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I really liked the concept of the game. Big fan of A Dark Room.

The dialogue though really drags. I think there is a lot of good stuff going on, but the conversations, especially the texting could be made significantly more succinct and to the point. Also forced cutscenes had the annoying popup-ness to them. The ending conversations dragged on as well for me, but probably partially because I opted to skip a lot of the dialogue towards the middle of the game.

The very end and  beginning probably had the best snippets, since they were  more to the point and didn't interrupt the gameplay.

As a side note, I use an ultrawide monitor, which when in fullscreen or maximized, meant there was a lot of dead space in the middle of the screen.

Gameplay-wise, it was pretty good. The stock buying/selling portion could have been better balanced to have fewer pauses in gameplay, especially since it was geared more towards active play and strategy. It actually took me a bit before I realized I had to be more active precisely because of the long gaps where there were no actions I could take.