 11:00 pm so I was very tired. Thanks for the feedback, and I will most definitely make an updated version.


thank you so much! At first I was going to add music, but I got so focused on the gameplay, I forgot! Definitely will add it in a later version.

Really cool game! Loved the voice acting and the comics


Very fun game! Really enjoyable, nice mechanics, and the sacrifice theme was implemented very well! I have a question though. If the ghosts can go through the walls, how come they can touch the player?

I'm late, but could you play my game? I'll play yours!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll probably make a new version in the future, and if I do, it would definitely include a tutorial.

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Thanks! Yeah, I was going to add a lot more to the game, but ran out of time.  I will most likely make a new version in the future :)

Really cool game! The sacrifice theme was presented very well in this project.

I will rate and play your game! Can you also play and rate mine? Here's the link: SpookyStorm by PikaStars (

Can you play and rate my game? Its bad though. I will play your game. SpookyStorm by PikaStars (

got 2 endings! The regular ending (idk what to call it) and the secret ending. It was a very fun game!

Thanks for the feedback! I was planning to add a lot more to the game, but didn't have enough time so I had to make it smaller. I will probably make a new version once the jam ends and add/change some stuff.

makes sense


Yeah, I'm still confused. Why would people submit their game really early even though they can work on it and make it better? Maybe they're just busy? idk

really cool game. the puzzles were hard and the graphics... amazing

cool game

If I found a way to click the blue button that means i'm secretly smart

This is a really cool game :D






really good game