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Oh sorry about that, you need to install libopenal1 and libglew2.1 on linux.

One user reported that it worked fine for them with libglew2.2 with a symlink:

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Thanks for your feedback! You can actually observe level as long as you want if you hold the time-rewind button from the start, everything will stay frozen. But maybe we can make it more obvious. We have added some hints in levels we believe are the most tricky already but it's not for all levels.

Hi all, our game is mixing real-time action with puzzle mechanics and we would like to hear your opinion about that. We just uploaded a demo on our page for this purpose

Thanks for your feedback.

Peppy's Adventure community · Created a new topic FAQ
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  • How do the foxes move?

The foxes basically follow Peppy on the x and y axis. If at the same horizontal and vertical distance from Peppy, and without obstacles, foxes will go horizontally first. If an obstacle stands between Peppy and a fox, the fox will not go around it. You can use that at your avantage to lure foxes into traps or mechanisms.

  •  What are the staff records?

Staff records are optional and represent the developers records, done manually and without any computer assistance. If you are into a good challenge you can try to top those records and it’s even possible to beat them in some levels. But again, be aware it’s super hard!

  •   How does the Time-rewind feature works?

You can rewind time up to 10s at any moment in the game. This allows for players to try different strats to solve levels without starting from scratch. However, the in-game time will not be rewound to be fair for skilled players. The feature is disabled during bosses, special levels and time-attack mode.

  •  Input delay? No.

 Due to the fact that the game is tile-based, Peppy can only move once the previous move is completed. You can hold a direction prior to arriving on the next tile and the corresponding move will be performed as soon as possible.

  •  Real time

Peppy’s Adventure is not designed to be turn-based neither it is a “everything moves when you move” game. Although this is tile-based it is meant to be real time, so foxes will keep coming at you even if you stand still.

Peppy's Adventure community · Created a new topic Welcome!
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Welcome to the Peppy's Adventure community.

  • Feel free to come share your experience with the game, we are always happy to get some feedback. 
  • We are still actively developing the game, so don't forget to follow and add to your collection to be notified when new free content or features roll out.
  • Please check out the FAQ to see if your questions have been already answered
  • If you are discussing level solutions or challenges/secrets, please use a *spoiler* tag.

We hope you will have fun playing this challenging game!

Hi all, we just released Peppy's Adventure with 20% off for a limited time!

It’s a challenging action-puzzle game in top-down view with a retro vibe, controlled only in 4 directions and with a time-rewind mechanic. As gamers who grew up in the 90s, we somehow wanted to make a game like in the good old days, easy to play but bringing a real challenge to the player (be prepared^^). Musics bring 16-bit consoles memories as well :)

We are two friends who put a lot of love in this project, so far the game contains 6 worlds and 126 levels but we will keep adding new themed worlds until the storyline is complete (World 7 is almost ready to roll out). The game is challenging but there are always different ways to complete levels and you can rewind time up to 10s to undo your actions. Each world brings new mechanics, bosses, and there are many things to be found if you are curious.

Gameplay video

We hope you will enjoy Peppy's Adventure, and don't hesitate to come share you records with the community.