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The game loads on full screen, nice, I experienced it completely differently thanks to that. The complexity of the levels is interesting and you want to get through them. Well done! In my case there was a bug that two songs were playing at the same time - it worked out interesting because it introduced anxiety! Controller is fast, but I think it would be useful to have more control in the air, i.e. falling from a jump a little slower? 

Thank you! It would be very cool to develop this game further! Once we have come up with the main idea, the rest of the design already lives its own life and we just need to implement it! :D

Thanks a lot!

Totally agree. We decided to ourselves not to crunch and overdo the content. It came out surprisingly solid. The guards came out as simple as possible, originally they were supposed to have a longer range (without showing a line of sight) + the ninja was supposed to stun them. It would be very cool to develop this game further! Thanks!

Godot is a super engine, when we configured the level editor it was a breeze to make levels.


Nooooooooooo! So you did not see the end?!

I think the natural pink food can be watermelon!

This drifting control is surprisingly cool. Changing colors also adds some life to the game. I like the idea of not forcing player to enter Labiryth, like the menu its integral world of the game. Maybe add something collectible or storywise element in labiryth to give a reason to player to enter and get out of it? I noticed that the music starts every time you start the game or level, die. Maybe it could just be constantly looping?

Gulp, scarejumps work very well! :D Interesting choice of colors. It looks nice and fits the storyline. In the long run such blue text is hard to read and my eyes get tired. Maybe you should give at a few moments "no music" to feel the mood and anxiety?

Nice colors, smooth animations and the mechanic of sucking light to shoot is great! It would be useful to scale the difficulty level and maybe more exploration or split levels?

I like the mouse controls here. Geometry visuals works very well in terms of telling you whats going on. Nice!

Great job. Title art catches attention! I see some Zelda influences. :D also...I want to taste the "pizza good"! :D

Finally some cute dog in the game!  The dog wiggles its ears nicely! :D I think you could easily enhance the gameplay by improving the collisions(the dog has too wide) or to be reflected through graphics. For example, crushing presses kill from the side - maybe it should be something burning/spiked so that we know that it is better not to touch it from the side. 

Like the noir approach! I think, if the "outside" would be black except for the lights that hurt you - the core game mechanic would be much more readable.

Justa a pumking spice toadlet to start my day. Love the idea and jumping mechanic - simple yet entertaining. I noticed when you die, game don't reset (player just simply is in the same place and with same coffee you take before game over but with refiled lifes. maybe bug? ) 

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I like eggplants and this game is for me! I wonder is there is any eggplant there? Or maybe those devils are eggplant devils?  Controls could be more responsive and hero could move a little faster. Don't worry about tutorials, you always can write explanation on the itchio site! Good work!

I used my abilities from playing Icy Tower. Good collisions on platforms and the one with the double jump works excitingly!

If it came out on atari 2600 it would be a hit! Amazing that it takes so little to build the mood! I think that one design element could be added - one that could be further expanded, would make the game very exciting! But what could it be? A item that increases the light, someone to rescue, some monster in the dungeon that follows us, or maybe something interactive in the audio?

Love the drawing of the dino very much. And the protagonist has such a mocking smile.... I feel that this whole situation has a deeper backstory!  :D

 The concept of turtle-cat is awesome! This idea is begging to be used as a game mechanic! Yuuupiii!

I like the color palette and idea, It caught my attention! Wish more mushrooms and wild stuff around!

For me normal was hardcore! :D I suppose keyboard warriors will enjoy it at full. Nice idea!

Brilliantly executed fantasy! It's funny and intelligent as it came on the count! blaaah


It's nice that the game is relaxing. I think it would help the game a lot if there were more reference points and characteristic places to have some sense of the space traveled, whether it be forests, various arrangements of stones and so on.

Nice beat! *pu bi pubibubi bu ba buuuu bupibubu*  Beat the game!
collisions could be more forgiving or heroes sprites more bulky to reflect their collision? 

Unexpected to see fighting game! Nice!

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I beat the game and found a bug (description below).

Very nice! And cute website Puzzles also good and well thought out, it has to be a pleasure to make those. I wonder if the pacing of adding new elements is too fast? On the other hand, it's Jam and the game is surprisingly polished and has an awful lot to offer. Especially in the end with a "mushroom dynamic lights" hehe.  

I found a bug! at this point in the video I can flip the light to the other side. If I'm not mistaken in another place later I can also cheat like this. bug

The puzzles are well thought out and force you to think non-linearly. Bravo! A co-op would sit very well here.

Great job, the puzzles are well thought out and force you to think non-linearly. Bravo!  A co-op would sit very well here. The fantasy of robots could translate as if one robot charges in the sun and the other overheats and therefore one likes light the other dark - there is many ways to develop this idea. Or in a completely different way, maybe a fungus and a plant, one likes dark the other light...  Sorry that I think out loud, but Jam soooo strongly stimulates to invent and brainstorm! :D

Stealthy and always hungry! Thanks! :D

Thanks! In thinking it up, our brains melted into drinking chocolate!

What we could do for the prototype we did. The changes since you played the first time are not radical - we improved the character controller, repaired the design of some locations, a mass of bugs and there are two ways to beat the boss.

Hi, a long time YN fan here.  I spotted a big bad bug - when you are in hell (teleported from forest world) in location near drink vending machine - the nearest Toriningen touch you, youre not sent to some trap world - instead game closes with message "call event limit has been exceeded" (kinda cool way to break fifth wall ;P ). Anyway, good job and thank you.

Hey, I understand this is your project that is in development? I played a while and got feedback. 

- Very cool idea with the movement of the leaves on the trees, maybe if the shader moves slower and in some kind of rhythm - it will be even better?

- I can see the difference in resolution (pixel size) between e.g. effects and the sprites themselves.

- As a player I had such a need to see more, maybe it is worth to move the camera away as Hyper Light Drifter is.

Thank You! I also think we would fit a few publishers. :D

Thank you! We are halting production. :( Maybe some miracle happen over a time. I agree that a small game would be a reasonable move now. 

Interesting anecdote, when we were considering a new resolution for BR to make it pixel perfect scalable, I also made the smallest one, that is 320x180 ;p mini BR ;) 

Yes, please.

Thanks for your support ABG! We did of course consider those options, but without much needed experience or funds (especially without a publisher) it did not seem feasible. Publishers were likely further put off by the current credit crunch.

Thanks for the warm words!

I know which place you are referring to. I predicted this accident - that's why the patrolling "red guard" is long downturned. All you have to do then is to walk towards him (when we walk we do not make alarming sounds of ourselves).