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nice bro. Congrats to your team.

really great implementation of an awesome idea,loved the art style of the game. overall very good game in such short interval of time. i would love to know how you guys achieved such great graphics in unity(was it post-processing or any art asset you guys made).

Anyways loved the game in all aspects.

Loved the game my friend such a great game in 2 days, just awesome. just one thing i would like to know are you using A* for the calculation of enemy paths or any other algorithm. congrats on your game music is so good,just loved all the aspects.

Just Awesome Game my friend, loved the mechanics. I am really amazed to see so much development of levels and even good tutorial in 48 hours. All the best to your team. 

Really Cool Game, loved the art style and the whole conversation thing.Restart button is definitely  make the game more alive.I would like to ask about your path guessing thing ( is that A* or any feature used in Unity) loved the game through.

Ever after having such conditions, congrats on achieving this result my friend, all the best for future.

Awesome game bro, loved the theme so to say all the aspects,just one thing that you can add is a tutorial to guide the use and add more fun. i would really like to know in which engine you made this great game,how you achieved this awesome graphics?

Nice Graphics bro, i liked the concept just one issue that i faced was of the teddy not letting me to jump by easily,maybe it was kept that way but it it would be great if the collider was set in a way to be somewhat easy.

Thanks a lot for your review.

Absolutely Amazing game,  I must say.