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Full disclosure for Jam participants, the original plan was to develop and erotic horror thriller centered around an all girls arts school. Things fell apart in development so that project will be released as a free novel next month titled 'Red Alice' so instead.....
Lilly squad, a fan service heavy bullet hell with really bad romantic writing, 'should have done a collab'. The game play itself is solid and can be very fun, just the yuri romance theme is very weak for the theme of the jam, fair warning ;)

alright, part 1 is done, ready for download 

obviously would love any feedback regarding the project, really need to take a break from it for a second, working on a game daily that's supposed to be depressing and real takes a bit out of you... so the next game will probably have dancing cats....

Chapter/part 1 is 100%, just need to adjust a few small things found in testing, maybe a full upload tomorrow? I know the jam has been extended but the plan was to start another game in a few days so maybe the extra time could go to beta testing and fixing things in the game.

honestly jealous, tried to get this type of movement down a few times but never get the collision detection right.

for progress puzzles are 100% and there are now 3 enemies and a sorta boss, and a weird combat mechanic. trying to knock out the memory scenes by the weekend.

So I actually really like the name sophia, but there already a sophia/sophie who's a main character in next months project ;) Will keep esther in mind, the answer to your other question though is yes, name meanings come up a lot in the next game so if you pay attention you'll be able to figure out which girls aren't human really fast. 

This one kinda plays more with tarots, the lead is 'the queen of pentacles' 

the updates are looking good :)

and you're right, ghost story really isn't bad if only a little to much in a few scenes.

small update, maps about 100% along with the opening cut. all that really left is 4 short cut scenes and adding a few enemies. things are going so smoothly that after releasing part 1 at the end of the Jam I'll be jumping into yuri jam with a much bigger project I've been wanting to do for a while.

also have the main characters outfit designed, it changes tone to match the mood on the room. She had more animation originally but it felt more like a fighting game sprite, her stillness works better for the feel of the game. side note, 'she' needs a name, open to suggestions.

and added a pretty cool puzzle along with the typical item hunt, it's nothing  on the level of old silent hill games but it's original and matches the game. 

Small weekly update, most of the map is set up for the first chapter, since the game is a bit large I'm going to focus on getting to a really good continuation for the story. Also having someone compose some music which going pretty smooth so far.

green areas are chapter 2

It's really close to the ascetic you've got going, though it looks like you already have enough research material ;) You're lucky, you get to watch cool 90's anime for inspiration, I'm stuck with pretentious art house movies like a ghost story 

fell dumb asking, but have you seen the 90's anime "Iria"?

really cool, it's like you found a way to make chu lip actually work. this game is cute where asthat one ended up a bit creepy :)

liking this one and the other games that look like real nes games; garbange man, fuji rex, ect.

thanks very much everyone, the support really does mean a lot. 

slowly moving forward with level design at the moment,  there's a bit much to the scope of this so the version made for the jam will probably use a lot of stills for the memory scenes in order to make the date. The story isn't going to get to overly deep, I'm not a strong writer and other people have done this subject better already, so there's going to be a lot of emphasis on visuals to compensate.

and yes the game has colors ;p i'd actually like to use them in some way for problem solving is time allows.  Also up for suggestions on some cool feature linked to the players death, like maybe a small randomized maze you have to escape to return to the game?

Was browsing the game choices this weekend and fell in love with this cover immediately, 

The cover actually feels like the inverse of another game I did recently 'Vicious' and is a really good opportunity to do the reverse of its theme of nihilism.

The main focus will be narrative over gameplay, but the world will have a tight puzzle box set up with minor survival horror elements. You're mostly looking for fragments of your  memories in order to come to terms with your own death and existentialist dread, while simultaneously being chased by the metaphor monster which represents ___________ spoilers.

at the moment the player has floating movement for navigation, and one of the first upgrades will be a familiar that can attack and move separately from you to reach places you can't

thanks for the encouragement :) Didn't make the deadline, BUT was able to make a working build which can be further developed.

Looks really good, keep running with it. Actually wanted to be in that Jam but couldn't time it out, what place did you get?

After what seem like eternity Vicious is finally finished, this is technically the first game I've ever made "squidgurl was a 2 week vacation to stave of insanity", and was a nightmare every step of the way do to being way to ambitious for a beginner ;)

it honestly feels like a curse has been lifted in finishing this and I can finally move on to other projects of a much higher quality, the wide release on a Friday the 13th feels almost ironic. 

Mandatory Game Pitch :p

Rise from the grave and slash your way through hordes of crazed cat girls and other beasts with insanely fast paced horror action!The Pandemonium has begun causing everyone to turn into beasts devouring one another, and the only way to stop it is to prevent the birth of an unholy kitten goddess. You must fight your way through a city in chaos while solving puzzles and challenging precisely timed traps with zero forgiveness in difficulty. 

Approx run time 2-6 hrs of metrocktowervaniahill? gameplay!

Would love any feedback, this was envisioned as a steam/console release and can be treated like that ;)

hah, thought people could just click the link to my dash board but -

The art style is amazing.

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Since this is the forums, full disclosure, this game is made entirely as a really dumb joke. Though in all honesty it's a pretty solid game you might get about 40 minutes of entertainment out of.  A lot of people remake good games, i'd like to try taking completely horrible game and remaking them, so this one is inspired by the 'classic' Jaws on the NES. Interested in any feedback :) 

Despite the sexual innuendos, the game itself is SFW, anyone can play.