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A jam submission

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A game jam game mixing incrementals with strategy
Submitted by The Paper Pilot (@thepaperpilot) — 8 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun (Overall enjoyment)#53.6783.678
Balance (Speed of the game)#53.5753.575
Theme (How well it fit the jam)#74.1724.172
Uniqueness (Originality of the game)#84.0114.011

Ranked from 87 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like the overall theme of the game. And it uses the theme perfectly! 

Fun concept, terrible UI. Enjoyed it right until I had to guess if I had enough light to move on or not.


Thanks for playing! I'm not sure what you mean by "move on" so I'm not sure what advice to give there, but for the UI it might just be some display issues with itch. You can try it on and it might display better for your device. Thank you again!

I actually hate any PT-Related game

Ok so this is really really good. But it has a bug that almost made me quit: "Lower goal by 1 level for each upgrade purchased" only applies after clicking on the upgrades. Took a long time till I noticed that.


very interesting idea! But your graphical scaling is beyond me.

You can either charge the battery, OR see the important numbers on top or click any upgrades

very interesting idea! But your graphical scaling is beyond me.

You can either charge the battery, OR see the important numbers on top or click any upgrades


Super impressive entry, and probably the one I've had on the longest so far. I love games with builds so it's fun to play around with different ones and see how it turns out.

The point allocation system is very engaging and really pulls you forward. It's clear and the upgrades are fairly strong. When you can see the full list of abilities at your disposable, you get some anticipation to unlocking them in the future. All that works well.

Each light has it's own clear identity and that's important. When incremental game upgrades blend together too much, it can get confusing and lose a bit of the appeal. In addition, the synergy you placed between the colors (and especially the secondary colors) create lots of options for builds.

Much like RG, the builds support player playstyle to a degree. When I had time, I would go with heavy battery setups. But when I walked away to do other things I'd do more idle builds. Of course, around mid game you have no choice but to deal with batteries, but the concept is still there.

I didn't mind battery clicking TOO much because I usually just waited until Emission Theory was high enough and then sprint towards the goal. Clicking each battery in succession actually felt like an aim trainer, so that's what got me through that.

Overall this is a very well executed game with unique engagement points. It must've been a nightmare to find a decent balance for given all the different ways for players to play.


I really liked your game, but the holding to charge the batteries when there were multiple batteries started to cause my hand to hurt and start going numb. I think it is fine at first with only one battery, but should have had an upgrade to auto-charge. Maybe leaving holding to just more quickly jumpstart them to full charge.


Wow, this was a very fun game with some cool and interesting mechanics, and it felt very good to play! I have just a couple minor suggestions that I think would have pushed it to the next level of great for me: 

1. Maybe make the battery charging mechanic more clear. I spent about 10 minutes spamming those buttons before I realized that you can hold them down, and it wasn't very clear from a gameplay perspective that holding them would do anything different when there was no indication of such.

2. Once the screen gets split up in the light "run", I would suggest adding a way to toggle off the left side of the screen, as the right side starts to require large amounts of scrolling, since I'm trying to both keep the battery levels high and check my color energy amount.

3. This one is quite minor, but the colour-changing text could use some sort of white outline to make it more clear to read.

Other than that, the game is awesome, keep up the great work!


Very nice game!

The start was very creative, but after a while it came down to spamming batteries, which was less fun. Anyway, good game :)