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Play this game a lot on coolmathgames at school :D Great job!

This is really good! Great job :D

cool :D

happy new year :D


I know the jam is over, but I still checked it out, and the game is both unique and amazing! Great job :D

Your game was one of the best in the jam! I got 31st, which is a huge improvement  from my other jams!

Rated a while ago :)

I made it so the kids will get you at a certain distance, not sure why that is happening. Thanks for playing though!

Fantastic game! It is absolutely terrifying and I was scared the whole time. I think the items should be easier to find, other than that, amazing job!

Really cool game, very unique concept and the animations and art are just too adorable. I listened to this music before and I loved it, which made me love the audio in this game even more. I think the player shouldn't have to go back to the start every time they die. 

7, but I'm trying :D

Yeah haha, I also died a lot of times. It's like they have a mind of their own. Merry Christmas to you too!

I was actually thinking about that, don't know why I didn't implement it. Thank you!

Thank you a lot! And I was actually scared while playtesting

Rate Christmas Disaster by PikaStars for Jame Gam Christmas Edition -

Here you go! Your game was very cool

Very hard but fun game. Voice acting was really funny and great. Art is cool too. You did a wonderful job!

Artstyle is cute, the gameplay is simple but fun, and the music is also cute! Great job :)

Dang it hahaha, was bound to happen. But thanks for reporting it!

This is a very fun and simple little game! It is obvious on what you are supposed to, the art is incredible, and the music is nice. Fantastic job!

How  to download

Good  game, moving around and shooting feels very smooth, and i like the sound effects. I do feel that the art could be improved. Overall, amazing job!

I can understand why but I play both

I love the pixel art style, which is simple but neat. As someone who loves horror, this was amazing to play through. Story is nice and game is smooth to play through. It can be kind of confusing at times though. But overall, it is a fantastic game!

Thank you so much <3

Thank you so much! I wanted to add a tutorial, but sadly didn't have the time. Hope you have a good day :)


This game is literally just amazing. No comment

Very nice game! Love the graphics

Very nice! The children were very creepy

Found this game last year, loved it so much i revisited it

Great demake! I really enjoy it :D

it works fine with me

Sorry! Forgot to say you have to press r to restart, and thanks!

game maker studio 2

Really fun game! Made me actually use my brain

I just want to say, I love your games! I always play them when they come out/ I'm sure this one won't be any different :D

yes lol

thanks :D

really cool game! I really enjoyed it :) love the art!