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hi, was there a certain song you played that was like this? I had trouble with a few being right due to them all being from different sources.  

Thanks really appreciate this. The spaceship song was the only one until about a week before the deadline, it's done by and he has lots of other great work on here.

Thanks for the great suggestion regarding the how to play. I did try with faster notes set to the rhythm and found it too difficult to play in testing, that said if I did a version with my own music I think it could work. 

I've used Lost Spaceship's Signal in a small game jam game, but I plan on using some more tracks in a faster paced project I have in the works.  thanks for these though.

Thanks that means a lot, I honestly have no idea how the text to speech plugin works, I had a really bad time with it because I never got it working outside of debug mode on my own pc.  It's definitely something I will look into going forward.  

That's a very good score! I had this problem myself with some songs, believe the issue is the songs themselves, none are original for this project so any effects and panning was something I had to deal with as my normal audio person was not available for the jam. I would like to have a fully commissioned soundtrack if it ever came to a full release. 

Sorry this is a complete lack of research on my part. I though the mouse would be easier to control with sensitivity,  I will likely update for keyboard controls in the future.

Love these, May use some for my next game and will let you know if I do.