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thanks for feedback!

Amazing retrospectives! I also have lots to share.

Im the developer of my game TownsFolk, which can be found here:

Rate TownsFolk by PikaStars for Kenney Jam 2023 -

Before the jam began, I was planning on making an endless runner. That was the plan until I saw the theme, which I just could not incorporate into the game, so I had to think of something new. 

I remembered a game I played one or two years ago, which was about the player completing tasks for people in a village until it's revealed that those tasks were actually used to do some pretty disturbing things. I thought of making a horror game like that, but I just didn't know if I had enough time. But, being the only idea I had, I settled on it.

I worked about four to six hours on the first day, mostly making the map layout and making the textbox system. Not much to say about it, but I needed to go somewhere for about five hours, so I didn't have the whole day to work on it. I was pretty proud of the progress I made, though.

The next day, I decided to take lots and lots of breaks. I finished the map, made all the npcs, tested for bugs, and added audio. This all took the whole entire day. Then, I spent an hour getting stuck on a problem with the text system, which I eventually solved. After that, I was finished with the game, and submitted it to the jam.

In conclusion, this jam was a blast and taught me so much- not just coding, also time management skills. I hope to participate in the next Kenney Jam. See you then!

Yeah, I wish I could make it accessible through web browser. Than you though!

Thank you so much and thank you especially for recording a video!

Really nice game, with a great concept! Only issue with it is the controls are a little buggy, other than that it was great! Love the shopkeepers dialogue lol

Thanks sm i really appreciate it :)

This gives soo many memories to those school games i used to do, great concept and great game!

Very relaxing game with amazing sound effects and music! Really nice vibe!

Thank you!

Hi! My game is called TownsFolk, check it out here: Rate TownsFolk by PikaStars for Kenney Jam 2023 -

Great game! Very unique concept, and nice gameplay!

thank you so much!



thank you so much! Also in the tutorial it says you can press the button R to restart the level, but i guess i didnt make that clear enough lol

Im not 100% sure but i dont think there is a prize

This is one of the best game jam entries i've ever played! Very unique concept, nice graphics, fun, amazing music, and just fantastic!

This is so good! The music is nice and upbeat, pixelart is adorable, and the sound effects are great too!

Good job! The animations are nice, gameplay is good and nice graphics

Graphics are amazing, intersesting concept aswell, overall great work!

This is great! A few suggestions though:

-Make the control for the player a little slower

-A scoring system

-And center the player

Overall good job!

This was amazing! I loved the art and the concept was very unique and interesting, great job!


I just use plain and simple google docs



I saw this game on coolmathgames and I automatically recognized it from this jam!

Play this game a lot on coolmathgames at school :D Great job!

This is really good! Great job :D

cool :D

happy new year :D


I know the jam is over, but I still checked it out, and the game is both unique and amazing! Great job :D

Your game was one of the best in the jam! I got 31st, which is a huge improvement  from my other jams!

Rated a while ago :)

I made it so the kids will get you at a certain distance, not sure why that is happening. Thanks for playing though!

Fantastic game! It is absolutely terrifying and I was scared the whole time. I think the items should be easier to find, other than that, amazing job!

Really cool game, very unique concept and the animations and art are just too adorable. I listened to this music before and I loved it, which made me love the audio in this game even more. I think the player shouldn't have to go back to the start every time they die. 

7, but I'm trying :D