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2 Years later and this is the jam game I remembered and came back to. This was a great experience, a beautiful game and a magnificent piece of art.

Firstly, thank you for playing my game! It's nice to see my jam game still getting played months after its creation! 

Thank you for your bug reports and suggestions, the lighting definitely needs work, and I learned a lot about collisions and clipping making this game as it was my first time working in 3D. I like the idea of adding enemy farmers to make the game more interesting! I plan to revamp all my jam games this summer so I will definitely take your observations into account.

Have a great day!

Thanks for the feedback! I plan to work on it more over the summer, university takes up a lot of my time but I still love this project!

Yeah I initially planned to have the animals roam around the level but I soon discovered doing game jams and balancing exams is not easy.

The level design is great! I wish there wasn't a delay on moving after the gravity pound though.

Visuals were on-point and the game design is great with how the different squares can interact!

Woah I can't believe I didn't account for that!

I liked the upgrades, but after a while they seemed to be non effective in increasing the ability of the ship.

It seems like none of the weapons hurt any enemies; definitely feels like a bad dream. Have you ever tried running in your dreams? You just can't do it, like it feels like you're running through Jell-O. Do they have that in France?

From maximo

From maximo

Thanks for the feedback! I usually include more "proper" tutorials in my games but the crane physics took me until the last 4 hours to complete, the entire HUD was the last 10 minutes of the jam lol

10/11 :)

I gotta respect the character creator and use of an allied AI in a jam game. I made slenderpissman

"I'm a cowBoAeY"

I saw the name "jumpwig" and thought, "Huh, sounds like a ludwig meme"


Also the name and the hit markers had me dying with laughter

That was so fun and adorable I love it! But I also recommend looking up a guide on how to properly use low-resolution assets so that they aren't blurry.

Hello, I was just wondering if there will be ratings for this Jam?

I love the music, the art, and the sounds, they both added so much to the atmosphere and they transformed okay gameplay into a great experience! I didn't know what my goal was but I loved working towards it, whatever it was.

being four?

The fact that you did this for 5 jams is mind-blowing

Really good level design! It's impressive because puzzles are hard to design for jams!

Great core mechanic! It was a bit hard to understand at first but once I got into the groove of it it was a great experience!

I loved every bit of this game! The goofy sound effects, the level design, everything!

Great game and I'd love to play more but there's a glitch where if I release the ghost on level four while I'm standing on the button to turn off the light, the browser game crashes.

I mean I kinda love imagining the character is some redneck defending his moonshine distillery from the dead

Thank you for the feedback. I was able to fix that collision problem and the arrow problem in about 15 minutes in my testing afterwards, but that's the nature of game jams, small things get thrown out the window because of the frantic time crunch. I'm happy you liked the narration!

This is such an extremely creative Idea! I love it!!

I love the mechanics! Needs some polish visually and the detection for where to stand when Fishing is kind of wonky, but as for game design I love it!

I loved the music! I kept the game on in the background while I read my emails lol

Thanks for the feedback! The main struggle of this jam was definitely my discovery of how Unity Colliders and the mouse pointer aren't friends and there was a ton of spaghetti code to get the clicking and dragging and previewing of text, but I'm happy that I was able to get the mechanic working at all!

The feel of the game was really nice, I don't know how to describe it, definitely blob-y.

However I'm not sure where the theme of the jam comes in or innovative mechanics, but as far as making a really simple mechanic Feel great, you were spot-on!

The puzzle design around the concept was really good! This jam taught me how hard it is to design puzzle levels so great job there!

I love the lighting!

(1 edit)

Those controls were CRISP and the game felt great! But every game needs critiques: The how to play screen was hard to look at and I wish killing the big eclairs felt more impactful, maybe screen shake or more sound? I would love to see a more structured game with these controls!

Yes!!! I love the changes! A description for how the donuts work, a loadout selector and better AI and firing mechanics! The game is so much more fun now and I definitely just played 21 rounds to test different loadouts and had a blast!

How he get so chonky

The controls seemed to accelerate too fast.  I recommend making the amount of force applied go down once the player gets faster. Something like this:

if(player.getComponent<Rigidbody>.velocity.magnitude > [Threshold] && moveButton){

addForce(Force * 0.2);




This way, you still get going quickly but you don't get too fast where it's uncontrollable.

I look forward to seeing your work improve!

For being an unexpected jam, there sure is a lot of time for us to anticipate it.