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Traditional hop and Bop platformer

Play in browser, keyboard/mouse or touch
Browser application for coloring provided drawings. Mouse or touch.

Mainly for children.

Html5, javaScript, CT.js editor

Sorry.  No. The pieces have a fixed size.

Ms Carver goes to the Cursed Diggings of Dahrli Caan to find what ancient evil has been let lose by the archeologists.  Point and click adventure.

Play as browser game or desk top game (windows or linux)

Thank you for the feedback.
Calibrating a challenge correctly can be difficult. It certainly will not be a fit for all user.
In hindsight maybe I should have had a skip option for this one, since this is a point where some players might stop and miss out on the rest of the game.

Point-and-click adventure and puzzle game set in Mesopotamia 2 500 BCE

The Nezaktith army led by their storm and fire god is coming to invade the city state Adacan. Semi, Ishya and Anzu must stop them.


Glad you got it to work.

Sorry about the confusion.

If you are getting the title screen then I guess stuff has been installed and it can run.

The game is set up for windows, but you can use it with other operative systems-  if you have python and pygame installed (not necessary with windows).

Do you get music? If not that could indicate that something is broke.

This game only takes keyboard input. So you should not use the mouse at all.  (it can still be used on the x-button to close the game)

So you should use the "n" key for a new game.

One thing I could think of is if the game has lost focus. Then the key input would not work. To get focus back you can mouse click anywhere on the title screen.

I hope any of that works for you.

I too hope there will be more entries. :)

Adventure game. 

A trigger-happy hunter has come to Yuma's jungle. It's up to the jungle girl to stop him.

Made with python and pygame. 

Entry for the Barefoot Chick Venture jam.

Of to a flying start. Python and pygame. Sort of adventure style game.

Thank you. Hope you like part 2 as well :)

Part 2 of Adacan is now published

point-and-click Adventure made with Ren'py

Program to help you memorize japanese katakana letters.

The game is moving along well. I hope to be able to release it after summer.

You find the games page here

I have an earlier devlog at the link above that has been archived for inactivity.

I do now have an addition to the project in the form of a minigame, now in a standalone version.

The project is here

and this is a video from the latest addition

Thanks. I appreciate your comment. The complete game is quite a bit in the future, but I will get there ... in time :)

Glad you liked it. And thanks a lot for telling me. Much appreciated. :)


No problem.

Glad to hear about Maverick3D. Great that someone has picked up that torch so to speak. Have to check that out when I get time.

Not a discord user. I have a web page, , with contact information and links to places I have stuff on.

Make jigsaw puzzles from images

Lost Cartridge Jam Entry

Side view shooter

Gunn, Battle Valkyrie vs. Trolls

The slave girl Semi have in the first part climbed to the top of the tower of Adacan.

Now she will have to go down into the underworld in search of the missing goddess Ishya.

The page now contains a couple of minigames to be included in the adventure game.

Arcade type of game with sliding blocks

The Illusionist has come to town. Things are about to happen. You did not see this one coming.

5 page comic as a PDF

Sort of Super hero genre - retro western style

Story Dane G Kroll

Art Per K Grok

The game of Ur is the oldest known board game. You play against the computer. Each trying to get your seven pieces to home.

Two settings; normal and easy.

Part 1 of the game now released

Part 1 - the Ascent is soon to be released

Added new mini game as stand alone

the Hellion Havoc

Turned base battle game

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The old Mesopotamian city Adacan is under attack. The city's goddess is missing. What can one small slave girl called Semi do?

Two  puzzles/minigames that might be a part of the final game can be downloaded from the game page linked above.

Glad you liked it.

Always tricky to make puzzles and missions on the right level, not to hard but not to easy either.

I'm glad you kept going with the first puzzle and then continued to the end.

I very much appreciate that you took the time, not only to play the game, but also to leave this comment.

Thank you :)

Point and Click adventure game made with renpy

Space cadet Yaz KreJonns is stranded on a planetoid filled with wrecked ships.

She ends up in the middle of a feud between two other ship wrecked space travelers.

Will she be able to make it back to known space?

Link to game

A visual kinetic novel. A lone Nieuport observation aeroplane is returning from the WW1 front line. It's badly shot up. The engine is on the verge of failing. Who is piloting the plane?

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Trailer  for the finished game

working on an installer

A demo is now available for download on the main page

main page

A couple of videos from the continued work with the main game level

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The 3:de installment of the Space Rangers SOB, serial is now under work. This episode will be done as a 3D game.

This episode stars agent Kat, aka the Huntress.

On  space station Alfa Qwart 215 in the Quonoin territory a robot has gone out of control. Has the Robotic Laws been broken? Will there be a great uprising among the robots?

Agent Kat is sent in to get the situation under back under control.

Not everyone are happy with having a Space Ranger on the space station.

There is a new commander leading the Space Rangers. His name is Teh Donald. One of the first things he does on his new job is to fire special agent Yaz KreJonns.

Bounty hunters hot on her trail, Yaz make a run for Nebulia Prime. There she find herself in new troubles, having to try to save her former colleague and mortal enemy, Grisli Adams. One thing you need to remember on Nebulia Prime is, there are no Lizard Overlords.

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In a galaxy near you, you are to boldly go where no one else dares to go.

You will play the part of special agent Yaz KreJonns of the Space Rangers, the organization that is called in when regular Star fleet is not enough.

This time something strange is happening on a mining planetoid. The miners has gone missing.. and then the team of soldiers sent in to find them.

This is an e-comic in a fantasy setting. It is made with flash and you can turn pages and chose between text in English or Swedish.