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Whenever I try logging back into the game, it won't accept my password. There isn't any way to reset my password, so I now have 2 accounts that I cannot log into...



Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

The tree grows at the same rate regardless of its health. We had ideas for making the growth system more complex, but ran out of time.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

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Great prototype. It reminds me a lot of factorio, but without needing to move a character around the world.

The main things missing right now, aside from more content, are QOL features, like:

  • Being able to better organize easier, like perhaps:
    • Adding corners to the pipes.
    • Separate node for merging, sorting, storage, etc.
  • Access information easier, like perhaps:
    • Popups content being moved to replace the contents of the nodes themselves.
    • Keyboard shortcuts to switch to certain views for efficiency, upgrades, stats, etc.

For the performance concerns, you could reduce the number of calculations per second by:

  • Adding the ability to create "factories" that will contain whole supply chains that just directly scale the designated outputs relative to the max output contrained and the inputs given to the factory.
  • Setting up the update cycle to be limited to certain number of times per second, essentially producing in batches, so say 30 ups (updates per second), 60 ups, 120 ups, etc.

Drawing the symbols is interesting, but doesn't work well with the mouse. The upgrade system seems rather pointless, but I'm guessing the drawing system took most of the development time.

Intresting idea though.

Great, but I have to constantly check where to get stuff later in the game and the actions to get the info are a pain. It would be great to be able to pining the recipes, and setup ways to automate earlier recipes.

The idea and format is really interesting though. It just needs more polish and user testing.

This is all from the perspective of a full fledged game though. It's great given the restrictions of the game jam.

Thanks for the devlog! Always great to hear about the development of this game.

Thanks for the detailed reply!

Getting around the templating of similar games sounds interesting. I'm also always a fan of automating the earlier content that you the play have already fully experienced, so you can focus in on the newer content.

I'm interested in seeing what your game turns into. *following*

One relatively quick addition I'd recommend is being able to bulk queue actions, since this will remove a bunch of unneeded clicking.

Use Case: 20x Forage -> Endless Search Tracks (training Scouting skill)

Use Case: 40x Forage -> Travel -> Endless TalkToPeopl (training Social skill)

Also templating would be next tier feature along those lines, since this will allow the player to play around with various strategies.

One thing I'd like to see shown more clearly is how much better you are at a skill when it is trained up. I'm finding it a bit unclear at the moment, so I can't tell how much I should be training up the skills and when dimishing returns starts coming into play.

Something I haven't seen in other loop games like this is providing the tools needed to more easily compare strategies. Like maybe being able to see stats for various things at the end of each loop, or being able to see the stats for the last time a template was run.

I really liked the concept of the game. Big fan of A Dark Room.

The dialogue though really drags. I think there is a lot of good stuff going on, but the conversations, especially the texting could be made significantly more succinct and to the point. Also forced cutscenes had the annoying popup-ness to them. The ending conversations dragged on as well for me, but probably partially because I opted to skip a lot of the dialogue towards the middle of the game.

The very end and  beginning probably had the best snippets, since they were  more to the point and didn't interrupt the gameplay.

As a side note, I use an ultrawide monitor, which when in fullscreen or maximized, meant there was a lot of dead space in the middle of the screen.

Gameplay-wise, it was pretty good. The stock buying/selling portion could have been better balanced to have fewer pauses in gameplay, especially since it was geared more towards active play and strategy. It actually took me a bit before I realized I had to be more active precisely because of the long gaps where there were no actions I could take.

Nice! I love the detailed updates.

Thanks for all the work!

Ah I see. Cool. Not sure how I missed that.

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I've played some of the earlier version, and the controls are improving.

One thing that would improve it a lot is multi-select, and being able to move the selected groups around.

You're welcome!

Thank you for the dev log. One of the reasons I like following the development of this game!

Really good. I'd love to see this as a full game!

I really liked your game, but the holding to charge the batteries when there were multiple batteries started to cause my hand to hurt and start going numb. I think it is fine at first with only one battery, but should have had an upgrade to auto-charge. Maybe leaving holding to just more quickly jumpstart them to full charge.