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EDIT: laginess was due to me using the nouveau driver, works great on nvidia binary blob. was able to get >80 with <1.2 secs =)

Fix the lighting and the graphics would've been great! Would actually be alright lighting, if there was diffuse reflection or something from the skylights. I walked a bit then discovered a lane in which it was a straight path (border of the maze). Had lots of skeletons chasing me, walked back and mowed them down. Continued on my journey, fell through outside the wall, got stuck on a ledge outside the maze structure, fell down, saw the square of maze above, felt calm and peaceful as it disappeared from view.

The dark atmosphere did help the tone of the game, though the lighting wasn't balanced well. Seems like it could have potential, though personally I think procedurally generated mazes could get annoying xD. Good work getting this far!

Edit: I think the laginess came from nouveau driver I was using, oops.

Btw I reckon the side walls (blue) and background (grey tiles) were a weird intuitively. I expected the reverse - thought the blue was background and the grey was solid walls.

Good graphics, sound when shooting.

I agree with the comment on GoL, the zombies move too slowly to be scary, though I was scared cos one popped right near me when I was grabbing stuff out of a crate near the trees. But then it was so slow like it was standing still, so it was easy to kill him.

Not sure if the crates where you start out had items in them, but I thought they didn't cos at least one didn't. Would be nice to be able to discern if something was a collectable without trying to see if there is a hand icon. Some collision problems/jitter, and weird lighting during night, making it look like all the texture detail was gone.

I think you already know what other stuff you need to improve on. Great job! Overall a well done game on this game jam! =)

Alright graphics, no sound.

Gameplay was really fun, took core platformer elements like the double-jump and timing to craft into a really fun experience. Got to the green ray of death, would've been better if more was implemented but it's only a week-long game jam so it's good.

Stability was good, no window resizing, but at least it didn't go fullscreen. Overall great game, probably my personal favourite (in terms of enjoyment) of the game jam since it was fun, challenging and rewarding; though a tad short!

Graphics were surprisingly nice, seems like it was all in 3D.

Sound effect for the gun, no other guns available. Weird thing was when the mouse wasn't moving the gun kept moving. Gameplay seems like it could be really fun with more stuff implemented (and balanced, because Player 1 always has the advantage since they start first). Stability was alright but the FPS level lagged a lot.

Overall a nice game with a great idea! Hope to see it fleshed out more!

Good simple and intuitive gameplay. It was like a sandbox/never-ending mode to arcade games, implementing levels and stuff would be even better.

Alright music track. Slightly lagy so it was annoying to get good accuracy (still managed ~70 with <2secs/shot), no option to change graphics or fullscreen setting. Graphics was nice.

Overall nice enjoyable little game.

Great 3D graphics, but runs slowly (had to go fastest and 800x600).

The gameplay was seriously marred by a bug that would occur when you jump up: you might get teleported above the floor so you're walking on air. This meant you couldn't go down, nor pick up the 'little ones', but could get hit by a 'big one'. You had to go up to hopefully not repro the bug on the next jump and be on the floor. However, the base gameplay was OK

Sound was alright, there was an effect when jumping, perhaps it was the lag but the other sound didn't correlate well with other actions. Overall alright for a week-long game jam.

Nice looking pixel art! However, not much gameplay at all (I think you must've ran out of time). Since it's on unity, worked alright for me. When I use the A and D keys, the walking animation doesn't play. =(

Ran well in my browser on Firefox. Simple yet interesting gameplay, though lacking in depth (to be expected for a short week of dev'ing!) Graphics alright.

Good work!