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it is possible but unfortunately it’s tricky and you really have to angle the shield so it is facing the beam source - so your character is moving sideways.  You need to move the mouse cursor so it’s near the beam source and then move sideways with the w key.  My son also ran into difficulties doing this though so it’s possible there is a big if with the hit box of the shield

Thanks for pointing this out!  I forget these might be necessary first.  You can download the 2015 and 2019 redistributables directly from Microsoft here:

Too bad the little biters wouldn't navigate toward the player in the release build for some reason, probably I needed to re-export the navmesh.

Lots of things didn't get implemented or were buggy - but this is the basic layout showing the content of the rooms with all the trap doors closed.

I forgot to mention I was streaming the dev on Twitch, you can skim through the broadcast videos here if you're interested:

Nice to see a web game! It took me a bit to realize my character was the smiling one.  For some reason on my browser "Chrome" the prayer and raising light of hope buttons didn't seem to improve their mood.  An interesting mechanic that might have worked here would be to make the squares darker as the nearby people get more sad.   people who are happy (like your character) would be fully bright, but sad people would be in total darkness and if you don't do anything the whole board gets black, but if you succeed it's almost completely lit.

The fighting mechanic in this was really fun and the effects are really great for the short time line - nice job!

That's an impressive amount of environment and graphics work to do in such a short time and I think I see how the light them was part of the puzzle.  Very cool!

I really would like to have seen what the gameplay idea was here, it seems very creative.

Excellent use of the light and reflection theme and how we are called to be the "light of the world' and reflect His light. Well done! 

Great job make this fun platformer, the music, art and theme are great and you even included a tutorial!  There were a couple pages I couldn't find before running out of oil which makes it more enjoyable to re-play

Sitting here waiting for a compile to finish and thought I'd share some progress.  

Game idea

You're an apprentice in the Adventurer's Guild sent to rescue a local who is lost in the cave of darkness.


- Initial player controller
- Beam emitter enemy
- mirror shield
- basic trap
- basic reward (health)
- basic gameplay (death = lose, enemies defeated = win)

Light beams

Light beams

Trap and enemy spawner

Trap and enemy spawner

In progress
- lunch

To do

- mirror sword
- rescue local
- basic level
- graphics polish
- audio