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When I make a particle system from my drawing. the material used is a "runtime material". this creates lost referencing when serializing it into a prefab.

Steps to reproduce:

  1.   Use unity 2017.3.1 (might also happen in other versions but this is what i'm using right now)
  2. Create a cool doodle.
  3. Press ⬆️ Add > add as particles.
  4. Drag the newly created gameobject to the project window, to create a prefab.
  5. Drag je newly created prefab into the hiarchy to create a new instance.
  6. You will notice that the material is unassigned now.

I notice a bug, where the eraser doesn't properly "erases". Whatever was there before remains when displaying in certain shaders.
For example some default particle shaders still show it. 
I'm using unity 2018.1.0f1. and this example shows the bug is shown with the particles/alphablended premultiplied shader.

(experiencing the same, using 2018.1.0f1)

I would like to be able to see on the itch-page description which Hashtag to use when Tweeting about Doodle Studio.


I also climbed the tree :D

yes, it also took me a while to figure out how the tetris thing works, due to not always having a good vie on them. but the 1st one or 2 times the teris block were already in as good state when i needed them

Second video is here:

Found quite some bugs in this video and reported them. it was 48 minutes for just 2 puzzles, because the precision stacking takes a lot of time, too much in my opinion, this should be easier, maybe if they snapped easier onto each other.
I ended the video becouse I was stuck by a bug with the tetris block connections, and couldn't enter the next level.

Hey all!

I decided to record myself while I complete the levels. So you're able to see what goes trough my mind when I see what: I recorded the first hour of playing and it's online here:

Sadly, I didn't end up recording the first few puzzles. I also feel like i solved the first puzzle that I recorded in a very hacky way. which might not be the intended way.

I will also post follow up videos here once I played them.