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Hey, thanks for the review! If you would like to go back to the game, the hints in level 2 are hidden on the walls (arrows, lights, cables). 

thanks! :D nice shot! 

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dzieki! :>

hey, it's true that a good portion of PC controllers are weak. Unfortunately, only a few companies make something solid and good. Leaving aside pads from big companies like Microsoft and Sony or even Nintendo (the pro cotroler for the Switch is really good!) I can recommend two.... 8bitdo and retrobit. ;P The pad that is in the pictures is the m30 8bitdo. It is styled on Sega but it is better made than the pads from Sega I think. :P This is one of the few pads that does not have a knob, which at trade shows and presentations of games with directions can be very useful.

Thank you, it means a lot to me! A little update soon!

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Totally agree. The mood of the old consoles emanates from this track. I think it's a good piece but it needs some work. And I know perfectly well where Kuba Mazurek's tune can be used. Use it as a theme for a certain character.

As always, thanks for your watchful and interesting feedback Ryan. No worries, I have these things thought out. The cinematics are for the trailer and in the future used in the game. It's good that you write, I have some confirmation of my own thoughts through this.

late but full of love, happy V day!

Happy New Lunar Year!

Thank you! Im also a design lover :)

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 Feel free join our: Discord | Twitter

Thank you very much! :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Feel free to join our:

 Discord | Twitter

Unfortunately, yes Ryan. The whole idea of Twitch is that the videos are live and then they disappear, maybe two weeks max. I'll ask Earrelevant if he has a copy of the video and if he wants to cut it into something shorter. ;)


In the later part of the stream, I talk a lot more and answer questions from the chat. I needed some time to get used to the situation. Sorry.

Yes, I realize that the quality and organization is not the best. My friend is just starting his streaming career and I'm not very media-savvy myself. Please take this as a practice for future more professional conversations. :)

The post doesn't have one graphic at the bottom, I think it evaporated. But it might be good, I will use it next time then.

Hey Ryan!

You can find Black Resin graphics on my artstation, instagram and especially on our Discord - that's where our community gets the latest sneak-peaks, art and development details. :) 

I'll post the old graphics and backgrounds there soon too, thanks for the heads up Ryan.

I will continue uploading DD to and will try to include some graphics to enrich the content. Probably we will make a small press-pack with logos and graphics.

Perhaps it's a browser issue? Have you tried playing the downloadable version?

Very strange. Did I understand correctly: you left the game for an hour and after that time when you die the game crashes?

It looks like we over-inspired the old games and as a result the end is wicked hard too, forgive us! :)

Hey! Long time no see! We are currently working on a new version of Black Resin. I think we will make an announcement soon what's up. :)

\ (•◡•) /

Many thanks for playing! You were so very close to the end! :P Ah, and sorry about the jump scare. ;)

Yes, we agree. That's why we're going to rebuild the game from scratch keeping the best and knocking out what sucks. ;)

Haha, oczywiście. To żadna tajemnica. Oddysee i Exoddus to bardzo ważne pozycje w mojej bibliotece. Jak się tak zastanowić, to BR powstał głownie z braku gier z takim systemem zagadek.

Sounds like you are holding the "use" button when taking control on an opponent.

To take over an enemy, simply walk into it or jump into it when it is unalarmed. Do not press the "use" button as this is how you get out of a possesed enemy.

Cool! Thank you very much guys. :D

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I wanna try rephrase too:

1. listen music:

  watch my art:

  talk with us: 

2. We consider.

Edges are a very hard topic. There is a bug there too. We will try to do something about it.

We wanted to see if people will like classic controls like in old prince of persia games. We have learned and understood a lot since the publication. All I can say is that we plan to change a lot in the controls. But this is already in the matter of full version.

Thanks for your thoughts. :)

Thanks! :) We have already taken care of this bug. In version 0.1.12 the "no-jumping" will be fixed.

Thank you, I agree. :p

Text length is not a problem, I read every message here. Sometimes it is difficult for me to reply at once.

It is a good idea, we will try to add something in the next patch. We are quite shy people so we don't think in categories of promotion too much....

I invite you to Kuba's soundcloud:

I have recently created an artstation:

Everyone interested in the game and willing to discuss is welcome: 
We are all a little less shy there. :)

Awesome! Thank you very much! :D

Thanks for the analysis and the warm words! You wouldn't want to see the controls in version 0.1.6 :D We've improved a lot since then, anyway in the full version the controls will be done from scratch. 

The new version 0.1.11 is alive! Good luck with the speedrun! :D

Oh no! This is a very old bug that was patched ages ago.... weird. We'll investigate in a day! Thanks. :>

Good find! For some reason this door is not lying on the grid. It will be fixed in version 0.1.11. Thanks! :)

It must have come up while correcting other things. We will try to fix it.

Noted. Thanks a lot! We will dig into this bug!