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Peter Kirkpatrick

A member registered Jan 28, 2017

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Hy Cych! Thanks for your response; it's great that you have experience interning for a software developer! Go ahead and send a message to Chaosbread at the link above (the "phonetic light" one), who has started a chat session in Discord.

OK, thanks just sent you a message through your contact form. :)

Sorry about weird, thought I eliminated all time restrictions and re-posted the corrected link (I think); either way, discord usually works like a charm, maybe I'm screwing something up really obvious...anyhow, I just contacted Chaosbread through their site in the comments below. Looking forward to brainstorming with you guys.

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Ok sorry about that...I (hopefully) corrected the settings and the link above should work now.

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2nd Attempt: Here's a link to a discord server I created for us (hopefully this time it works):

Cool thanks Chaosbread! Discord seems like a great idea...I'll try to set one up tomorrow. Thanks for checking out our work...I think you're right that there's not a private messaging system on this site. Greetings ZPeedTube!

Hi! Thanks for an inspiring post! Congratulations on your progress and goals thus far and for articulating them so well. I'm a musician/composer and also "keeping my ear to the ground" for projects. I'd love to network with you (whatever that means--I guess share ideas about projects and/or how to move forward). Would you be interested in talking more? Perhaps via email or something?

Here's a sample of my work:

I like it! :)

Awesome thanks! I was able to get farther (I did the "easy" difficulty level--thank you!). I couldn't activate the "inverted" option for some reason--am I supposed to click on the word "inverted" with my mouse (playing on my PC browser)...sorry probably a dumb question.

Yeah cool game with an interesting mechanic...going along w/previous comment, you might try wider gaps at first. Also, you might try switching the buttons, so that "a" causes egg to go left and "d" causes it go to right.

Sounds good!

I bought Chance Thomas' book on composing music for videogames and it has been helpful:

I also do music for live performance (and tracks), so I understand where you're coming from, I think.


Great game! The sprawling level with the great graphics and interactive atmosphere create a very relaxing experience! Make more levels with different music and tricks for the bat to do! :)