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Space Rangers Ep. 8 the Rouge Robot

A topic by Per K Grok created Jul 29, 2017 Views: 246 Replies: 4
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The 3:de installment of the Space Rangers SOB, serial is now under work. This episode will be done as a 3D game.

This episode stars agent Kat, aka the Huntress.

On  space station Alfa Qwart 215 in the Quonoin territory a robot has gone out of control. Has the Robotic Laws been broken? Will there be a great uprising among the robots?

Agent Kat is sent in to get the situation under back under control.

Not everyone are happy with having a Space Ranger on the space station.

A couple of videos from the continued work with the main game level

A demo is now available for download on the main page

main page

working on an installer

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Trailer  for the finished game