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Also, found 2 posts asking for the same thing:

That'd be pretty interesting, and grow the amount of users has

Only about 20% of the world, or less, speaks english. That means that by making our game page in english only, 80% of the whole WORLD can't understand it and probably won't bother trying the game out.

We NEED localization options for our game pages.

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the bonus is for people that support the game through buying the booster on the home page tho, it wasnt on sale

I'm sorry I cant read that language, could u show me a screenshot of the page in English?

I appreciate the feedback, but the game isn't really focused on horror or story xD

Although I do intend to add some minor story to it, the game's focus is just to be a fun background thing to pass the time

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I need help finding out what people think of it, what could be added, what could be done differently, etc. I've gotten a bunch of page views on it but barely any downloads and idk why

(ignore the fact its listed as 5usd with 100% discount, its just for the summer sale)

It'd be great if we could use as a way to make in-game stores. Most online stores, both for mobile and PC ask an entrance fee to register a product and take a high % of the money made after that. For first-time indie devs, thats a lot. 

It'd be nice to be able to add new sellable items to a game, and once u buy said item, itch generates an one time usable code, and then through an API, the game could ask's server for whether or not that code is valid.

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Wake up little one, for I've a mission for you. You and your species has been chosen by the green old one to expand and conquer this universe for him. He won't take a no for answer.

Humanity Clicker is an idle clicker, themed around Cthulhu and its mythos, but with a small twist: Minigames. Want extra currency? There are currently 3 minigames available for that. Want to ascend? You'll have to earn it, by fighting a miniboss(first one being Azathoth). Best of all? Its free! Available for Windows, Linux, Android and for the web on my website.

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Heyo guys, am just here to announce my first published game :D

RPGmod is a sandbox game! This means that on top of the 3 multiplayer maps(Zombies, Battle Royal and Free for all) and 2 Offline maps(Tower Defense and VS Twitch), you can make your own maps, or play community maps on endless fun! Come give it a try :D

Some pics: