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Rated! Please rate mine if you haven't already

I like the concept a lot, the game felt buggy at times though and there was a lot of random teleporting that I wasn't sure was intentional or not, but nicely done overall!

Nicely done, that's a pretty fun game! Please rate mine if you haven't already

Pretty fun game, definitely a funny concept. It was a bit difficult to maneuver at times to defeat the enemies and sometimes the graphics made it difficult to see, but great job!

Rated! Please rate mine if you haven't already

Rated, very cool game! Please remember to rate mine if you haven't already

I really enjoyed playing this, it felt unique. The one thing that really confused me was the robot directions being based on relative direction of which way is "forward", rather than an absolute up/down/left/right which would have been much clearer I think. Nicely done though!

Rated, that's a pretty cool game!

That's unfortunate, a couple others have had that same issue. Did you check the Installation Instructions?

I just rated it, sorry for the delay!

I appreciate the feedback, and yes this game was indeed rushed as a short game jam isn't quite enough time to make something fully developed. Is there any features in particular that you feel could be improved? (Personally movement is the biggest one I plan on tweaking in the future to be faster and more responsive)

Thank you for the feedback! I agree about the movement, I'll definitely be tweaking that in the future. I'm glad you enjoyed playing!

I rated your game, nicely done! Please rate mine if you haven't already!

I really liked the graphics of this game and it all felt very cohesive. The gameplay was a bit confusing but overall it was fun to play!

This is a really well made game, making a rewind-themed clicker game is super cool and it feels incredibly polished!

I'd love to get some more solid feedback on my game:

I'll play your game as well!

I've rated yours, doing a multiplayer game is quite impressive for a game jam project

I rated your game, good job on it!

Pretty fun game, I like how difficult it was and that there was a simple indicator for how close you are to the boss

I rated yours, nicely done on it! Please remember to rate mine if you haven't already

I liked the theme of the game a lot and the graphics looked really nice and clean. The movement felt a bit off to me (the jump was too short and the dash didn't conserve momentum), but it was a fun game to play overall.

I really enjoyed playing this game. I like how it wasn't something easy and straightforward to beat but rather took trial and error and multiple attempts. The driving mechanic was really fun and managing the rewind gun made it even better. Near the end of the game a lot of the trees were floating for some reason and that didn't seem intentional, so maybe fixing that would be good. Great job though!

Hey, here's my game submission:

I rated yours, that's a pretty cool project for your first game! Please rate my game if you haven't yet, thanks!

Seems like a fun game, the idea of it is quite amusing. There were a lot of little bugs and issues and it felt pretty rough overall with how the mechanics were tuned (pressing space locks the game up, movement is too slippery, text looks blurred), but I enjoyed playing it and good job!

Thanks for playing! The movement is meant to be slower paced to enjoy the puzzle aspects of the game more and encourage the player to take their time. I can see how it would be annoying though, and in the future I'll be tweaking the movement like others have recommended. I decided to make the game into something that would stand on its own and be more than just a "jam game", so the game admittedly does take more time to complete. I really appreciate the feedback!

I rated yours, I really liked your game! Please rate mine if you haven't already

I like the overall theme and feel of the game a lot, but the mechanic with the darkness felt a bit tedious and it'd be nice if a bit larger of a radius was illuminated by the player. Very nicely done overall though!

I'm not sure how unique my game mechanics are but the entire game takes place in a single "level" with multiple branching paths that you have to unlock and rewind to. I'd love feedback on the game, and I already know the movement feels off so any other in depth critique would be appreciated greatly:

Here is my game if you're still looking for ones to play:

I played yours and rated it! Make sure to please rate mine if you haven't already

I like the idea of the game a lot and the bright graphics fit really well with the music. Unfortunately, I was pretty confused about what the rewind did and a lot of enemies felt like they had too much health. Nice job overall though!

I rated yours, that's honestly such a cool game with a lot of detail for being made in such a short amount of time

I put a lot of thought into integrating rewind mechanics into my game, I'd appreciate if you check out my game:

Super cool looking game, very impressive for a game jam project. It felt like there was a little too many elements to the gameplay for everything to be polished enough, but great job!

Yup I rated yours, make sure to rate mine if you haven't already

I like the gameplay a lot and the idea is cool, but it all felt a bit rough and unfinished. Great job for such a short time though!

Thanks for the review! I rated yours as well, you made quite a cool game

I liked this game, it was surprisingly deep with its story. There did seem to be a disconnect however between the tone of the game's plot, the gameplay, and the story. but overall well done!

I'd really appreciate some real feedback on my game!