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[Composer] Claudi Martinez - Videogame Composer

A topic by Claudi Martinez created Feb 23, 2017 Views: 283 Replies: 3
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My name is Claudi Martinez and I'm a videogame composer and music producer.

I've been making music and playing videogames since a very early age, and I am really passionate about both. I am actually looking for more projects to work on.

I can compose and produce music in any style and genre you imagine: Orchestral, Jazz, Ambient, Folk, Rock, Metal… you name it, and I'll make it happen. I also create Sound Effects, and do FMOD and Wwise integration. But most of all, I am fully aware of the emotional needs a project can have, and I am willing to work with the director to completely accomplish his or her expectations.

I believe my portfolio speaks for itself, so please check it out in my website or Soundcloud page:

Any enquiry or question you may have, please contact me at:

Thank you very much,


I just put together on Soundcloud Kingdom of Loot's Soundtrack

It's 16bit SNES-style inspired, with the instruments made by myself. Check it out!

I like it! :)

I uploaded this Orchestral Fantasy Track, it has a lot of different passages, I believe it's quite interesting!