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Vicious, fateful memories

A topic by PersonaBlack created Apr 13, 2018 Views: 231
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After what seem like eternity Vicious is finally finished, this is technically the first game I've ever made "squidgurl was a 2 week vacation to stave of insanity", and was a nightmare every step of the way do to being way to ambitious for a beginner ;)

it honestly feels like a curse has been lifted in finishing this and I can finally move on to other projects of a much higher quality, the wide release on a Friday the 13th feels almost ironic. 

Mandatory Game Pitch :p

Rise from the grave and slash your way through hordes of crazed cat girls and other beasts with insanely fast paced horror action!The Pandemonium has begun causing everyone to turn into beasts devouring one another, and the only way to stop it is to prevent the birth of an unholy kitten goddess. You must fight your way through a city in chaos while solving puzzles and challenging precisely timed traps with zero forgiveness in difficulty. 

Approx run time 2-6 hrs of metrocktowervaniahill? gameplay!

Would love any feedback, this was envisioned as a steam/console release and can be treated like that ;)